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Discussion in 'Asia' started by alphakilo, Mar 12, 2017.

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    So I'm in Taipei right now, about to catch the game at a pub called The Brass Monkey. If anyone's in the area, feel free to come over and make yourself known. I'm the only one who's dressed like he just got out of a punditry gig (basically not rags like Caucasians seem to prefer in these parts).

    Will post a further list of places to watch our games if I have time. (And there aren't many dedicated places that seem to be well known)
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    It's pretty spread out in Taipei. Couple of places in Da'an, one in the Shilin area, another few in Zhongxiao Fuxing, one in the Shongshan/ Raohe area, some near 101, a couple in mainstream Ximending etc. No obvious pattern though in the British pubs sports stuff.

    You can track a few down for sure ...but I usually don't bother, as Greater Taipei is fairly vast -so just then stream in the room or else also stream in Yuanshan/ Expo area (upper Mingxian west, left past Zhongshan north). Either in Xinyi or else Ximen or Chang'an, there is really not so much to see though. I usually stay at about Y15/21 exit on the Chang'an stuff, as it's very good for all-access transport stuff plus for good accomms there. Not much else in that area though.
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    @alphakilo forget all the mumbo jumbo this and that - head to On Tap. I go there when I am in town, and I believe they be showing our game this weekened against City at 1230am.

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