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Fighting like beavers., Male, from Croatia

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    1. DaggerToMyHeart
    2. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      It's almost bust up in this group now. We should win all matches from now on, and I can't see this, especially with Benaglio injured and the poor Djourou out again. That game in Bulgaria is a must win, but it's the same for them and it will be hard. Even if we win, we don't hold destiny in our hands, and that's bad...

      Yeah, YB and Basle were not too bad this year, and add to that they made the right choice by being eliminated immediately this spring in the EL, so they can fully concentrate on the league... lol

      As for us, well now... I feel a bit depleted today. There is so much work to do on this squad, and the owners will have to put serious money in it if we want to get out of our current plight. Fingers crossed...

      I wish you a very good evening, mate! Always enjoy reading your posts... :-)

      PS: Gavranovic confirmed in the Swiss squad now by more serious sources...
    3. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      My daughter will probably go to the family of her good friend for a week or two.

      But not the whole family this time I guess... Otherwise, I'm well on a personal level, but those news from Japan are heartbreaking, and as for LFC... well, I prefer to not even begin to talk about... :???:

      But yes, I guess it's good news for the Swiss that they can retain Gavranovic (if true). We are short in quality strikers here. That has always been the problem in the past, but fortunately there seem to be some good attacking players coming out lately: Nassim Ben Khalifa (Wolfsburg, currently on loan at Nürnberg), Gavranovic (Schalke) and also Patjim Katimi (Palermo), who seems to be a very promising prospect as well (Macedonia are after him though...).

      Anyway, that's certainly not your problem, as Croatia always have fine attacking players coming through, so I'll not feel too much for you if Gavranovic slips through your greedy paws... ;-)

    4. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hello Zoran mate. Hope all is well with you.

      I don't know if you can read German, mate, but it seems Gavranovic has decided to play for the Swiss, although the source might seem a bit doubtful.


      Did you get any news yourself from the Croatian media? Blick isn't very reliable to say the least...
    5. FranklyMrShankly
      Shameful tackle on Corluka yesterday. Did you see it? Should have been sent off for sure and banned, but the way I've understood it, there's not much UEFA can do now after the ref gave him a yellow card only.

      Thought Corluka did well prior to that horrendous challenge. As I've said before, I like him as a player, and it was nice for me to see him again.
    6. SGM
      Have you started the process of justifying the Carroll transfer yet? Because I rounded denial about 4 hours ago and am working on the "Well his headers are amazing" phase. By next week I think I will have him as world class lol.
    7. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Exactly my opinion as well, mate. I'd have preferred them to say 'too bad, the market is in overheating mode, let's cautiously plan for next summer and get real value for our money, while bleeding our youngsters.'

      I think they wanted to make a point and show us fans that they want to spend big, but THAT big, and on THAT player... well...

      Carroll isn't a bad aquisition btw. He couild pair up well with Suarez: a big tank alongside a small and pacy technical player... Heskey and Owen spring to mind.

      But I was looking forward to see Suarez and Torres in action, which would have been phenomenal to see, and it frustrates the hell out of me that this occasion has past now.

      What is annoying as well is not to have a decent winger coming in. I'd have largely preferred to see that kind of cash splashed on Arda Turan and Ashley Young for instance...

      Oh well... all doom and gloom today... sorry for that, mate, but I'm not in the best of moods right now...

      Have a good evening, Zoran. :wave:
    8. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      And now it's confirmed with that Carroll thing... have the people at this club lost their heads? After the Suarez deal, I was ready to give the owners five out of five for their behaviour until now, but this is going my head in...

    9. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Yep. A big club shouldn't sell his biggest asset to a struggling rival. It's simply not in for me. Anyway, we'll see.

      If we pay 35m for Carroll though, it will make us the laughing stock of the PL for years to come I think... that would be absolute madness....
    10. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hi Zoran mate. What do you make of all this rumours? Is Torres gone in your eyes?

      I personally hope he'll stay. What's your view on it? I take it that you're disappointed as we all are, but would you keep him or let him go, even if we don't find a decent replacement?
    11. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Aah, then everything is allright, Zoran mate.

      I thought for a minute that you had been forgotten, which would have been a horrific miss!

      Well then, I can go to sleep with an undisturbed mind now... lol

      Have a good one, talking to you soon again!
    12. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hey Zoky, hope all is well with you. One question: we are about to see who is already member of the Boot Room, and it seems you've never contributed in there. So, the simple question: do you have an access to the Boot Room?
    13. Babelon19
      Thanks mate for answering those, you'd be a great manager or general manager.

      Well if I'm not driving a dump truck, I'm watching/playing football, I do love the sport and everything about it.

