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    This is Anfield Rules and Guidelines

    The goal of the TIA forums is to provide a place for fans of the club to come together and serve as a place where we can have intelligent debate, good banter, and occasionally vent. We want your experience on our forums to be as enjoyable as possible, as well as for others to enjoy your contributions.

    Our unofficial rule of thumb for our moderators and members is "If you hear it in the pub, you'll hear it on TIA". Therefore, we ask that members conduct themselves accordingly, and have something of a thick skin when dealing with other passionate football fans (let's face it, nobody likes a know it all, or a constant whiner)

    The 10 Golden Rules:
    The following rules are strictly enforced by our moderator team. Failure to comply with these rules WILL earn you a ban, which based on the severity could be permanent.

    1. Absolutely NO posting of pornographic material.
    2. Racism, homophobia, sexism, or bigotry of any kind will NOT be tolerated. Any report of such behavior will be closely investigated by a moderator, and if any abusive intent is discovered, a ban (that will likely be permanent) will be handed out.
    3. Spam/Commercial advertising is not permitted on the forums. If you are the owner of a blog or other site and are looking for more readers, get the permission of Matt or Max before posting.
    4. Abuse of members of the TIA moderator team will result in an immediate ban.
    5. Posting private information of any individuals (be it full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or the like) anywhere on the fourm without the express permission of the person in question is forbidden.
    6. The private sale of any tickets over their face value (touting/scalping) is illegal.
    7. Registering and using duplicate accounts while banned.
    8. Failure to heed warnings from moderators.
    9. Derailing topic-specific threads that are created anywhere apart from the Away End often ruins good debate. When responding to a thread in the Albert, Rumour Mill, Media Room, or other areas where a specific topic is being discussed, members are required to stick to the subject matter at hand. Obviously there's a little bit of leeway in this, as again we like banter as much as the next person, but repeated "threadjacking" will not be tolerated.
    10. Baiting/Trolling/Antagonizing other members: We realize that not everybody gets along, and we realize that banter among fans is a vital element of our site. Therefore, if a member of the forums posts something that can be considered silly or outlandish, then there's a good chance other members will give them stick about it. This is banter, and on a site with thousands of other fans, it's to be expected and shouldn't be taken personally. (It's an internet forum - quite honestly, NONE of it should be taken that personally) With that in mind, persistent harassment of individual members by other individuals will not be tolerated, in threads or via PM. If you discover someone on the forums that you find yourself constantly disagreeing with, discretion is often the better part of valour, and suggest you use the ignore button rather than pursuing a grudge, which we promise will end badly.

    Forum Guidelines:
    Beyond the main rules outlined above, having spoken with many of our members, there is a certain standard of debate we look to maintain throughout the forums. As such, we ask that you bear the following guidelines in mind. While they're not laws, per se, repeated disregard of these will likely draw the ire of the community as a whole, and often descend to a situation that results in one of the above rules being broken, with a mod eventually required to take action.
    • Creating duplicate threads: Before starting a new thread use the search feature to check that the subject of your intended post is not already covered by an existing thread. Post to existing threads wherever possible. This particularly applies to any of the pre- and post- match threads.
    • Starting threads in the wrong forum: We believe the board descriptions on the index page are fairly self explanatory, but feel to ask a mod if you're not sure.
    • One or two word responses: We certainly don't expect each and every post to contain several pages of analysis and insight, but we do like to keep discussions on topic and flowing. Therefore we ask that you refrain from just posting replies like 'Agreed!' or 'This!'. Or worse yet, no written response at all, and just using a cartoon or derogatory image. The person you're replying to took the time and effort to compose a well thought-out post, and generally deserves the 30 seconds it takes to explain why you agree or disagree, which will in turn keep the debate flowing. If you don't have anything to add, either click the like button that's already there to let them know you appreciate their post, or ignore it if you don't.
    • Overuse of Youtube and Images: TIA members can embed images and Youtube videos in their posts. However overuse of images and videos can cause the site to lag for other users, particularly those with slower connections. Please be mindful to not oversaturate your posts with unnecessary media. (Obviously there are some threads, like the Youtube or Astonishing Pictures threads that are an exception to this rule)
    • Using "Text Talk" in your posts: Please take the time to write replies properly.
    • "Internet Bullying": While some might shake their heads at the notion of being able to bully people via a message board, we again would like to remind members than not everyone thinks the same way as they do. So don't try to bully someone into submission or disparage every comment they make, simply because their views may differ from your own. Write a coherent reply setting out your views and then let others have their say. Remember that this is a community of thousands of fans - not everyone is going to agree with you, and just because your views differ from theirs doesn't make you right or wrong. (And you might learn something in the process)
    • Excessive/unnecessary swearing: Again, while we maintain a tenet of "If you hear it in a pub, you'll hear it in here", we ask that you keep in mind our younger members. Swearing isn't against the rules, but no need to go overboard on it. And do NOT use vulgar language of any sort in thread titles.
    • Excessive use of caplocks: while using it can help putting emphasis on a part of a sentence at times, it should be used sparingly. Remember also that using caplocks is usually assimilated to shouting in the internet behaviour code.
    • Use of the report button: If you feel a member is breaking any of the main rules of This is Anfield, we ask that you report it using the link at the bottom of the offending post. Before clicking that link, though, we ask that you use common sense. People who incessantly "cry wolf" at the least little thing done by a person they may have an agenda against will be spoken to.
    • The use of pictures from Getty Images (or any photos with copyright information watermarked on them) is illegal, and will result in the site being fined. Please do NOT use this type of image in your posts, and if you see one in there, let the member in question know, or report it as soon as possible.
    • Plagiarising articles from other people/sites without referencing it's author/origin is illegal as well, and could, in the worst case, lead to legal problems. Please always cite an article's author when copying and pasting it, and add a link to where you took it from.
    Breaking any of the golden rules will result in an infraction (lovingly referred to as a slap) which carries with it a temporary or permanent ban. We generally operate on a three strike policy, however severe breaches of forum rules may result in an immediate ban, per the judgment of the moderators.

