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Jun 6, 2013
    1. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      oh just seen your message sorry :oops:
      I tried a Yorkie just before Xmas. Was pretty good tbh. Much better than what we get here. (Cadbury)
      If I'd seen the message saying it wasn't for girls then I wouldn't have given one to my sister for xmas hahahahahaha. Gave her that, those weird Jelly Beans and galaxy bar. #ShesASuckerForSweetThings

      Is Tango pretty much Fanta?
      Awaiting this picture mate :D haha.
      Thats probably a valid argument I'd say haha. You lot always taking the higher ground and vice versa :P
    2. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Hahaha I bet Kenny didn't touch the stuff!!! lol
      Still got that weird kinda taste.
      Got Old Jamaica Ginger Beer from the same British shop and that was very nice and strong.
      Pretty goooood. But Irn Bru is going to take some getting used to.
      Still can't find the bottle though.

      Does this stuff sell regularly in the UK?
      I saw other drinks like Tango and stuff in the counter. Don't have a clue what that is.
      Also whats a Yorkie bar?
      Tried a Double Decker and that was pretty damn good.
    3. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Got me Irn Bru today for an intense Fifa sesh.
      Wasn't bad... still will take some getting used to me thinks
    4. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Thread is up in the Away From Home section. (The Drinks one)
      Its probably not gonna get many responses though...

      I've added a poll too.
      Defend Irn Bru all you like in there mate :D
    5. AhmadKamal
      You were right about Spearing, I admit...! :notworthy:
    6. AhmadKamal
      I should not have said what I said to Kenny and have apologized to him for that. I was ticked at how people and not him per se, were reading far too much into the lads post without even considering his subsequent one. I apologize if my conduct was unbecoming and offensive to the rest of you.
    7. Odin_telamon
      Top photo,those were the days mate:)
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