      Yer Adil Rami would've been my pick too. It's a same we let him slip to Valencia for 5 mil. Would have loved him here, as he would've been a solid contributer and I'm to believe he is a supporter of the club.
      On Lucas Barrios, I remember reading something of yours about him, where you rated him highly along with Eren Derdiyok of Bayer Leverkusen. I also watched a match between Dortmund and Frankfurt and thought his finishing was pretty ordinary but he seemed to track back well and seemed to be everywhere when the ball was in the opposing half.
      I agree with you on Kenny too, have him till the end of the season then put in a young coach like Andre Villas Boas. This move also seems like a typical NESV move because remember they put in young Theo Epstein as there GM.
      I like the way NESV are going about rebuilding Liverpool, I like the youth policy, and the transfer policy. Hopefully It'll play off and we'll see a cup or championship soon...

      Thanks again cheers :)
    14. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hello again, Zoran. Cheers for your reply and good wishes.

      I don't know if I'm too harsh on Rangnick, but I'm a bit surprised by that media hype about him in these last days, also that so many in here fall in for it.

      What do you think about him, as you also have an eye on Bundesliga? Am I unfair on him? So far, Ihaven't seen any convincing arguments to appoint him at a club like LFC, but perhaps I'm prejudiced?

      Fingers crossed for the Blackburn game. With Konchesky and Cole on the left, I'm afraid Blackburn won't have much difficulties to identify our weak spot, but anyway, here's hoping we can pull off a result tonight!

    15. Babelon19
      Hey, long time admirer, first time poster.

      I'd just like to say I agree with about 90% of what you post. :)

      I see you are staying right away from the manager talk, I kinda don't blame you, but I'm also very intrigued as to your views and choices.

      Also you are a great model for someone who plays alot of Fifa lol. Recently I brought Criscito, Albrighton, Rakitic and N'Zogbia, and I brought them cause you convinced me that they would fit perfectly at Liverpool. So I'll get to my question(s)

      1. Would you sell either Skrtel or Agger, if yes to both who would you buy / or which one would you keep?
      2. I'm sure every Liverpool fan is asking each other this but, which striker would you buy and why?
      3. Who'd be your next manager (optional)?

      Cheers, keep up the good work and scouting :p

      Sorry but there might be more questions to come!!!
    16. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Hey Zoky!

      A very good new year to you, mate, with hopefully all your wishes realised!

      Looking forward to read more from you this year. Always enjoy it...

      Ciao, mate! :wave:

    17. SGM
      Yeah I wish we received more Bundesliga coverage over here. Mostly Serie A, which is just a borefest (mostly), and EPL. La Liga is on another channel but the coverage is generally awful. Klopp seems an interesting character. From what I have seen about his character is that he has that nice blend of strength, confidence, guile, and smarts that it takes to handle the media. From what you are saying, it seems that is carrying on the field as well. Will be interesting to see how Dortmund do for the rest of the season. No worries about the articles.
    18. SGM
    19. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Yeah, I'm with you, mate, I feel sorry for Roy as well. He went in a too big a task for him. Probably, it would have been for any gaffer, and with hindsight, it's perhaps better that Kenny wasn't drawn into it.

      Roy has already failed here, but I'll hold him no grudge whatever, and I really hope he'll find a new job rather sooner than later. He deserves it. He was just the wrong man at the wrong place. Unfortunate really.

      Thanks also for your take on Pellegrini. It confirms my gut feeling about him, that he'd perhaps struggle to adapt to prem football, despite being a good manager obviously.
    20. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      And Pellegrini? What's your take about him? Some in here seem to cream their pants in expectation about him. I must admit I don't know much about him, apart that he constructed a very respectable Villareal side and got 96 points with the RM superstars, but that's it.
    21. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      I don't know really... it's between Deschamps and Rijkard I think... I called for Deschamps in the summer and am a huge fan of him. Like you, I believe he'll have a great career as manager.

      They are similar in the sense that they both command enormous respect because of their playing career. What's more, they have both already won things as managers, although Rijkaard is obviously ahead in that department.

      Deschamps has the advantage of knowing prem football already, having played at Chelsea, but perhaps his Chelsea love could turn out to be a handicap for him? Dunno...

      On the other side, you've Rijkaard who hasn't played or managed in England, but has huge experience in different leagues and cultures, would go along very well with Torres, Reina, Pacheco, etc. and really has won everything already. He'd need time however, and NESV must be prepared to give him that time and backing, you're completely right.

      So, slight advantage for Rijkaard in my book, especially as he's available right now. Deschamps isn't and has already snubbed us in the summer... but I'd be extremely happy with each of them.
    22. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      What do you think about Rijkaard, Zoran? You didn't seem very convinced about him in the correspondent thread.

      I for one think it would be a good gamble. Any new appointment is a gamble but this one could really pay off. Would be nice to see some genuineattacking football philosophy at this club for a change.