    Demanding other users be banned because you disagree with the way they choose to support the club is an increasingly worrying trend amongst members. The moderators don't need instruction on how to enforce the rules of TIA. Vocally demanding another user be banned for personal reasons will result in the person demanding a ban be given one themselves.

    1. First Infraction: one point, no suspension
    2. Second Infraction: three points, two days suspension
    3. Third Infraction: seven points, seven days suspension
    The fourth infraction results in an immediate ban.

    It's worth noting that the mods do not hand out slaps lightly, and do their utmost to ensure that something isn't being blown out of proportion via a report, or was taken out of context.

    If you ignore the guidelines as outlined above, you'll likely be notified by a moderator either in-thread or via PM to let you know what's considered inappropriate, and will ask you to be mindful of the guidelines in the future. Your post will also likely be deleted or hidden, and additional sanctions might be handed out, such as a warning displayed alongside your username, removal of the ability to start new threads, etc. as the discretion of the mod. If you continue to ignore the guidelines, you will eventually be breaking one of the Golden Rules (Rule 8) and will feel the wrath of the banning stick.

    The Moderators:
    Our mods and admins are volunteers, no compensation is given to them, and while they are tasked with keeping the forums running smoothly, they are fans of the club first and foremost. They'll participate in threads like everyone else, and like everyone else aren't immune to being wrong or saying something stupid now and again.

    Whenever possible, the mods will:
    • Direct new users to these rules and guidelines where necessary
    • Provide an explanation whenever an infraction is awarded
    • Provide an explanation (usually as the last post, often short) why a thread was locked
    However, with a site of this size, the time isn't always available to write detailed explanations, so we hope that you'll be able to heed the above rules and guidelines, and exercise common sense and realize why actions may have been taken. If however you can't, please feel free to ask why you have been moderated. Like the Club, we'd rather this be done privately behind closed doors, but there is also the Feedback Forum if you wish it to be a public discussion. (Bear in mind that airing things in public can often have unforseen consequences!)

    Again, it's important to remember that the mods and admins are volunteers, so if you don't get an immediate response bear with us and wait for us to get back to you.

    Whilst we feel its only fair for us to communicate why we have moderated something, we also reserve the right to call you a tit, apply relevant custom titles, call into question the legitimacy of your parentage or generally just rip the piss out of you (hey, there have to be SOME benefits to this mod gig).

    The current TIA team can be found here.

    By registering and participating on these forums, you acknowledge the above rules and guidelines, and agree to abide by them.

    This is an active and constantly changing online community, and as such the rules may be updated from time to time. Should this happen, we'll notify everyone via a sticky in the Albert, but check back in here once in a while to see if anything has been changed.
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