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  1. richieh10
    We Never Walk Alone
  2. eng.amohd
    I hate the end of season break, feels like forever waiting for August 12.
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  3. Elessar
    IMO means In My Opinion. That is a fact
  4. Maria
    Maria Mascot88
    Thanks Mascott88 for sorting the title thead out, I am a plonker!
  5. Listerofsmeg
  6. spizfromoz
    Off to Greece, home of Austerity Measures
  7. Jimmyscase
    Doctor of Uncunning Linguistics
  8. SoueysTash
    Returned but mostly lurking
  9. Semmy
    Semmy *** suso ***
    Good to see you're still perusing the LFC forums. ;)
  10. serenejim
    Just very happy we're back among the big boys again.Nuff said.
  11. LaurazRed
    LaurazRed Maria
    We made it, at long last!
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    2. Maria
      LaurazRed, never thought we would do it, when Arsenal scored. The hurt of losing in the 2 finals loomed large in my mind. We made it, we are going to be alright. The future is bright and it's red! Thanks mate.
      May 22, 2017
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  12. LeoT
    My cup is barely even half empty
  13. Maria
    Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart, and achieve with all your might.
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  14. eng.amohd
    Quite nervous for Sunday. Fingers crossed
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  15. Maria
    Maria inaiq
    Get well soon Inaiq and stay positive.
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    2. inaiq
      Positive with a healthy dose on humour.
      May 2, 2017
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  16. The Flying Pig
  17. Jase
    New home and away kits for next season are seriously sexy.. might have to break tradition and get both
  18. Chewbazza
  19. Maria
    Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel
    1. Cologne-Liverpool
      So...How are you, Maria?
      Apr 22, 2017
    2. Maria
      Sometimes I am ok, other times, Ifeel tired mentally, Ifeel my time on the TIA is coming to an end.
      Apr 22, 2017
  20. Jimmyscase
    Zlatan you can always come to our Sports clinic in Stuttgart. We're knee specialists
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  21. Jimmyscase
    Doctor of Philosophy from the University of the last 27 years
  22. Semmy
    Thanks @Kopstar for the book! Arrived yesterday, going to dig into it tonight!
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    2. Kopstar
      You're welcome mate - happy reading!
      Apr 20, 2017
  23. Prolix
    It is getting extraordinarily tedious to see Liverpool fans who would rather praise (even grudgingly) Manchester United and put LFC down.
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  24. ILLOK
    M for 'Mancy'
  25. Maria
    Maria ubermick
    Hi Ubermick,

    Thank you for solving the mystery, it was bugging me. I thought it might be some sort of computer screen, rather than laundry basket as it seemed an odd place to be for the laundry to be there and I could not see the side door. Cheers.
  26. Maria
    Maria ILLOK
    Hi ILLOK,
    Please can you come to Anfield expansion thread. You're clever. I can't figure out that white table in new dressing room, its got 2 square holes in it. You may know what it is.
    Thank you.
    1. ubermick
      It's where the dirty kit goes. (the access doors are on the other side, opposite the shelves)
      Apr 2, 2017
  27. Semmy
    Semmy *** suso ***
    Good to see you're still perusing the LFC forums. ;)
  28. Celtic Dragon
    Celtic Dragon
    RIP Bugsy
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  29. Jase
    Definition of "confusion": when two people on your ignore list are having an argument and someone else joins in.
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  30. Mark Thurgood
    Mark Thurgood
    Tired of this "new member" tag
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    2. ubermick
      Mar 8, 2017
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