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still a dani pacheco stan

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May 14, 2017
    1. sami
      Thanks mate. Glad you like reading them:)
    2. Never Say Never
      Never Say Never
      Saw you're interested in languages. You're more than welcome to tag along to Uruguay with me.
    3. DeathOrGlory
      Yeah I loved seeing him rocking his baby up in the air with the child holding a LFC scarf. That was pretty fucking epic imo.
    4. DeathOrGlory
      Oh my god, terrific avatar!!!

      We're not racist, we only hate mancs!
    5. Matt
      Thanks. No rush really, just be great to have them on the site to accompany news articles etc.

      Dirk's celebration and that kinda thing would be best if possible.

      Appreciate it. Thanks.
    6. Matt
      Hi mate, are you able to cap the United and/or Man City game? Even if it's just the celebrations after Dirk's goal! Thanks.
    7. indianscouser
      looking back, i feel i acted like a dick[may be frustrated]. No hard feelings bro.My apologies. After all we have the same passion and love.
    8. Nikola
      Thank you for adding me reputation, mate!
    9. Matt
      Thanks very much. Appreciate it.

      Will get some edited over the weekend.

      The only first team player I need is Coates if ever you can get some from a game he played (eg the Chelsea cup game!)

      Thanks again.

    10. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      No problems, and no great deal. Sometimes, when someone is talking nonsense (in my view), I try to provocate him a bit, to see if he actually believes what he has written down and has serious arguments to back his claims up, or if he's just trolling around. As I said, no great deal.

      Have a nice day, mate, has to be nice with these wonderful news about Kenny and Clarke being appointed permanently!

    11. Sweeting
      Yeah, that's what I've been told, genuine story and it looks like it's come true...

      Not that I'm claiming to be an 'ITK', I'm not.
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