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Discussion in 'Pitchside - Football Forum' started by geebo, Mar 29, 2017.

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    I watched a part of the game, and notably when the disallowed goal happened. It took around ten seconds for the ref to inform himself, and then go back on his first decision to allow the goal. Replays showed that it was indeed offside, only just, but still clear to see.

    Later in the game, when Spain scored the second goal (brilliant collective goal by the way, and I don't know why Everton have allowed Delofeu to go on loan to Milan, he made a fantastic cameo appearance), the ref needed around ten seconds again to make sure that the Spanish player was onside, and then allowed the goal.

    It worked seamlessly, didn't interrupt the flow of the game at all, and allowed for at least two potentially tricky decisions to be ruled correctly. I think this will be excellent for the game once it's implemented in professional football. Hopefully the FA won't play idiots and delay it's introduction too much.
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    Just watching the England U-20 game vs Argentina. Argentine number 9 swung an absolutely blatant elbow which left me flabbergasted to be honest then to my surprise, shock and absolute wonderment the 4th official brought it to the refs attention, the ref made the 'tv' signal like they do for the third umpire in cricket, then he jogged over to a monitor to have a look and then sent the chap off. All in less time than it takes for Winston Reid to get back on his feet after being brushed across the face.

    I hope this becomes part of the regular game and soon. Absolutely the right decision was made. More of this would be nice.
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    Absolute classic :D

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