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Jun 30, 1993 (Age: 23)

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TIA First Team, Male, 23

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Feb 10, 2014
    1. fcukManU
      Like reading your blog posts mate, keep it up.
    2. indianscouser
      That would be like icing on the cake. Silverware+4th spot. But i dont think that would be possbile. But why not dream? :)
      Mate, i am telling you, i love the city of liverpool. When i went to the stadium lads there were so cheerful. Some of the british lads were chatting with me about our very own great "sachin tendulkar". You should experience it mate. Words cant descibe it!
    3. indianscouser
      Agree with you. Especially today... the atmosphere was electric havent seen us making that much noise. Should have easily broken the decibel barrier. Now lets cap it off with a carling cup win and run in FA and 4th spot. I dont know what i would be if there was no liverpool for me.
      Am a bit greedy! trying for the carling cup finals! fingerscrossed mate!
    4. indianscouser
      Mate, like i said:

      here's my album[trip to liverpool]
      it was amazing... got goosebumps!! was soo fortunate too see Steve G score.. i was sitting just 4 rows behind.
      just wanted to share the experience bro. I have even uploaded the chelsea vs liverpool fc game album which we won 0-2! seems i bring luck to our beloved liverpool! :) trying to get tickets for the final now. Fingers crossed!:occasion5::cheers:
    5. redtillimdead
      hi Sami
      Been busy busy for the last 6 months quit my job to take a break and spent the last couple of months settling into a new job hope your xmas and new year went well. Not been on the site for a while but watching the reds progress which i never miss, Some frustrating games and some surprising victories we need to get rid of the inconsistancy and we will be fine. I hope we get in the top four but my head says we will just miss out but i hope i am wrong.
    6. indianscouser
      Nice meeting you bro, my name is vivek :) . ill certainly upload the pics :)
    7. indianscouser
      spot on mate, i do think the likes of newcastle and arsenal will slip up. its going to be a very exciting transfer window. fingers crossed. ill let you know experience of anfield mate :) , can you give me ur fb id? may be we can catch up :)
    8. indianscouser
      Yes i know its premature, but we are doing well, we just lack the finishing touch. Fingers crossed really. I hope we buy a good striker in Jan. I have full faith in dalglish. He has changed our style, we are attacking and play slick passing football. This year UCL seems farfetched. But i wouldnt mind Europa tbh. But we should concentrate winning the Carling and FA cup.
    9. indianscouser
      yes mate, even i hope so. even a trial would be a great start.

      I am going to watch Liverpool vs Newcastle on 3oth december.
      I already watched chelsea vs liverpool carling cup! what a treat it was!

      ill be on mersey side for 4 day, just want to go around the city. Ill probably try for the city game too, but fingers crossed. ill be here in UK till 2013 jan, so hopefully i can watch a european night next seasn! :)
    10. indianscouser
      True mate, i agree with you. There are many glory hunters,and that really pisses me off. I have been waiting 6 years for this mate :) to watch a match in anfield! dream come true ! i am sure your turn will also come! i really wanted to watch a european night, but sadly we arent in europe, hopefully next year we will be. I totally agree with you, the indian market is a huge place to tap into, in terms of merchandise and having a global reach. I would to see a indian player in a lfc shirt. I know its farfetched ! but why not dream? after all we scousers dream big dont we?! :)
    11. indianscouser
      Ya , LMSC is really special. I just moved to Uk, so missed the crucial part of it. But will be going to anfield this month,may be if i am lucky i can speak to some one at LFC on LMSC behalf. There are some other groups like the pune one, which also deserve recognition. But so glad that LFC has finally visited our homeland! YNWA!
    12. indianscouser
      Hey mate, nice to see a fellow indian here :) you are from which part of India?
    13. Arminius
      My mistake, I just noticed it this morning and assumed it was new - it was back on June 10. Looks like it was for commenting in the Twitter thread, wasn't paying attention.
    14. Arminius
      Just noticed you flagged me - just wondering why?
    15. Nikola
      Thank you for adding me reputation, mate!
    16. Dublin_Kopite
      Cheers for the heads up mate!
    17. lfc.eddie
      Put it up in the Hillsborough forum... I will make it sticky.
    18. Ataturk
      Cool, I meant nothing by it.
    19. livethekop
      Hey dude, where are you from man?
    20. livethekop
      Dude where are ya from?
    21. redtillimdead
      Sam i feel my last message to you is coming to fruition hodgsons imminent appointment i feel is the catalyst but i live in hope i will back him 100 % but in my worst nightmare i never thought he would get the job (if true) what do you think?
    22. redtillimdead
      Sam not feeling too positive at the moment and had a few to many lastnight the cloud above our club may have sunk a little lower me feels. just cant see anything positive on the horizon only darkness we need the ownership stuation sorted even quicker now otherwise i fear this ship is heading for the rocks as the yanks have turned the lighthouse well and truly OFF
    23. Macedonian_Red
    24. Macedonian_Red
      All the help is welcomed ... :thumbup:
    25. Scorpio68
      Saw your message.....water under the bridge.....stay cool......cheers
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    Jun 30, 1993 (Age: 23)
    my life revolves around lfc. its the most important thing to me.
    other then that, all i can say is im still trying to set my life and my future, still learning alot!