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Discussion in 'Ex Reds' started by i_still_miss_fowler, Jun 2, 2015.

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    This is a fresh thread given it has been confirmed (BBC, Echo, Guardian) that Rodgers will be our manager next season.

    Its obviously disappointing for the majority, but we must move forward and support the manager. What does Rodgers need to do to bring back support, get the team on track and ultimately start winning ?

    For general disillusionment with club direction please post here:
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    FSG have just gone and done a 1993

    Put simply I feel his only chance is with players of high quality, but the catch 22 is they dont want him apparently. And hes in a less strong position by far this summer in that regard

    Lame duck for me. he wasnt going to resign unfortunately and at the moment I dont hate him for sticking around, though he may be missing a chance to get out while still having the uk media on side which may give him a shot at a semi decent job later, ultimately it was the owners call. They have misjudged the mood, feel they bottled it as Moores did all those years ago with Souness and later with Evans and there am feeling quite resentful towards them. They havent shown enough interest or ambition on the football side

    The compromises hinted at the playing recruitment links also feel wrong. Same resale value idea, same high fee OR wages, but this time with them trying to find british rather than foreign sorts, as a desperate sounding sop in the hope he can polish those better

    He wont be able to do that. Quality isnt here in these isles available to us or him. No fundamentals. No coherent ethos/style of play. Basically no plan A or B.

    Gone in December.
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    Rodgers 2015-2016 what a way to end this shite day. Good luck to him! He'll be needing it.
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    Lame duck now
    Any poor result, dodgy comment to the press and the knives will be out in force. I don't envy him....
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    I wrote a few days ago that I thought Rodgers would be given another season.

    However, there were two things that would have been somewhat concerning to FSG. First would have been how the team just quit after the ManU defeat. They still had something to play for and they totally packed it in. The second was being out-thought on the pitch, and the seeming reaction of throwing spaghetti at the wall to find a solution.

    My guess is that if that happens again in the upcoming season, Rodgers will get the sack.
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    Needs a major signing (Lacazette) in order to obtain my support for the coming season
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    I honestly believe that FSG enquired about both Klopp and Ancelotti but were rebuffed. With neither available, Rodgers has been given the next six months to sort things out; I think that if we're not in the top four at the turn of the year, he's gone.
  9. LiverpoolRed

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    Well summed up so far.

    He is in a very difficult position, almost untenable given the club's current transfer policy. He needs a big name signing to ensure 4th (at a minimum), instead he will ask for, and get, lots of mid-table squad players. He should probably have resigned and taken the money rather than attempt the impossible and risk the inevitable sack in six months (assuming the owners have set that goal of course).
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    Started up my tablet, saw "Blatter resigns". Hooray, great start to the day. Then see that Rodgers keeps job, and the day just fell off the cliff.

    I think it simply boils down to the owners simply not having enough interest in their football club. To put it crudely, they just couldn't be arsed right now as from their perspective it's not really a pressing matter. But if BR screws up the way he did in the first half of last season, and there are more and more empty seats in the stands, then come December when the baseball season is over and FSG have time to devote to their 'soccer' club, he'll be gone and they'll be calling Klopp.
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    I think Rodgers had us playing some great football at times last season (as well as the uttermost shambolic).
    Sterling's possibly going to bring home a huge bundle of cash for the club as a result of Brendan giving him repeated opportunities, or he's going to stay, and provide a good attacking option. We'll see, but it's kind of a win or win in a way.

    We have a good, young squad. We have a manager who isn't just another known quantity with his trophy caravan, but a man who took us to the very edge of winning us the league!! A guy who before that's pinnacle was managing the mighty Swansea (no offence to Swansea, a club I really admire, but I'm sure their fans would get my drift too here).

    The way forward isn't with endless troves of money, that is for the other teams. The way forward is to be astute, and use your wits. To craft together an adept bunch of players, bringing in youth, a few older heads, and some truly world class (read: expensive) talent now and then.

    Admittedly there were times last year when I shook my head, I could not fathom, and I truly dispaired at some of his decisions. For starters, Can repeatedly in the backs was one. Not playing Balotelli in a flat 4-4-2 was another, and so on. I'm sure we all have (the wtf Brendan factor) that in common.

    The top four clubs are well financed, well run, and it is difficult to break in there. But we have done it once with this guy, and we came close again before that horrible run at the end. United were there for the taking, despite the shit way we played at times.

    So we have talent, youth, and the weak areas are being addressed.

