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Apr 16, 2017
Sep 2, 2007
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Jan 22, 1963 (Age: 54)

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Anfield Iron

Red Dawn, 54

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Apr 16, 2017
    1. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hi Anfield Iron. I thought we were already friends in here, but apparently, we're not yet. I've just sent you a friends request, as I have great respect for what you post out there.

      Have a nice day, mate. :wave:
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      2. Hope in your heart
        Hope in your heart
        Hi Mike! Good to read something from you, mate. As always, I wish you and your family all the best.

        As for your question, it's a difficult one. I'm not sure that Benteke is better than Sterling, not even speaking about potential. Yet, the whole bulk of the money we get for Sterling will go to Aston Villa for Benteke if the club goes for him.
        Jul 13, 2015
      3. Hope in your heart
        Hope in your heart
        I'm not sure it's the best move to be honest. On the other hand, I don't quite see a better player than Benteke, available for a cheaper price.

        Maybe we should first try for other players like Lacazette for instance, who seems to have a less dodgy fitness record than Benteke, and has the right age for a step up.
        Jul 13, 2015
      4. Hope in your heart
        Hope in your heart
        At the end of the day, I guess that it all will depend on how much money is still in the kitty beyond that Sterling money. Time will tell.

        Cheers mate, talk to you soon again, hopefully!
        Jul 13, 2015
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    Jan 22, 1963 (Age: 54)
    Started supporting Liverpool in 1978, after summer trip to England, Scotland and Ireland, including 6 days in Formby, staying with Ronnie Smith's family. Met team in player's lounge, toured Anfield w/ Thommo; met team again in 1984 @ Melwood.
    St. Louis, MO
    There are hobbies other than Liverpool football? Really? Prove it.
    Favourite LFC Player:
    Favourite all time player(s): Kenny Dalglish; Phil Thompson; Steven Gerrard (can't pick only one)



    "If you're not sure what to do with the ball, just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards." Bill Shankly