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Oct 21, 2013
Oct 17, 2010
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Oct 21, 2013
    1. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Thanks for the rep mate, see you around in the match threads?
    2. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      That must be pretty sweet living at home!
      I gotta move islands for Uni and got my hall sorted. Will defo need a part time job for a while.
    3. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Hopefully haha.
      I start in March. So I've got from pretty much now until then to earn enough cash to pay for yearly living expenses.
      How did you find moving away from home? A big step?
    4. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Yea have heard similar things haha
      So it wasn't a huge step up first year?
      Do you think that many drop out at your Uni?

      I'm not afraid of heaps of work but I'm unsure how that first year (work wise) is going to be. If you know what I mean?
      I expect lots of nights OTP though lol
    5. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Urrrgh that must suck!
      I'm going to be doing Commerce - hopefully majoring in Accounting and either Taxation/International Business

      Hoping to get out of this country ASAP.

      How do you find Uni? Is it a big shock compared to previous schooling?
      I'm not sure what to expect but hopefully I'm well prepared :D
    6. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Thanks mate, I am trying to tone down some of my posts... I tend to become a little annoyed with the increasing amount of wums but...

      What are you studying?
    7. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Got Uni next year but I've never been a big studier tbh.
      But I don't know how I'll find the time really. I tend to stay up as late as possible and I guess that works.
      Football comes first... obviously ;-)
    8. Daffi
      Nah mate , styuding all the time, cant find the time to be honest.

      Your studying too? how do you find the time?
    9. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      no problem mate. Hope you had a good'un.
      The win must've been a slightly early birthday present
    10. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Hey Daffi
      Happy Birthday mate.
    11. Sine
      oi Daffi

      Not hiding - recovering - quite stormy last few months. hows things over there?
    12. Nikola
      Not a problem, mate, I wasn't the one who wrote it. ;-)
    13. Sine
      Daffi, are you Dublin local?
    14. Nikola
      Will try to find it, mate.
    15. Unregistered
      Ah! Gotcha, sorry, sense-of-humour not up to speed today :)
    16. Unregistered
      "Unregistered" is my user-name
    17. Odin_telamon
      Good posts mate,especially appreciate the stats on Kenny:)
    18. SF Red
      SF Red
      If I get a chance next week, I will. Thanks for the idea.
    19. Celtic Dragon
      Celtic Dragon
      No idea, it wasn't me that locked it. It is a bit of a lame duck thread though. Maybe ask the question again when the Europa League starts up again in February, but it's too early to be thinking about it yet.
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