    Time will tell if he'll do the business and get us back to trophy and title winning ways, but that is the marker, that is always the goal, and he knows this. This club expects trophies, nothing's changed about that. But to be fair, two of those clubs in the top 4 are there because of ludicrous amounts of cash pumped into them by the mega-wealthy club toyers, of the other two, Man U spent big last time and brought in a tried and tested manager, and we did get pretty close (despite it all), playing a 20 year old out of position as striker for much of the season after losing one of the best players in the world and having really bad luck with Sturridge's prolonged injuries. It was all too patched together last season, and some bad judgement by the manager, but there are serious reasons to believe that next season is going to see the return of some form, and there will be more depth than last season.

    Admittedly, there are a lot of unknowns. Will Rodgers get his tactics right? Will the strikers fire? Will there be enough variation in formation, as well as good old winning formulas to go back to? Will the players get to settle into positions they are suited for for decent spells? Will the almost but not quites step up the required notch?

    I can't answer any of this, but it's all very interesting, I'm excited about the future and I back Brendan Rodgers 100%.
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    Death by football it is. And he's serious about it. If only he will stop spouting shit whenever he sees a camera. You know, keep your mouth shut until you bring results at least. And not that kind of record breaking results.
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  13. Billy Biskix

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    First thing he needs to do is to start showing a bit of humility. A public expression of regret at how the previous season panned out and take some responsibility for it. He needs to be a more sympathetic character. We'll support a man who admits he fucked up but is determined to put it right. Someone who knows how much it hurts us when we lose.

    Then he needs to quit with playing politics over transfers. Stop briefing his media mates to make excuses for his own failings. Support players rather than hang them out to dry. Let everyone know, the players, us, that we're all in it together.

    If he needs help then admit it and get people in who can support him. People with good track records not just those who'll be grateful for the opportunity. The best people aren't afraid to employ people who'll challenge them and push them to a higher level.

    Have a plan of how the team will play. Drill it in to the players each and every day from now until the season starts. This is our plan for the season, not for 20 minutes at the start of a game until we lose faith in it and switch to something completely different.

    If he comes through this he'll be a much better manager, potentially a great one if he can pull it round completely. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against him. He needs to give us and the players an opportunity to believe in him again and we can only do that if he can prove, very quickly, that he has learnt from his mistakes and is committed to real change.
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    Klopp on Christmas Day
  15. SoueysTash

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    Win games
  16. DEVGRU

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    Blatter resigning has made up for the disappointment of hearing this news...FSG clearly do not have a clue what they are doing and by taking the easy way out, are likely, potentially, to see another season written off next year....
  17. DEVGRU

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    Shut his mouth at press conferences about winning the league and just win match's. And stop signing duds.
  18. hugo the horrible

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    Don't understand the decision but it was their call.
    Does someone really believe that Rodgers lack of ability to attract class is suddenly going to change,frankly bollocks.
    He has magically worked out how to coach more than one game a week..we'll see.
    It was apparent to most,he'd lost the dressing room, getting that back won't be easy..
    This is a decision that seems to be about something else rather than getting back to where we think we should be..or maybe we don't anymore.
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    Next season has 'Hodgson' written all over it, except the knives will be out for BR a lot quicker. I don't see any way back for a manager who has lost the support base as quickly as he has, his position is basically untenable imo.
    Would have been better for all concerned if he'd resigned but the 'blame everyone else' culture at Anfield is prevalent at all levels and once again we'll be picked clean on SSN to the great delight of all and sundry.
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    I split the Rodgers thread into this one, and the other thread out of respect for the manager. For one its not nice having a poll stating 90% want him out, the other reason was the thread had descended into everyone giving their two cents on how this is a reflection of the direction of the club.

    I did not want that general disillusionment to be a reflection of simply rodgers because it is a bigger thing. Its also not Rodgers fault that he was not replaced with Klopp, Ancelotti etc. People also need a place to vent, and actually debate the bigger picture.

    Read into that what ever hidden motivations you believe.
  21. Moneytalks

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    Liverpool FC comment: Reds owners have backed Brendan Rodgers - now fans need to know their reasons

    21:02, 2 JUNE 2015 BY NEIL JONES

    Manager needs public show of support to help convince doubters that everyone remains committed to success at Anfield

    So the secret’s out the bag, then.

    Brendan Rodgers is to stay as Liverpool manager, having survived his much-anticipated end-of-season review with the club’s owners.

    The reaction from Reds supporters has been interesting, to say the least. From the shouters and the screamers across social media, to the more measured members of the fanbase, everyone has their opinion. There’s a genuine split.

    Plenty see Fenway Sports Group’s decision as an error, an acceptance of failure and mediocrity after this most disappointing of campaigns. Disillusionment amongst fans has grown in recent weeks, as the club’s season tailed off dramatically.

