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Apr 28, 2017 at 8:39 AM
    1. Xerography
      Done mate, should be accessible to you now
    2. AhmadKamal
      Ok..thanks, Aman.
    3. AhmadKamal
      Hey, mate...where do you get the information (figures) about a player's wages from...?
    4. Arminius
      Heh - the DC, MR etc is the way Football Manager presents it, which is why that usage is so common now.

      English is indeed my first language.

      Thanks for the tip on ignore..

    5. indianscouser
      Yes mate. There are lot of united pubs, and that simply irritates me. All fans here are glory hunters. typical noobs. well in my coll. alone there are around 10 hardcore liverpool supporters from a college strength of nearly 5000. the kids were crazy when Nando was here, but most of them are now chelsea supporters.
      I agree with you, Liverpool really need a outlet here. we liverpool supporters form a group and watch matches together..thats the best at the moment!
      About me..
      well im vivek and im doing my final year Engineering in Electronics and Telecomm.
      obviously a hardcore red :) started watching since the 2006 season(you can call me noob here! :p ).
      Have been trying desperately to convince my parents for a trip to Anfield..well it could be this year says mom! so hope for the best !
      And what about you my friend?
    6. indianscouser
      Mate i live in Matunga , Mumbai .what about you?
    7. Brett Ski
      Brett Ski
      I checked out that pub Kezar's...pretty sweet. Down by Golden Gate Park right? I'm trying to get my buddy to roadie down there on Sunday morning to watch WBA. They open at 6am. I hope all the LFC lads are there. It's my friend's last game stateside before he goes to Anfield for citeh and then the Emirates for arsenhole. If you're up that early and we decide to go, I'll let you know so that if you want to join us, you can. Thanks for the info on that. I love watching games out. It's mutch better than in my man cave. :)
    8. Brett Ski
      Brett Ski
      So is what you're saying that we are back on the 8 hour difference? I always check on line but damn if that's not early. Do you have anywhere in the city that you go out to watch games at? I'm in Sacramento, but the city is always good for a weekend jaunt. One of my best friends heads to Anfield in just over a week. So excited for him. Thanks for the heads up.
    9. AhmadKamal
      Mate whats your opinion on the Chelsea situation with respect to the fair-play rules..? I still can't digest the fact that someone like Abrahomvic who literally went from rags to riches would be oblivious to them looming over even a year or two ago and hadn't replaced much of his aging squad or invested heavily in the youth. Whatsmore, I'm sure Torres and his agent would be somewhat abreast to how fair-play rules effect clubs and would have demanded a well-thought out game-plan by Chelsea for the coming years before agreeing to the move.
    10. AhmadKamal
      I meant..why can't the owners do the exact same thing in terms of writing off debt..if they can write it off the first time round (that being the growth capital injection) why can't they write it off subsequently by investing in some fixed asset of the club - that being a fixed capital injection - namely an investment in intangible assets..perhaps a player registration right..?
    11. AhmadKamal
      What about ' Growth Capital ' something that companies often do to restructure the Balance Sheet, often a times to reduce the leverage or debt that is posted on it...? Something along the lines of what the US (and other) govts. did in the Financial crisis...

      P.S I'll email you for the file..it sounds interesting..thanks for mentioning it.
    12. AhmadKamal
      Hey mate, I was just wondering whether a fixed-capital injection into a club by the owners would constitue towards money being made available for player acquisitions, without disrupting the earnings to expenditure balance as stipulated in the fair-play rules.
    13. Daffi
      you seem to know about these fair play rules, maybe take some time out and start a thread to explain what these rules actually mean?
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