      But you prefer perhaps the trademark Rafa controlling-while-annihilating-the-opposition's-qualities-and-then-counter-attacking style? :-)
    23. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      I have to say I've now lost faith. I just can't see how he could return this situation in his favour. He's lost 99% of the supporters already, the former Rafa-supporters as well as the fickle rest who wanted Rafa out last season (that's hardly a surprise, isn't it?).

      So, if he has to go, who could replace him? Dalglish surely would be a good call, like he was this summer, and the supporters surely will want him again. But the task will even be more daunting that it already was if he had taken over this summer. It would be a major risk, but one I'd 100% support if he wants to take it.
    24. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Until recently, I thought that he could learn from his early mistakes, and steady the boat. He's an incredibly experienced man, has got through all sorts of experiences, bad and good ones, and I don't buy in this[I] 'he's a loser'[/I] or [I]'he's a small-club manager'[/I] shit bandied around in the Albert.

      He looks as if he feels the pressure however and I really feel sorry for him. I also don't believe that he's a manager who doesn't know how to play attacking football. I was fortunate enough to witness the best ever era of the Swiss national side with him at the helm. Usually, Switzerland play cr*p football, which is only too normal given the size of the country. Everyone is happy to get a result, and qualifying for a big tournament is already a small wonder, everytime it happens. So, expectations are generally low as far as playing style is concerned.

      But under Roy, they played really nice, flowing football and got fantastic results against big sides. Ok, it's already a long time ago, but still, he surely hasn't forgotten how a team can play good football?

      My take is that he has tried to get safety first when things began to become difficult and results didn't go our way, with a deep-sitting defence and a counter-attacking style, but it seems to completely fail. We are more vulnerable than ever and ship goals in through individual errors as well as through bad tactics on the pitch.
    25. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Heya Zoran! Just read your last post in here about the level of our game against Rabotnicki.

      Amazing to see how any positivity (which was undoubtedly there at that time) has vanished now, as if it never had been there... where did everything go wrong for us?

      I must admit I've got no clue and am amazed how everything is falling apart right now. I even found myself agreeing with 100% of fellow old bastions that Roy's time might be up after yesterday's defeat, even though we are just 8 games in the season. Crazy really... What's your take on the situation. Should Roy leave? Can he turn it around?

      I must say I'm lost right now, but I'm sure you'll enlighten me... lol

    26. SGM
      If they take over, I am very optimistic. I think I mentioned it in the thread, but for some reason in Massachusettes/New England area of the US, all the sports owners seem to have one common phrase in their philosophy, and that phrase is "winning". Just ask Steve Nichol. I was pulling for Robert Kraft to buy us for that reason alone. They think that commercial success comes from results on the field, and I think Henry will find us an advantage in very specific and different ways, then (obviously) Man City. I am willing to put my name on the line to support that claim.
    27. SGM
      Are you on the same boat as me when I think LFC fans need to stand around a global camp fire and say a prayer and sing kumbaya? I am really nervous about this sale.
    28. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      I saw the highlights from the Rabotnicki-game and I have to say, it was enjoyable to look at it. Rabotnicki certainly are no world-beaters, and their heads went down a bit after Ngog's goal, but they are sturdy battlers, and we performed well that day.

      Arsenal will be something completely different however. Our defensive play will need to be very much more settled and concentrated than against Rabotnicki, otherwise Arshavin and co. will rip us down, I fear.

      Really, I've never been that uncertain about the outcome of a game. It could go from a harsh defeat and big downer, to a comprehensive, morale-boosting victory. I can't even imagine what line-up Uncle Roy will set up for this game. Do you have any clue?

      Anyway, have a nice day, mate! :wave:
    29. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Thanks mate. We were one week in and around Zadar, with our friends there, then we went south from Split, in a small village called Igrane, which was like Paradise on earth! Everything we had to do was to go down 50 yeards towards the sea and enjoy ourselves on a magnificent little beach. Then there was one really good restaurant there, in which we went every evening. That's it. Paradise I tell you! :D

      After that, we went back slowly, with several stops, first in Istria, then in North Italy (Ferrara, Parma, Pavia), which was highly enjoyable as well.
    30. Hope in your heart
      Hope in your heart
      Just back, mate. We had a fantastic time. You are a lucky bugger, mate. Economically, things may not be at their best as I was told by friends there, but hey, what a country, what a light, what a sea, what a food! And lovely women everywhere... :D

      I really enjoyed it and am already considering going back in one or two years, maybe sooner. We'll see...

      Glad as well to be back on here. I read news about Liverpool in some newspapers, so I saw we qualified for the next round of the EL. Apparently, the return game at home was nice to watch!? Looking forward to the beginning of the PL season and that Arsenal game!

      Cheers mate.

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