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Jun 4, 1983 (Age: 33)

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red to the bone

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Nov 22, 2015
    1. fcukManU
      "Off topic I know, but the smart ass in me wouldn’t let me sit idly by." - Ha, I immediately thought 'this got red to the bone written all over it' after I read the question. Surely enough, you've posted a response. :)
      1. red to the bone
        red to the bone
        Haha, just my kind of thing, isn't it? :)
        Sep 30, 2012
    2. GaryStew1980
      Thanks mate, I try often and fail at an even more frequent rate but racisim is a particular issue I have pretty strong feelings about. Having had to put up with it myself in neighbouring countries and had friends subjected to it in Ireland who are of black/asian/jewish backgrounds and it does my head in. I also feel very strongly that racism is racism no matter who it is against.
    3. AhmadKamal
      Hey, mate...was reading through your v.guard and saracen posts from a while back - impressed. Are you a history major by any chance..?

      I've got two questions for you, if you would allow me :

      1) You talked about the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire but wouldn't you agree that the Muslim Empire pre-dating that (I dunno the exact dates - am an accounting and finance student) the time that the Muslims call as the period of the Rashudin (the 4 Rightly guided Caliphs - Abu Baker (Muhammad's successor), Umar, Usman and then Ali) was a much potent military force than either the Ottomans or the Mughals...they conquered the Byzantine and Persian empires, the latter in its entirety..I think.

      2) How would you rate the Jaanisaaries...? You know the order of guards enacted by Suleiman the Magnificent (I think). Those non-muslim orphans who were brought up in the Islamic faith (the religion of their patron) and were assigned as the king's personal guards. If I have my history right...they actually grew to the size of a decent sized army and even tried to mutiny.


      Would love to hear from you again.
    4. Nikola
      Haha, Tom Waits and Liverpool fan! I'm proud to have known you, mate, though I am not a fan of Tom myself (actually, my music is a bit more aggressive) but have great respect for his work. :-)

      As for The Wire, it's the closest thing to Homicide: Life On The Street, which is my all-time favourite TV show. It's not as satirical and entwined with dark humour as Homicide but it's far more realistic picture of "life on the street".

      Why did I think that you're a fan of the show? If you get the time to view the show, pay special attention to Bubbles, one of the show's icons, and his vocabulary. ;-) I'm sure you'll like that show.
    5. Nikola
      No less than deserved, mate!

      P.S. I sense that someone has been watching The Wire. ;-)
    6. Odin_telamon
      no worries mate;)
    7. Nikola
      Thanks a lot, mate! Zdravo mi bio, pa da proslavimo mnogo trofeja u buducnosti!
    8. Nikola
      5000 too many, mate. ;-) Thanks a lot! Or, as we would say it here, živio!
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    Jun 4, 1983 (Age: 33)
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