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Sorry for the server downtime this evening folks. But hey, JURGEN KLOPP. Oct 8, 2015

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Jun 21, 2017 at 9:16 PM
    1. Max
      Sorry for the server downtime this evening folks. But hey, JURGEN KLOPP.
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    2. Max
      @schmee Thanks for upgrading to "valued member" - cheers.
    3. Max
    4. Max
    5. Max
      @theres always tommorrow Hi mate, we've made a change on the app so that the forum is in the "More" menu and opens in your phone's browser..
    6. theres always tommorrow
      theres always tommorrow
      Sorry if that sounded a bit blunt but I had to take out a lot of words to fit the 420 character response limit. Hope you can sort me out...thanks for helping
    7. theres always tommorrow
      theres always tommorrow
      As you have seen I was able to write and respond to you in the section titled This is Anfield Forums - "New Profile Posts" but I cannot respond to threads or topics within forum sections such as the the Albert. So for example, I cannot respond to the in match thread using my mobile. I just thought that this was a more general problem that other users were experiencing, hence the lack of detail.
    8. theres always tommorrow
      theres always tommorrow
      Let me try again. I am writing this response on my home computer. I have no problems with this and can respond to threads and messages without difficulty. I sent the previous emails to you using my mobile. I used the app as the gateway rather than doing a general search for this is Anfield through safari search engine but it makes no difference as both present the mobile version of the site to the user.
    9. Max
      @theres always tommorrow Sorry mate, not following... if you go to in mobile browser - that's not working?
    10. Max
      @grooveshark Says you're a full member here - which means you have access to starting threads. Let me know if you continue to have problems.
    11. Max
      @SoueysTash No worries mate, it was nothing. Sorry. Click on 'Inbox' in top right to send/receive PMs.
    12. SoueysTash
      I can't reply to your "Test" PM btw Max (nor can I work out how to send you a PM lol....)
    13. DanLFC
      Upgrade looks great mate, nice job

      Just wondering, I changed my name to DanLFC a little while ago and it appears to have changed back to the original name.

      Is there a function to change my name again or am I stuck

      Thanks mate
      1. Max
        Thanks mate. You should be able to go to your profile and change it, click on your name towards the top right. If not, we'll hopefully bring it in soon. I changed mine as I had same problem.
        Jan 30, 2015
    14. Max
      Delighted to be opening the new-look This Is Anfield forums.
    15. Matt
      Worked out the problem with topic icons on RSS feeds earlier mate. Going into uni for a few hours now but be on later. Want to make it so topic icons arent used in non-LFC areas really cos the odd one here and there looks messy.

      Speak soon.
    16. Matt
      You on msn mate?
    17. Shabby Along so
      Shabby Along so
      Forums looking great Max, congrats
    18. Matt
      This is brilliant mate, well in.
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