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Jan 18, 1990 (Age: 27)

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Never bite the hand that feed's you.......Luis, 27

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Sep 15, 2014
    1. Odin_telamon
      cheers buddy....nice to see someone not being rolled over in their opinions.again good posting;-)
    2. Sweeting
      Thanks for your kind words :P

    3. AhmadKamal
      Hey..Kyle. Happy Birthday...!
    4. Celtic Dragon
      Celtic Dragon
      Hey Kyle,

      I've not started a thread for Suso, mainly because I get all my info off the offal - but he's not listed there so I've held off for the time being.

      But if you want to start a new thread about the lad then go for it mate, be my guest :-)

    5. Draex
      Its cool fella, I just know the mods have zero tolerance on S*n. Try using [URL=""][/URL] to find a similar story but on a more reputable site.
    6. Draex
      Its cool fella, I just know the mods have zero tolerance on S*n. Try using [URL=""][/URL] to find a similar story but on a more reputable site.
    7. JReacher8
      Kyle mate, I'd strongly advise you delete that thread asap. Any thread or post with a link to the S*n will not be tolerated...and I beleive rightly so.
      I'm just tryin to give you a heads-up before the mods move in...

    8. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Cheers mate... I indeed try to keep level-headed. There are already to many people who think with their b*llocks instead of using their head.

      I hope you'll enjoy it here. Plenty of people with excellent views on here. You'll just have to separate the wheat from the chaff... ;-)

      Have a nice day. :-)
    9. lfc.eddie
      No worries mate, just enjoy yourself here. If there is anything unclear, PM me or any mods in here. They will be more than willing to assist. Cheers.\

    10. lfc.eddie
      Look like it or not I have to do it. The amount of trolls in the site for the past couple of years had made us taking a more drastic measure to control this site tighter than it should have been. The quality of this site had been treasured by many back in the days and now we are going through a phase where we need to make sure it doesn't deteriorate further when it comes to new poster. If you are really keen to be part of TIA, there are a lot of threads in here with newbies and senior boys exchanging input as to what is okay and what isn't. I normally pass out infractions for this sort of thing, or warning. Courtesy goes both ways, if you had the courtesy to respect others and check what should and should not be done, this issue would not have been arise. If I offended you then I apologise, but to reopen the thread for you to explain yourself is a tad too tedious.
    11. lfc.eddie
      You could have started a title about the Black Sunday boycott shirt! That isn't our shirt and that should not be called our shirt. We are very supportive of movement and boycott against the owners. We have Graham Smith in here from SoS who had been given time and day to talk about the union and what they had done. Some even extended their hands for assistance to spread the word and the ideas behind SoS. So don't come telling me we don't support when you have just joined not too long ago. We in TIA prefer those who think before they start a thread.
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    Jan 18, 1990 (Age: 27)
    I need to get to Anfield !!
    Arbroath, Scotland
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