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Willing to drive Moreno to the airport, Male


Back by popular demand, the old avatar. Sheesh. Oct 20, 2016

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Viewing forum list, Jun 26, 2017 at 6:01 PM
    1. Maria
      Hi Ubermick,

      Thank you for solving the mystery, it was bugging me. I thought it might be some sort of computer screen, rather than laundry basket as it seemed an odd place to be for the laundry to be there and I could not see the side door. Cheers.
    2. Lostmyfunk 3421
      Lostmyfunk 3421
      Love the forums. Always have but call me old fashioned and what, but nowa days, the use of the 'C' word on here is very frequent. Not a very nice thing to read on here. Reminds me of the way certain fans talk of other teams in the London areas . Just saying, be nice if it was banned as a word on here.
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    3. ubermick
      Back by popular demand, the old avatar. Sheesh.
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    4. Maria
      Thanks Mick. Sorry for that.
      1. ubermick
        Ahh, no worries at all!
        Apr 21, 2016
    5. Maria
      Hi Mick,
      Can you please do me a favour. Please can you delete the Victoria wood thread I started, as there is already one by Celtic Dragon. I am plonker, didn't see it until after I after I posted. Thanks.
      1. ubermick
        Will do.
        Apr 20, 2016
    6. nzkop1te
      hey Mick did you get my message? don't know whether I put it in the right place as I can't see the P.M area. I put it under conversations...
      1. ubermick
        Didn't. Don't see anything in conversations. Everything alright mate?
        Jan 21, 2016
    7. Kopstar
      Happy birthday mate
      1. ubermick likes this.
      2. ubermick
        Thankee, sir!
        Nov 16, 2015
    8. Maria
      Thanks as a million for creating the World Cup forum Ubermick, its fantastic and will be much easier to follow. You are a superstar !
      1. ubermick
        Aww, thanks Maria - but just doing my job. Thanks for reminding us to do it!
        May 12, 2014
    9. ubermick
      Need a fucking pint...
    10. Never Say Never
      Never Say Never
      gettin' old eh? Happy birthday
    11. AhmadKamal
      Happy Birthday, Mick.
    12. A True Red From NZ
      A True Red From NZ
      Happy Birthday Ubermick
      Have a good one
    13. lfc.eddie
      Things are about to get nasty up in the transfer rumour forum....
    14. AhmadKamal
      Will do Mick..
    15. AhmadKamal
      Mick..in retrospect my actions were out of order and I should not have had a go at Kenny. I was angry over how the fellow's post was being taken a dig at again and again without anyone reading his post subsequent to that. I should not have called Kenny what I did and I have apologized to him to that effect. I apologize if my conduct was unbecoming and would remove my self from the forum should the mods wish it.

      Ahmad Kamal
    16. sami
    17. Dublin_Kopite
    18. kylel39
      Good work banning Ellax,

      That lad was a tube !!
    19. Broomy
      You know you’ve lost all creditability with your children when they start to buy you socks and slippers for your birthday. Hope this didn't happen today!! Happy Birthday lad!!
    20. SGM
      Hey Ubermick,

      Sorry I didn't reply to that website message. My partner has a friend who just lost her job so we got the whole 9 yards for $750, shopping cart, gallery, reservation system, etc. Thanks for your help and sorry if I wasted your time. You can check the site out (unfinished). [URL="http://www.noworrynights.com/"]HERE[/URL]

      Thanks for your willingness to help. Hope all is well.
    21. lfc.eddie
      Gaz.... be very careful there mate. Once you get on this bus, there ain't no turning back.... lol
    22. Tosh
      I never thought I'd read those words:-

      Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to...


    23. lfc.eddie
      It's freaking 430 in the morning and I am suppose to have a board meeting in about 5 hours. Can't sleep, waiting for the damn news. Hope they don't party too late these board of directors. lol
    24. lfc.eddie
      In China a province called Fukkien... It's Fukkien University or Fukkien U. ;-)
    25. lfc.eddie
      But, Jessica Alba drives a Range Rover..... ;-)
    26. lfc.eddie
      Aw... how sweet. lol

      Well you are 8 hours behind and I am 8 hours ahead. Watching Brazil against Ukraine.

      As for that Lim fella, he did put a bid in. I didn't know the person but have heard Chinese bid was in the mix, and confident as hell they would get it. Until the NESV news broke.
    27. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Classy new avatar, mate... lol

      Have a nice day, Gaz.
    28. kylel39

      Did you read the thread I started? I can assure you it was meant to offend no one and I apologise if it did. I did post one link to The S*n by accident, but was just an innocent mistake. I realise this is a banned source but it wasn't to be used in any positive light, just to show how much of a shower they are, a long with the scum bag Ferguson. A pair of parasites !!

      Previously in the thread I had starred out the word S*n etc. Just completely slipped my mind when posting the link. I should of just mentioned that they had the run the above headlines on the back page (I believe, obviouslt didn't have the paper), rather than post the link !! But I felt the thread had relative information and was worth a discussion.

      Could a MOD not of just edited my post and removed the link!? Just sent me a message informing me what I'd done and it would of been over with!?

    29. Kaycéé
      Ha ha I know. I was running late for university & I was rushing to get all my stuff ready when I missed a step and fell all the way down the stairs. I'm very clumsy like that.
    30. redbj
      hi mate, anychance you could change the thread name in the albert.

      i put in three players in the heading just to gt people to think of alternatives, but there taking that as the question.when its not.

      something along the lines of selling torres for much dosh would be good.

      use your creative geni---snigger--us, its usual----gaffaw---spot on.

      take good care of my baby.
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