Aug 13, 2008
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FSG PR plant

    1. Semmy
      Does it not stop snowing here? In K/W this is rediculous
      1. Arminius
        Heck of a lot more snow in Eastern Ontario - I think we ended up around 15 cm in the past 24 hours
        Dec 12, 2016
    2. Maria
      Thank you so much Arminius, you are a star!
    3. Maria
      Hi Arminius,
      Please could you kindly edit the Xmas title thread, I was typing quickly and I missed the 'a' and did a capital on peaceful, sorry. Its abit mad in my house in between the xmas preparations and typing on the TIA. Many thanks. Merry Christmas to you.
    4. No Men in the Box Redux
      No Men in the Box Redux
      Who is that guy in your display picture? It sort of looks like Assaidi.
    5. gr_sounder
      Hey, didn't want to clutter up the boards... but wanted to say that I understand where you're coming from on the contracts. I spoke too strongly when I said that it would be tossed out of court, but it could easily be argued that he did have a chance, and depending on the location and temperament of the courts, ... etc. That said I have no idea about Euro courts. I also understand the bonuses and things that are set up for NFL players contracts which can depend on the formation, but I was just saying a contract wouldn't stipulate what formations the team would use (which is what I thought you were saying).

      In the end, I understand that contracts are there for a reason, and it's precisely this reason... so you can't just cut a guy because you don't want him anymore. You signed the contract and it has to be honored by both parties.

      Lets just hope Liverpool never signs an Albert Haynesworth and we'll all be happy!
      Have a great one.
    6. SF Red
      SF Red
      The ignore function is great.

      Don't play football manager, so didn't know that. I haven't seen anyone else use that form. Interesting.

    7. SF Red
      SF Red
      Hey mate,

      I am not having a go at you, but you may want to use different shorthand for positions.

      CD/CB - Central defender/center back (instead of DC)
      RM - as right midfielder (instead of MR)
      CM - central midfielder (instead of MC)

      What is your first language? If it is English (or even if it is not), which country are you from? It is just interesting how you are using the adjective after noun abbreviations used in so many non-English languages.

      SF Red
    8. sami
      Sorry about that ;-)
    9. sami
      I dont remember flagging anyone mate. When did this happen?
    10. Nikola
      Thanks for the added reputation, mate!
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