Summer transfer window 2017

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    Apologies if there already is one for this, I couldn't see anything.

    Just noticed that Arsenal seem to have confirmed the signing of Sead Kolasinac. When did that happen?

    Oh well, another one crossed off the list for us, although we've not been linked to him recently (for now obvious reasons).
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    Sanchez will run away from that place as soon as possible.
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    It was rumoured to be the case a couple of weeks ago by a reliable German source on twitter John Merro was then going around on twitter saying Everton had beaten Inter to the signing. Then I think Sunday another news source reported the Arsenal move.
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    Musacchio having a medical at Milan, will join them for €18m + bonuses from Villarreal.
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    Sky reported it last week I think.

    Should be an interesting transfer window. Important players for clubs like Lukaku, De Gea and Sanchez could very well be on the way out (as with every season I suppose). Here's hoping they all go. City, Chelski, us, the scum, and possibly Arsenal are all gonna spend a shit ton from the sounds of it. To be expected from City/Chelski and the scum. Little surprised but pleased that we seem likely to. Very surprised and not entirely sure Arsenal will. The quality of the teams in the league should improve even more next season. Hopefully we do the right business and stay on track next time round.

    Spurs will be an interesting one to watch this window. They have good players on low deals because of their wage structure. Will be interesting to see how many they keep hold of and which replacements get brought in.
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    Some key dates for everyone:

    The domestic transfer window is now open. This applies to all transfers between clubs in the Premier League regardless of a player's nationality. If the registration is held by a PL club it can be transferred as from midnight last night without the need for an International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

    The registration period for international transfers opens on 9 June 2017 and will close at 11pm on 31 August 2017. This is for players being transferred IN to the Premier League. All dates of transfer windows apply to inward transfers. Players can still be transferred out of the PL outside of these dates providing the transfer window of the league they are joining is open for inward transfers.

    Some dates of certain transfer windows that are likely to be relevant or of interest (not only to players that we are transferring out but also in relation to competitors and the windows that they operate in):

    China - 19 June to 14 July (their 'winter' window)
    France - 9 June to 31 August
    Germany - 1 July to 31 August
    Italy - 1 July to 31 August
    Netherlands - 9 June to 31 August
    Portugal - 3 July to 22 September
    Scotland - 9 June to 31 August
    Spain - 1 July to 1 September

    It's also worth remembering that if a player was unattached as at the end of a registration period that player can be registered by another club at any time (ie, outside of the normal registration periods).

    [Domestic] Players who are free agents and under the age of 24 - if they have been offered a contract by their previous club (on at least equivalent terms to their previous contract) compensation must be paid to the former club. If not agreed that compensation is assessed by the Professional Footballers Compensation Committee (PFCC) or by way of a set criteria under the Elite Player Performance Plan. We need not be concerned with the latter given that we have a transfer ban as that compensation plan is only applicable as between domestic clubs. It also will not relate to Ryan Sessegnon as he would be signed as a Contract Player (as per the regulations) and if we could not reach agreement with Fulham on the compensation payable it would be assessed by the PFCC. The way compensation is assessed is unlawful but nobody seems to have an appetite to challenge it.

    Most transfers will happen between 1 July and 31 August because the majority of professional footballers' contracts run to 30 June and, therefore, performance related bonuses, unpaid instalments of signing on fees etc may be missed if a player transfers prior to that date.
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