FIFA Corruption

Discussion in 'Pitchside - Football Forum' started by darren kelly, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Can anyone think of an organisation that conjures up a stronger image of snouts in a trough than FIFA?

    Probably only the IOC would come close...
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    Some (not so faceless) suit has just been convicted in a U.S court for his role in the corruption scandal. I must admit to being slighlty confused as to who did the actual prosecuting; the Swiss or the Americans. Anyways, interesting to read these quotes at the end :

    Commenting on the Arzuaga case, Acting US Attorney Bridget Rohde said that "by facilitating the flow of bribe money through the Swiss and American banking systems, the defendant provided a critical service to those involved in corruption in international soccer".

    FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William Sweeney, quoted by the Courthouse News Service, said "our work is nowhere near finished, and we will continue to pursue each and every corrupt member of this scheme until each is brought to justice".

    I'll be interested to see what sentence he is slapped with.
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    I believe there are Swiss and American procedures as part of the broader investigation, but US law has a lot more teeth for this sort of thing due to the RICO laws - this particular one was in the US.
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