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    1. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Thats not a discussion thread, but what I meant by the Barnes thing is:
      When we signed Riera and had him play 10-15 games into the season there were a number of articles, and a number of posters who said that we have lacked a wide player since Barnes and that he provides it.
      For too long we've had personnel who are not wingers. Hell, Riera wasn't even a winger and got shittier with every game following that point.
      Downing is a proper winger. How many have we had on the left since Barnes? Consistent players too.
      Thats what I was saying... not that Downing can be compared to Barnes in any way apart from that they are wingers. Downing provided constant running and threat today and I'm surprised that not many have seen how good his performance was.
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