    Others, though, will admire FSG’s courage. The easiest thing to do after a failure, after all, is to pick a fall-guy, but one man is seldom solely responsible, and the Americans have shown before that they will not be unduly swayed by outside pressure. Rightly or wrongly, they back their own judgement.

    Now, though, they are facing serious questions from supporters. And on this occasion, it might just be in their interests to explain their decision.

    By sticking with Rodgers, are FSG admitting their own errors, in terms of club strategy? Plenty will believe so.

    It would have been easy to lay the blame for 2014/15 at the manager’s door, to say that the tactical and strategic errors made under his guidance are the sole reason for the club’s sixth-placed finish, its declining performance levels and its lack of silverware, but FSG appear to have accepted that there is mitigation for last season. It may help their cause to explain exactly what, in their eyes, that mitigation is.

    And it may also help if they were to explain why they believe things will be any different next season, and why they believe that Rodgers’ errors, as well as their own, will not be repeated.

    The word from Tuesday’s meetings were that a “comprehensive plan for improvement” would be put in place at Anfield, but there is understandable scepticism as to what that plan entails. As yet, there have been no discernible changes.

    Will, for example, we now see a shift in approach in the transfer market?

    It’s a valid question. After all, recruitment has arguably been the single biggest factor behind the club’s inability to win a league title for 25 years. FSG have only been around for five of those, but they have already found out how easily mistakes can be made in that regard. If they need a reminder, they need only head back to last summer.

    The current pursuit of James Milner suggests a relaxing of their “young players with potential and re-sale value” policy, at least, but Reds fans have not been overly-encouraged by links with Danny Ings, Nathaniel Clyne and Christian Benteke, among others. The scars of previous years are yet to heal, it seems.

    All of the players mentioned above look, at face value at least, to be ‘Rodgers-type’ signings. Does this mean the manager is to have more power within the much-maligned ‘transfer committee’, and is there enough evidence to suggest that that will be a good thing? What would that mean for the rest of the committee, notably Dave Fallows, the head of recruitment, and Michael Edwards, the head of analysis?

    Just questions at this stage, of course, but ones FSG would be wise to (try to) answer at some stage.

    From Rodgers’ perspective, too, it would be nice to see some public backing from his employers after what has clearly been a difficult few months, in which criticism has rained down.

    Private briefings, off-the-record support, is one thing, but to have your chairman standing beside you publicly, telling the world exactly why you’re still his man, is quite another. And it may help Rodgers’ cause when it comes to convincing the doubters to cut him some slack once next season gets underway.

    He may have had the most important backing of all, behind closed doors, but without some kind of open statement, speculation will continue to reign supreme. And FSG themselves will be at the centre of it.

    There are already a healthy number of cynics, for example, who believe that the owners’ long-term aims centre around boosting the club’s value ahead of a future sale, rather than squeezing every last drop of competitive potential out of it.

    It would be nice to hear from the owners that they remain committed to bringing success, as well as revenue, to Anfield, and why they remain convinced Rodgers is the man to do that.

    It would be nice, too, to know exactly what they expect from their manager, both short and long term, and that everyone, from top to bottom, remains committed to the same idea; success for Liverpool Football Club.

    Of course for all we know, FSG may be preparing to do exactly this; they have shown in the past that they are willing to address supporter concerns, should the circumstances demand it.

    John W Henry, the principal owner, was conspicuous by his absence in the club’s meeting with Rodgers. The 65-year-old was, though, expected to speak to the media in Boston this evening, as a storm brews around the Red Sox and their under-fire coach John Farrell.

    On the other side of the Atlantic, meanwhile, it may be time for Tom Werner and co to do some talking of their own. It could benefit everyone involved with the club, including themselves.

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    Nothing hidden about them, but nevermind I've had my say.
  23. King Aldo

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    He needs to be very very lucky because he doesn't have the other characteristics required to succeed unfortunately. He has proven that beyond doubt at this stage. He needs Daniel to remain fit and scoring goals, he needs a fixture list that includes non top six teams in the first 2 to 3 months and he needs to acquire a few new players who ALL hit the ground running.

    He needs a few big decisions on off-sides / penalties to go his way early in the season and for his key players to remain uninjured. If any of the above are absent he will be gone by Christmas.

    Given the contrast between FSGs involvement with the club last season and this I am with those who think the FFP rule changes have caused a change of heart / ambition on the part of FSG. They are behaving like owners who are readying for a sale as soon as the chance comes along. With the new stadium under way and an improved TV rights deal they will make a shed load of money for their investment and they are not going to spend that cash to land silverware, all of their recent actions and behaviour demonstrates this.

