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    1. fcukManU
      Liverpool playing the season opener on a Saturday, Breaking Bad on a Sunday. Best. Weekend. Ever.
    2. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hello Steve!

      Thanks a lot, mate. Good that you've been busy, makes life less annoying... :-)

      Have a nice day, or more probably, have some nice dreams!

    3. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      At the architectural division of the polytechnical school at Lausanne (Switzerland).

      I think it's great to have that kind of long term projects in life. Very good idea...

      (Thanks for your kind comments about that project, btw, nice to read this... I'm sorry I can't write much more right now, as I have had some worries inside my family recently and can't spend as much time here as before right now. But we'll talk about it later, also about regionalism, which indeed is an important element for architecture in my opinion).

      Bye for now, mate.
    4. Sine
      Thanks for... I gave you a reputation mark didn't I?

      That was a mistake. Now you'll be stalking me for more right?

      Cheers buddy!
    5. AhmadKamal
      We were doomed from the start, because you clearly fancy Mario and I like Donkey Kong more - so a convergence of opinion is out of the question. :P
    6. AhmadKamal
      Your welcome, mate. There is nothing to apologize for because you weren't a bit out of line. I had an opinion, you had a different one. Period.

    7. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Cheers mate. In my former post, you can 'see' the ramp in the second and third pic, in-between the walls. It really was one of our first targets to make that ramp 'disappear' so to say. Here is a pic from it when looking downwards, right in front of it:


      The structure is concrete, with rough stone from the immediate area surrounding the concrete walls. Here a pic of work in progress:


      The stone on top of the square is a beautiful limestone from the Jura, a mountain chain not far from here. I wanted a bright, luminous stone with a rough surface, but still a noble appearance. The edges are voluntarily broken a bit, to make the whole stone surface vibrate a bit more in the light. Here an example of how it reacts to rain:


      And yes, it's kind of usual for architects to oversee the project until the end, at least for that kind of smaller projects. For big projects though, it becomes more and more the habit to work with developer. I'm not sure it's the right way to go forward, as formal and material quality tends to diminish because of it... but money rules...
    8. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      ok, I've found a way, through imageshack, and I've no problems to upload it directly here. It's no state secret or so... ;-)

      These are pics from a little public square we built some years ago, for a small village amidst vine yards, it's situated around my area. Underneath, there is a parking lot for around twenty cars. We won the competition for this against seven other offices, after a pre-eliminatory proceeding.

      The main aim was of course to integrate the whole thing in a very sensible way, given the quality of the surroundings (parking lots are always a hell of a beast to integrate sensibly, especially the ramp leading to it), and to create different atmospheres, although it's only small. The stone walls surrounding the building are constructed in the same way than all surrounding vine-yard walls.

      The small white chapel near to it, from the XVIIIth century, was renovated by us as well.


      Ok, that's for now. If you're interested, I'll upload some other projects, but for now, I'm done... :wave:
    9. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Was thinking to upload some pics from one or two of my works, as we talked about earlier, but I'll have to find out how to do it... :-)

      As for your thread, I for one think it's a pity. Why can't people chill out a bit when confronted to that kind of topic? I thought it was a good effort from you, mate, and am seriously annoyed that this discussion couldn't go further. Well... I'm sure you'll find another way... ;-)

      (will check that Geoffrey Canada lad, don't know anything of him)

      Have a nice day, mate. Fingers crossed we can beat the toons today. Would certainly make my day... :wave:
    10. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hey mate, hope you're ok. I was trying to find your recently set up USA thread, but can't find it anymore. Is it making a trip in the internet-limbo? Was it closed? Can't figure it out.

      Another thing: you know how to upload pics from your desktop in here? I'm completely lost on this...

    11. Sine
      One year older, one year wiser!

      Happy birthday mate!
    12. AhmadKamal
      Happy Birthday, mate..!
    13. Zoran
      I'm still a bit shocked about what we exactly did with the price and all that, but it probably has to do more with us as Liverpool fans not being used to spend quite some money like that in just a space of few days! He is world class potential though, and I do believe that he's more than just a "big target man" player - I like his play on the floor as well and he can play with his face towards the goal and be direct. I'm a bit busy these days, but I'll look to give my views on our 2 new players in the next couple of days, I think it's exciting times ahead mate. ;-)
    14. This Is THE Year!
      This Is THE Year!
      Hello mate!
      Thanks for the link to the Bill Simmons' article, it was a really funny read!
      I'm trying really hard to not let my younger daughter clap eyes on the Everton pink away kit, because she loves everything pink & that is one battle i do not wish to have to fight, ha ha!
    15. Sweeting
      Thanks for that mate, I'm going to have a look through them now
    16. Sweeting
      Thanks mate, I'm new to this twitter stuff but he can be my 5th 'follow'!
    17. Sweeting
      What's the twitter page? I didn't know he had one.

    18. Sweeting
    19. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      VIP hosting... wow...

      I'll think about some pics to show you, just haven't time to upload them yet. You're right, it's difficult for pics to give a correct impression, but ok, I'll give it a try...

      As for Las Vegas, I pity any architect having to work there... lol

      Have a nice day, mate.
    20. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Cheers mate. Yes, I'm still based in Switzerland, and no, I'm not really specialised in any specific design. I regard this profession more as a generalist one. Once you understand what is important in architecture, there isn't really big difference between different functions, which present technical specifications of course, but nothing you can't learn while being involved in a project.

      As far as I know, specialists are quite rare in this profession, at least in my area. Building hospitals for instance may need some special technical knowledge. That's something architects specialise in sometimes. Otherwise, my 'specialising' comes gradually with experience, and the kind of works I get for my office. For instance, we have built several schools these last years, so one could argue that we have some special knowledge in that area. We have also built quite some private houses and renovated old ones, which is the 'bread and butter' so to say...

