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Doesn't think Mignolet is that bad, 25

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    1. Never Say Never
      Never Say Never
      I take it your still a student, but what are you ambitions post uni? Are you going to continue journalism, because you do a boss job.
      1. Sweeting
        I would love to but I'm a pragmatist and I think I'll find it hard to make a living from journalism. I'm planning on joining the RAF after University but would keep up my writing as a hobby.
        Mar 21, 2013
    2. liveforthereds
      Happy Birthday
    3. kylel39
      Happy Birthday Sweeting!!

      Hope you have a good day and keep up the good work with the all the in-depth knowledge on the youth players :thumbright:

      Credit to TIA lad.

    4. Sine
      Happy beerday Sweeting!

      All the best - and good luck with Virgin!

    5. Draex
      Happy Birthday =]
    6. AhmadKamal
      Happy Birthday..!
    7. fcukManU
      Thanks mate. Certainly sounds plausible since Spurs were still keen on him.

      Cheers. :)
    8. fcukManU
    9. SGM
      A few other coaches I follow, a few other coaches you might like looking into for some different view points, I haven't had too much time to look into the ones without the parentheses, but these should be right up your ally :)

      @coachgambetta (incredible for athletic training)
      @soccercleats101 (releases reviews of new boots coming out)
      @zonal_marking (for updates on games they analyze)

      Annnd I found it!

      @GRfootycoach (turns out I did follow him)
    10. SGM
      I was exaggerating the few days to be frank, it was a few weeks ago, it was just rather funny you sent me the link (relatively) soon after. Some football writer, Tomkins maybe? Retweeted something of his, and I glanced around at it. For whatever reason I forgot click follow.

      I just emailed it to him to find out what it is, when he sends it back I will forward it to you.
    11. SGM
      Thanks for the link! Seems a good source for decent drills. It is really funny you should post that because I came across his twitter page a few days ago and started following.
    12. Matt
      Dont know if youve thought of it, but I can give you some advice if you fancied the "job" of a lifetime coaching in America. You would definitely get in and I could put in a word for you too. Let me know if you fancy it.
    13. SGM
      Yeah I have a mate here who is really into American football and we have come up with the strategy to develop a agility, speed, and strength camp probably about 2 times a week, $10 per kid per session, and center it around proper biomechanics and market it as long term injury prevention to parents. We are doing it this way because athleticism in American sports is much more important than in footy, so we can appeal to a wider range of kids. Once I have enough football (soccer) players doing that camp I will open up the technical training sessions. Hopefully I can grow it into a full fledged academy one day here in the states, so is my goal. Sounds like you have the same theories as I do (I really admire your passion for taking care of kids if football doesn't work out for them) and would really like to bounce some ideas off of you for some drills, training methods when I get to that point.

      Thanks for the scouting tips. Seems relatively straightforward. Unfortunately due to the size of the sport here, we rarely get games broadcast from lower leagues, and the MLS is relatively old, most young American prospects try and get their ticket early to Europe. It is really strange though, because players are more judged from what they do in their high school teams and than their college teams rather than club teams. Strange set up, but I do need to watch more games.

      And the licensing is the same here. Not sure what the exchange rate is now, but the basic license is $135. I guess that weeds out the dumb parents who think they know everything!
    14. SGM
      Yeah just volenteer for a youth side I think. Are the badges set up over there the same as here? I will be getting my E badge, which I know will be a joke, but excited to get my foot in the door nonetheless. I am running a business now, but am hoping in the next 8-12 months to open a small little technical footy camp for youth. That plan might completely change though. Here's to hoping. I want to start getting a feel for the regional players though, do you use a template to take notes on players or just watch and remember? Not to much talent around here, but hey, couldn't hurt!
    15. SGM
      Hey Sweeting, Very much respect your work scouting on the young English lads. I am going to get my first coaching license in January (I hope). Are you working within the realm of football? Anyways, thanks. Have a good one.
    16. Matt
      Thanks mate. Impressive work that!

      I'll get it on the site today.

    17. DaggerToMyHeart
      Hey sweeting can I just say what a very good job you are doing already. Is it just you individually or have you and zoky got it as a duo like what you initially wanted?

      May I ask whether or not you agree with this idea.

      Would it not be worth adding a youth thread to the rumour mill; bit like the NSR one but specifically for any youth players linked?
    18. liveforthereds
      I did. now most of the moan and keep asking me to reopen it, but when you say to them you do it, they all say I don't have time to do it or know how to set one up. Easy to setup not as easy to run. I have full adoration for those who and those like youself that get involved.
    19. liveforthereds
      one thing I have found in life is you can't please everone all the time. Run my own forum for a while but had to shut it down as it could have cost me my job, the crap they used to put on even after being told not was daft and could have cost them there jobs, but they still moaned.
    20. liveforthereds
      It's not just that paper it's every paper, just don't buy them anymore not much in them to read thats just note worthy.
    21. liveforthereds
      Welcome to your new postion as the rumour mill caretaker, done the right thing in locking most threads as it will keep the forum talking about the right players when the club does go for someone.
    22. Matt
      Just read your post about footy shirts. Ive got at least 2 old England shirts you can have. Might have an LA Galaxy one knocking about too.

      Send us your address on email or PM and ill get them sent out over the weekend.
    23. Matt
      Just to say thanks for taking on the rumour mill job, and looks like your doing a great job already.

    24. Zoran
      Hy mate, just to let you know, Legia payed 600,000 euros for Antolovic with 20% of from the next sale.
      Still not officially confirmed but that's how the main newspaper say there. Cheers...
    25. Zoran
      Happy Birthday mate have a good one and you might just get Hodgson as a present in the summer if Rafa is to leave. :occasion5:
    26. liverpool_singh
      Happy 18th Birthday mate! :occasion4:
    27. Mooki3
      I know, I had a good look at getting the scouting thread back up and running the week before last, get people used to it before world cup comes about but I got disenchanted after I realised I couldn’t change the title anymore! I’m going to see what I can do about it anyhow pal. Look forward to reading ur posts!
    28. liveforthereds
      I looked at his record a couple of weeks a go when one of my mates was talking about the possabilty of Rafa going and I was suprised at just where he has worked and how well he has done in these other jobs, other than Blackburn he has done well and if he had been given more time at Blackburn he would have done well there, they just paniced and booted him out to soon, I don't really want a big name boss as they always come with baggage and big ego's and like Joes want to be a the centre off things instead of letting the team do there talking for them thats what are most sucessful mangers opreated and thats what we need now a quite man who will get on with the job and only say things when needed. Roy fits the bill for me
    29. liveforthereds
      Hodgson would be a good choice for our next manager he does have a good track record where ever he has worked, I would also like to see hit happen
    30. Matt
      Article goes live on the site Weds morning mate, well in for the research. Thanks.
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