    Its a very sad day when our ambition as a club is to add a few thousand seats and remain in the top half of the table. We are Arsenal of 10 years ago but without a manager of Arsene Wengers ability to attract and develop great footballers. Luis Suarez was purchased by King Kenny ... BR has not brought in anyone of that kind of stature and nor is he likely too. A very tough season is ahead of us, I am very pessimistic about our current chances of progressing. We are aimless at this point.
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  24. Flobs

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    Well we are starting a fresh with the same manager. The club is once again in transition!
    So does Rodgers have a clear plan and strategy now?
    Will he choose a formation and make variations around it or go through the book again?
    Will he coach defense?

    From what I have read and can gather next season we are looking at a 4-4-2 and it's close approximations with a 3-4-3 as back up strategy. This I base on the reports that Milner is in and Lucas is out (without any other strong signals 1 or 2 more CMs are targetted) this leaves us with Milner, Henderson, Allen and Can in midfield (that clearly is not enough for a 4-5-1 formation. (Note that 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 can be seen as an approximation to a 4-4-2 allowing Coutinho to play in an attacking midfield role and others to be in there stronger roles).
    Personally I don't put enormous emphasis on formation feeling that the rigidity of positional play and how players 'interact' being far more important. I have felt that Rodgers formation changing is just an indication of how he 'shackles' the team to a rigid individual roles (something you see a lot with youth teams).
    I can not see next season being a resounding success but if Rodgers really has learnt anything these last 3 years then we could have a chance of finishing in the top 4.
    I can not see this transfer window being good I see it more as a stop gap waiting for the elusive top 4 finish that would allow a freeing up of transfer funds (it appears we have a very restrictive transfer budget).
    Milner I see as the key signing, if rodgers manages to get him and Henderson working together I feel we will be a long way to going forward. Which brings me to the question who will be captain Milner or Henderson, my feeling is it will be Milner as if the reports are correct and he will be earning 150k per week that will have to be justified in some way.

    Anyway I wish us a successful season and will read with interest other peoples comments.
  25. RedSeven

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  26. DEVGRU

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    And who was it who was telling me everything was peachy with the Boston Red Sox and there were no comparisons with LFC in their poor transfer deals and performances?
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  27. ubermick

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    As mentioned in the owners thread, the stories I've heard is that we sounded out Ancelotti and Klopp. Ancelotti did indeed knock us back, whereas Klopp wants the job, but wants autonomy in bringing in players, which FSG weren't willing to give. (But think they'll cave if results go awry)

    In terms of next season... well, if we're starting the campaign with Rodgers at the helm, it's far from the end of the world, and those predicting Hodgson Mk. II are letting their personal hatreds get the better of them. He's certainly in a difficult position, because he's definitely in the last chance saloon. They will certainly need to lay down a marker in the summer to get the club buzzing, and hope that the lessons of last season compared to the previous have been learned. You can't replace a world class talent with a handful of names and hope for the best, and you won't succeed with shedloads of squaddies. Been too long since a marquee signing was made, a proper player that can change a game, that needs to happen. (And fuck me sideways, Benteke is not that signing)
  28. Maria

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    Very well said BB. You have echoed my sentiments exactly. I will support my team but I will not be a 'yes' person to BR and everything he says, just because he is our manager. I have lost my patience with him since the Stoke game. I am just about tolerating the situation that there is going to be a no change of regime. BR has to prove himself come August and start improving in recruiting a better backroom coaching staff. He also needs to make an effort in preparing for European games as well as EPL. If we get good results, I will appreciate his efforts at turning the team around and be the first to admit I was wrong in wanting to get rid of him.

    Also, if he could get straight to the point at press conferences and say 'we did well' rather than 'I did well' and not use the same word 'outstanding' 5 times in a short paragraph, not give too much away and pander to the media, then maybe I can find a way to see some positivity about him.

    At the moment, I am resigned to the fact that we have an average manager who is not good enough to get us into top 4 place and will keep us just missing out as usual and who is not famous enough for high calibre foreign players who want to come and play for a big English club.
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    Lacazette has already said if he moves it will be to a champions league club. Well it looks like you may not be supporting this season. I'm not sure what would qualify as a big signing in your book but I'm probably guessing any signing you would consider big is probably a signing that is not even possible in most cases like Lacazette.

  30. DEVGRU

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    ....and here lies the problem. The ability of a top manager at a big club to attract the big stars and players to the club, regardless if they are in or out of the champions league. Van Gaal was able to do it last season because of his name and reputation...and with a big purse to spend and wages to meet demands...why can't Rodgers, Ayre and the owners do the same?

    Must be a reason surely.
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