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Nov 6, 1980 (Age: 36)
S Wales

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TIA Regular, Male, 36, from S Wales

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Mar 17, 2015
    1. huwzie
      I thought you were an expert on the old pc's. you seem to know a lot.

      pitty you dont seem to know a lot about LFC (its a joke)
    2. huwzie
      DK, nobody understands me here mate, im always cool. haha

      The amount of people who say i need to cool down is amazing. Im just hyperactive.

      As for Rafa, you cant deny he's a lovable robot. With his beard and his cheeky smile.

      Even you can see that
    3. Dublin_Kopite
      Expert in talking shite?

      I am indeed..

      I think you need to chill out a bit...

      If someone is having a go at Rafa don't take it so personally...

      It's not as if he is even a real person with feelings....... :D
    4. Dublin_Kopite
      Ehh any ideas how i block you from messaging me crazyness>? :)
    5. Dublin_Kopite
      For example..
      I just sent you 2 random pile of shite messages (3 if you include this)...
      And no one has to delete it...

      If's fun, simple and you can use it on the go..

      The new travel shite clogging messaging system!
    6. Dublin_Kopite
      Two pages of waffle clogs up the site, especially when others join in....

      Clogging up the site means more of the 'older' posters don't post here much anymore...

      Hence the quality of the site goes down...

      Realizing you've entered into a debate which is only clogging up the site with shite is a good attribute to have and if you don't have it, having someone to point it out to you is even better...

      I often talk shite on here.... but.. not to a degree that it will take someone time to come back and delete later...

      I use these message boards and pm to talk shite...

      It's easy and clog free...

      And my share options don't devalue...

      See my point ;)
    7. Dublin_Kopite
      [I]'Youve always strolled round here like you own the joint.'[/I]

      How did you know i took up the share options in TIA back in 2007?
    8. huwzie
      I've posted the money to Dane. He has replied and said he'l let his missus know who to post them to.

      I gave him your address, I assume he knows your name. Fingers crossed now it should be with you tomorrow. Haven't heard from Colin yet for confirmation that he recieved money.

      Post office guaranteed that they would be there before 1 today.
      So it should get to you before 1 tomorrow.

      Nice one though.
    9. redbj
      will do mate
    10. Chronic
      Have you posted them and if so what name have you put on the front ?

      My Name is Steven Richards by the way,
    11. Matt
      ive always backed Rafa too. But there has to come a point where you can no longer defend him. Same as with Houllier. Ive reached that point. Im sure you will one day, although it might be too late by then.
    12. Matt
      Just to make it clear im not having a go at your personally, just good debate in my opinion! Opinions are opinions and that's fair enough.

    13. DaggerToMyHeart
      I was kop_fever before huwzie
    14. WestTexasRed1970
      Everytime I start to question Rafa, someone like Raoul Duke or mypost or GBH will post an anti-rafa message and I find myself moving solidly back into the pro-Rafa camp.
      I also don't really see Jose coming in. Not without some sort of budget, and that won't happen with these two clowns in charge.
      I think more than anything I'm just getting more and more frustrated with this season and looking for some one to blame, which right now happens to be Rafa. Let's hope the lads can deliver a strong victory this weekend and get this run of horrible results to come to an end.
    15. huwzie
      Im feeling the same way. Just feel the players have lost their confidence, but i dont think its all down to Rafa as alot of people seem to think. I honestly believe we as a club unless rid of G andH are in a bit of a free fall whether rafa is here or not.

      If Rafa does go a lot of his doubters see Mourinho coming here is more or less whats going to happen but i seriously doubt we can afford him.

      I do feel though that he would be our best option to keep key players here if we fail this year.
    16. WestTexasRed1970
      I wouldn't say that I've completely changed my stance so much as I'm starting to have doubts. People like GBH still drive me nuts so I don't know that I'm part of the "Rafa needs to go" mentality. I'm just starting to wonder if he has lost the players, and if he has then I'm not sure he can continue on. Perhaps I'm just ticked off with the results lately (as we all are).
    17. WestTexasRed1970
      I totally agree. Rafa is certainly the man to take us where we want to go.
    18. Red Wire
      Red Wire
      I haven't got Fifa 10, sorry, don't think I will be getting it either, I don't like it. Getting MW2 tomorrow, though.
    19. huwzie
      This place is definately not cliquey.

      I'd love to be intelligent enough to be an old bastion.
    20. huwzie
      I might not be a true scouser but i respect them 10000% as they are the DNA of Liverpool FC.

      The togetherness and loyalty they show is special and is different to anywhere else in Britain.
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