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Discussion in 'World Football' started by treboeth, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Eeerm... perhaps because what happened in 1916 was an armed insurrection against the forces in charge at the time with a view to remove them with the obvious political ramifications that would follow regardless of whether the insurrection was successful or not and the fact that the Poppy was a symbol of remembrance of the fallen in World War I taken from the actual poppy that bloomed across the battlefields of Flanders?

    Over the years the symbol of remembrance grew to encompass lives lost in all conflict and in no way represents a political statement. I do believe you see this and are being deliberately obtuse and provocative in creating a political stance for your own ends where none need exist. This is borne out by you now creating a thread for under the guise of how closely Liverpool and Ireland are linked yet title it '1916 100 years on'. Tedious and utterly transparent.

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  2. James H

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    So the deaths of 1916 are excluded because they were an uprising against the occupational power who implemented the poppy? If the poppy commemorates WW1 then it must commemorate the rising as it happened during the war no?

    Because it grows in one area does not mean it is accepted in another, I am not creating a political stance in this thread, I am merely pointing out one that exists already.

    As for the poppy I have stated several times it is not something I have a problem with.

    As ISMF inferred about the white poppy
    "In 1926, a few years after the introduction of the red poppy in the UK, the idea of pacifists making their own poppies was put forward by a member of the No More War Movement (as well as the proposal that the black centre of the British Legion's red poppies should be imprinted with "No More War"). Their intention was to remember casualties of all wars, with the added meaning of a hope for the end of all wars; the red poppy signified only the British military dead"

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    I don't see either the rememberence of 1916 or the poppy as political. both are remembering the dead of wars connected with their countries. either can be seen as political if you look at it from a certain angle which from reading this thread is all that James H was saying.

    "Difference is that the 1916 emblem was political, the poppy isn't."

    This is the original post that started off.

    Basically I think the mods should just lock the thread now as it's a pointless arguement that is going round in circles
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    This thread makes no sense when one of the posters is on my ignore list lol If James hadn't quoted him then I'd have had no clue :-)
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    I have learnt a few things from this discussion about the history and context of "The Poppy" and why Fifa has a ban on political emblems/flags etc. Apparently, UEFA is reconsidering this topic but I have not read anything from official sources but it is rumoured to be related to Barca /Catalan Flags.
    Some humour but also context
    I hope i am not infringing on any copy write rules with this cartoon.

    IMO, If the discussion continues to promote sharing of knowledge then no reason to lock the thread. Whether this thread is locked or not is a tough decision for the mods to make.
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    It's strange how originally the 1916 emblem was accepted as being political and that the focus was on the poppy also being political and now those who originally accepted that the 1916 emblem was political are now suggesting it isn't.

    From recent experiences I hope that most of you have dictionaries on your Christmas wish-lists.
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    Thread closed, as the most important points have now been exchanged on the topic. No need to lose our temper over this, eh?
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