Officiating is getting worse and Retrospective inconsistency

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    The Chelsea - Man U game was an embarrassment yesterday. Maureen only has himself to blame for the dark arts he taught his ex-players as well as the behavior of his team that led to the loss. But the officiating (or lack of) and lack of retrospective action only encourages such farce.
    Maybe the decisions didn't impact this result but decisions have transformed how the premier league looks (Costa escaping red cards early in the season, Arsenal getting outrageous calls such as 2 injury time calls that gained them 2 wins against Burnley and Man U getting special treatment with cards and offsides not given in a string of games).
    Here are some observations on yesterdays game:
    - Only 2 players were given yellow cards in the game despite an abundance of fouls and dark arts, clearly Oliver had another BAD game
    - Rojo stamped on Hazard but wasn't even booked and the refs saw it so no retrospective ban
    - Herrera (the most devious player in the premier league) may have been harshly treated with second yellow but failed to leave the pitch and came back to berate Oliver a second time yet has got no additional ban (Where's the additional games? see Mascherano rule) instead the club will be slapped with a meaningless fine for failing to control players
    - I know Hazard is booked a lot but he goes down even more and often when there's no contact, someone needs to start booking Hazard when he flops
    - Costa clearly dived and shortly afterwards feigned injury as well as trying to insight Rojo and feigning injury again, yet escaped a card all game (and I am ignoring the 'accidental' elbow in De Gea's groin)
    - Valencia's 2 footed tackle would have got others a red yet he escaped a card all game despite the tackles and yelling in Oliver's face (Lallana just got a yellow late in Sunday's win for much, much less!!)
    - Pogba clear yellow yet escaped
    - Players getting pulled back in the game, yet no yellow when it's automatic in other games

    The standard of refereeing in the premier league is at an all time low with the top clubs and players getting unwarranted preferential treatment. The best referee is leaving to earn more money elsewhere. And the oversight organizations need to get the fortitude to make big calls and make meaningful changes.
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    The fair and impartial FA have charged the mancs with failing to control their players after the sending off. They're clever, I'll give them that. It's basically a smokescreen to cover up their unwillingness to punish them for the 2 footed lunge and the stamp. They don't even try to hide it anymore, they are so desparate for the mancs to get top 4 they will do anything to enable it.
    The referee has admitted he saw both incidents. He should never referee another game in this country, or anywhere else for that matter. Yet Mourinho reckons he has it in for United. You literally couldn't make it up.
    The game in this country fucking reeks of corruption.

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