      Recently , I had also a very nice project for a new, small plaza in an old village, which is all surrounded by wineyards. A car park had to be built beneath it. The challenge was obviously to make the cars 'disappear' by integrating their access to the park as discreetly as possible, while gaining as much quality for the new plaza as possible. That was a really good work, especially as the people from the village we were in business with, opened really good bottles at the end of each meeting... :-) It's also nice now to see the children play on that new plaza or inhabitants organizing meetings, festivities etc.

      I always try to bring out as much quality (of use, of materials, of space etc.) out of a building project, which isn't always simple to be honest, but which I regard as my main job. I'm less interested in making pure business out of it. As long as I can live decently with what I like to do, I'm happy.

      And yourself? Still in real estate development? It seems to me you told me so, some time ago. :wave:
    21. Sweeting
      If you ever want to discuss coaching and stuff then I'll be very willing to debate!
    22. Zoran
      Hey mate, thanks for the articles enjoyed reading them, I'm still about to become more active in the Boot Room - still only reading and often haven't got much time to write something in details.

      I saw par example, that Dortmund's win at Mainz the other week and Klopp's work and tactics were obvious, it reminded me of one of those Rafa special preparations for one European leg where we really knew how to kill the opponent by staying compact, and hit them in the weak spots in the right times, be effective. Gotze looks a really talented kid, one of those typical Germans from the past, not spectacular but really effective and strong mentally, a winner in the making. We'll still see if they can keep it up for the rest of the season...

      Don't know much about the Portuguese though they have some problems off the pitch with the finances (after a few years of some brilliant dealings, the domination is slowing down a bit I feel at the moment, something similar to what's happening with Lyon in France) so the good work they've done so far this season has been even more difficult, I'll try to look more into that.

      Cheers once again, quality finds.
    23. Sweeting
      Well, I tend to just watch a lot of games, I don't watch European football just English and mainly lower leagues so when I've watched players a few times their abilities are easy to remember. If I'm coaching at a football team (unofficially as I'm technically not allowed to) I tend to take a couple of notes just to get my head around basic skills of each man.

      You sound similar to me in that you want to open an Academy, that's my dream to do that one day so I hope you get to do it.

      I think the badges sound different though. Our badges go: FA Level 1, FA Level 2, FA Level 3, UEFA 'B', UEFA 'A' and then UEFA Pro License. One of the major criticisms of today's football in England is that it's too difficult and expensive to get coaching badges - Level 1 gives you basic skills and allows you to coach 6-16 year olds, cost... £150 - then it's another £320 for Level 2 which doesn't teach you much new. UEFA Pro License is what all the Premier League Managers need.

      If I was you I'd watch a few matches around where you are, or just watch TV matches as long as you can regularly, then write down skills and negatives of each player. To add to that you could then devise training schedules for what you would do to improve the players including development etc...
    24. Sweeting
      Hi mate, I'm not working within football at the moment, I was supposed to be taking my coaching badges this year but the economic situation here in Ol' Blighty means it's just too expensive for me. Good luck for your first badge (it's piss easy), are you going into coaching as a job/volunteering?
    25. lfc.eddie
      VIP hosting service, that should be a good business to be in. As for China, it is still very cowboy-ish. They are freaking ruthless, and the size of the country doesn't help either. A lot of my friends got burn investing China. Out of say 100, maybe 1-2 fellas I know prevail and make it big. It is better if you could speak Mandarin and being a foreigner, a big asset.

      If you happen to get a job there, learn your ropes and get into the scene, that would help a lot. As in China it is who you know too. But if you are looking into real estate and retail business, with a good partner, you would flourish. I have a friend who export bananas from the Philippines to China and they aren't even the biggest, yet their volume is around 1bil bananas a month. Imagine that.

      If you are in Asia write to me. If I am in HK, could probably meet up with you too. I travel way too much in this region.
    26. lfc.eddie
      I won't be flying over to the States for a pretty long while due to some stupidity my business partners and I did in Asia. Invested in some stupid company with a Hicks and Gillett equivalent owners making it difficult for us to finalise a merger. See even in the real world you get pricks like them.

      Anyway, Shenzhen is an industrial town. You can find loads of stuff there from electronic goods to softwares and apparels. All imitation of course. They even have a "fake" iPhone which looked exactly alike, perform exactly alike and 1/10th of the price. Crazy isn't it?

      You will like it there, and it is pretty close to Hong Kong (2hours by train), and Macau. You should venture out when you get there. I missed Vegas. lol

      Have a good one....

    27. Zoran
      Don't know what to think really, I get the feeling that these things can only happen to us, we never get it "easy", but that's probably the beauty of being a LFC these days. Are you really? I was looking forward hearing what you, and other people from the US have to say about this... not even cautiously optimistic? ;-)
    28. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Yep, mate. I'm nervous on several different degrees.

      First, I really hope to finally see g+h being dismissed. Fingers crossed on that...

      Second, I hope as well that Henry will prove to be the owner we need to progress regularly and compete for top trophies. From what I've read from you and other american posters, he seems to be a decent bloke, so it won't be as bad as with h+g. I just hope that he hasn't a bigger mouth than the size of his belly.

      We are currently an awfully difficult challenge for any new owner, and very difficult to digest... so I hope he hasn't underestimated the task he has on his hands, and the amount of $ whiich need to be invested, especially with the $ losing worth every day when compared to other currencies...

      Anyway, fingers crossed!
    29. SGM
      Cheers hope!

      Hoping the same for the Swiss. I really think they are going to do it! I didn't know you were from Switzerland either, I think that is the country I most want to visit when I get to Europe.
    30. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hey mate, congratulations for USA going through. They deserve it and I'm chuffed for you! :wave:
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