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  1. Chewbazza
  2. Maria
    Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel
    1. Cologne-Liverpool
      So...How are you, Maria?
      Apr 22, 2017
    2. Maria
      Sometimes I am ok, other times, Ifeel tired mentally, Ifeel my time on the TIA is coming to an end.
      Apr 22, 2017
  3. Jimmyscase
    Zlatan you can always come to our Sports clinic in Stuttgart. We're knee specialists
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  4. Jimmyscase
    Doctor of Philosophy from the University of the last 27 years
  5. Semmy
    Thanks @Kopstar for the book! Arrived yesterday, going to dig into it tonight!
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    2. Kopstar
      You're welcome mate - happy reading!
      Apr 20, 2017
  6. Prolix
    It is getting extraordinarily tedious to see Liverpool fans who would rather praise (even grudgingly) Manchester United and put LFC down.
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  7. ILLOK
    M for 'Mancy'
  8. Maria
    Maria ubermick
    Hi Ubermick,

    Thank you for solving the mystery, it was bugging me. I thought it might be some sort of computer screen, rather than laundry basket as it seemed an odd place to be for the laundry to be there and I could not see the side door. Cheers.
  9. Maria
    Maria ILLOK
    Hi ILLOK,
    Please can you come to Anfield expansion thread. You're clever. I can't figure out that white table in new dressing room, its got 2 square holes in it. You may know what it is.
    Thank you.
    1. ubermick
      It's where the dirty kit goes. (the access doors are on the other side, opposite the shelves)
      Apr 2, 2017
  10. Semmy
    Semmy *** suso ***
    Good to see you're still perusing the LFC forums. ;)
  11. Celtic Dragon
    Celtic Dragon
    RIP Bugsy
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  12. Jase
    Definition of "confusion": when two people on your ignore list are having an argument and someone else joins in.
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  13. Mark Thurgood
    Mark Thurgood
    Tired of this "new member" tag
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    2. ubermick
      Mar 8, 2017
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  14. SirBillShankly
    Top 4, we are here to stay
  15. 104TOSH
    My 3rd Kindle book of poetry is to be titled 'Heavy Metal Poet'. I am happy with what I have so far, poetry wise that is !
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  16. Prolix
    Another season looking like 6th again, and in the most soul-crushing fashion, too. Just feeling like shit, honestly.
  17. Scott Jones
    Scott Jones
    Longest fucking 2 weeks ever plus playing Monday,FFS
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  18. Anfield rd Dreamer
    Anfield rd Dreamer
    Officially works at Anfield. Well I do for today. One day and one day only.
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    2. lfc.eddie
      Shorter stint than Hodgson? Damn....
      Feb 14, 2017
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  19. OhYaBeauty
    OhYaBeauty Never Say Never
    Happy belated birthday to us!
    1. spizfromoz
      where you been, man?
      Feb 12, 2017
    2. OhYaBeauty
      Just busy. Moved three times, bought a house, got married and switched jobs. Haven't really had time to hang out on the forums in a while. I trust this place didn't go to shit while I was gone?
      Feb 12, 2017
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  20. redbj
    redbj spizfromoz
    So are you the Greek Jesus, or just another hipster.....please tell me you wear wear socks right?
    1. spizfromoz
      You predicted the Wolves banana skin. you've now predicted the second coming. Just tell us when Liverpool will win the league again.
      Feb 10, 2017
  21. spizfromoz
    Completed a survey on the local newspaper and this was my type. It looks like me a little. Couldn't resist.
  22. eng.amohd
    When will February end :(
  23. Jase
    Jase Klopptinho
    anima corpori, fuerit corpus totem resurcent!.. now rise demon
  24. redaderry
    Well Known
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  25. Maria
    This is our January horribilis.
  26. Celtic Dragon
    Celtic Dragon
    What the frig, when will January end.
  27. redbj
    You'd imagine we'd beat wolves..........real banana skin though
  28. Maria
    When is spring coming? Can't stand these winter days with dark skies and freezing temperatures
    1. redbj
      I won't send you a picture of our family day on the beach at Philip Island then.....
      Jan 28, 2017
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    2. Maria
      I wouldn't advise it, I am already in a terrible mood. I might damage my tablet.
      Jan 28, 2017
  29. Klopptinho
    Klopptinho legalalien
    i was beginning to think i was alone in my thoughts until i just saw your post in the match thread .
    1. legalalien
      I'm sure there are plenty who feel the same way.
      Jan 22, 2017
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  30. redbj
    Youd imagine we should beat Swansea.....real banana skin though
    1. Semmy
      Jan 22, 2017
    2. spizfromoz
      well, you called it!
      Jan 26, 2017