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May 6, 2014
    1. Capital(RED)
      I'm sure you'll have an wonderful time there - I have a friend who goes there. That's pretty intense too - I guess it has to be to continue to be the best school in the world!

      I would have never been able to choose between MIT and Stanford, both are incredible. You must be pretty amazing to have gotten in to both - maybe in a few years time you can come back and be Liverpool's new billionaire owners! Haha, no pressure.
    2. Capital(RED)
      Sorry to take so long to respond - that's amazing! Do you know where you're going yet?

      Turns out I got in to Brown, but I've decided to stay in the UK. Haha go Imperial!
    3. DaggerToMyHeart
      Origionally used to be kop_fever stevie mate.
    4. Zoran
      Yeah, was watching the game, I first thought it was a fair challenge but then with the replay it tells you all with the two legs, especially in that situation... wasn't really needed by Mathieu. Still don't know the news about his injury, but hopefully it's nothing serious. Was quite a rough game overall!

      I think he did solid too while he was one the pitch, went forward a couple of times and was solid in possession and tactically.

      Cheers mate for keeping that thread going, as no one really bothered before to follow it. ;-)
    5. Capital(RED)
      Sorry I didn't notice the notification at the top of my board.

      Yeah English is a big part of it.

      I applied to Stanford ED (Rej), Churchill Cambridge (Pooled/Rej), Imperial(offer), Sussex(offer), St. Andrews, Edinburgh, MIT (lol), Brown and Columbia. My main idea was aim reasonably in England, but only go to US if I go to a top top uni, as the money isn't worth it otherwise.

      Mainly for Computer science.

      Where in the US are you looking?
    6. Nikola
      Hahaha, mate, there is an old saying (cliche?) that great minds think alike. ;-)
    7. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Yes, would be funny to take out some people (especially those who claim to have backed him all the way) by showing them how well they 'supported' Lucas last season... but I suppose it would be closed hastily... some mods aren't huge Lucas fans, to say the least...............

      And I share your view on Grk. Still miss him for his Nemeth reviews while at AEK Athens... lol
    8. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      You mean about GrkStav?

      The staunchest Lucas supporter ever seen on this forum... look for his posts and you'll understand why he has legendary status in here despite being banned... I was told he continues his LL-supporting career on RAWK... :-)

      Or did you mean another comment?
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