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Dec 29, 2012
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Apr 17, 1976 (Age: 41)

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TIA First Team, 41

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Dec 29, 2012
    1. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Missed your birthday, mate. Belated wishes nevertheless!

    2. Wozza
      Thank you all guys for your kind word's and warm wishes, very much appreciated.

      I hope you've all had a great weekend and look forward to catching up with you on here v soon.


      P.S Zammo had it right, just vote NO! :D
    3. Celtic Dragon
      Celtic Dragon
      Happy birthday bud, hope its been a good one for you!
    4. liveforthereds
      Happy Birthday
    5. Odin_telamon
      Happy birthday mucka...hope we get a result today and Kenny dedicates it to you and also campaigns for a NO vote on AV)....

      Enjoy yourself buddy
    6. Sine
      35? I always thought you're like... 99... inches in beer belly.

      This one is special so here it goes.... ([I]it goes down nicer if you take it to the tune of [B]All By Myself by Bridget Jones[/B])

      (will) HELP YOU THROUGH
      You bloody bute!

      All the best Wozza! Enjoy the celebrations (?)
    7. AhmadKamal
      Happy Birthday..! 35 - Wow ! Anything special for the special milestone....?
    8. Sine
      Hey Wozza,

      This privato was being done at work, sent it only because I couldn't save it anywhere and the [I]big fat pigs [/I]were dangerously near.

      Thing of the past anyway. Defused.

      Glad we came out alrite on this one!
    9. Wozza
      Thanks Matt. You are indeed a true gent and a scholar:occasion7::thumbright:

      We do indeed need to get that beer in at some point whether up here or down there mate, lets make it an essential for 2011!

    10. Wozza
      Lol OK mate. I'm a Prenton man myself hence the plastic scouser bit. You seemed to come a bit from nowhere were the big posters are concerned hadn't noticed you much over previous years. You changed your name or just me being blind!?

      Anyway, congrats again!
    11. DaggerToMyHeart
      irby mate. but I can rest assured that I havent been fully turned into a wool....

      yet. lol
    12. Wozza
      Yes mate. I went a bit nuts at someone who seemed to be a bit disengenuos in his comments and also my lack of anticipation and excitement of our upcoming fixtures.

      Ah well, we learn by our mistakes I guess!
    13. Wozza
      Hey Hey! Not bad thanks matey, slowly finding a bit more time to frequent the great institution that is TIA! Finding myself far more intersted in the away from home stuff at the moment to be honest. How many arguements can be had about the same things in the Albert?! Think positions and views are well established, the die are in the air lets see where we are at in May, probably bognor!!

      Waves and tons of snow right back at you! Hows things with you?
    14. Wozza
      Hey matey!! Yeah things are good with me, how about yourself? Just been really busy with the new job and haven't had time to fart!
    15. foreverred
      hey i think i sorted you out on the friends list. im shit with compters.
    16. Sam Wanjere
      Sam Wanjere
      I'm from Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa). We're the country with lots of middle to long-distance athletes and one of the cutest coastlines around (Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu). We generally don't have a prob watching games here, except our last game at Ewood. We're only three hours ahead of the UK (GMT).

      About our stalemate at the Park, my best friend Cliffe and I (both diehard Reds) tried to locate it on sat-tv but they only featured Man U at West Ham and Arsenal Vs Stoke. I had a bad gut feeling about the result and correctly predicted a draw.

      Honestly Wozza, I don't know what to make of this season after the roller coaster of our last one. I still have hope in the following though: 1) We won't be dethroned from the Big Four, 2) We'll end up with a trophy this season (another gut feeling), and 3) Our accursed luck will turn for the better.

      Lemme wish you a superb day and also ask where you're from. Feel free to shoot any Qs you'd like me to answer. Fabulous day Kopite.
    17. Sam Wanjere
      Sam Wanjere
      Hi Wozza. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and welcome. I've never understood linking 'Pool fans with idiocy. But there's always hope for us with the likes of Tetteh on the site. I wish you a most superb day.
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