Which player would you take from each Premier League team?

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    Two weeks without a PL game, so I thought "why not, let's kill some time". Please indulge me. :-)

    My picks are as follows:

    AFC Bournemouth - Ryan Fraser
    Arsenal - Sanchez (just edges Koscielny, Heaven knows we could use both)
    Burnley - Keane (a Manc, yeah, but he's decent and Boyd is getting old)
    Chelsea - going by ability: Hazard; going by necessities: Courtois or Matić; however, I'm picking Azpilicueta, he's just incredible in every defensive role
    Crystal Palace - Scott Dann on the account of him being a Scouser
    Everton - Lukaku, no contest
    Hull City - Harry Maguire because he's a big effin' lad, can play the ball, read the game, doesn't get bullied and has a great name - honestly, I'd have him in this Liverpool side right now, regardless of lack of pace!
    Leicester City - I think Chilwell could become a very good left back, so he's my pick
    Manchester City - tough choice but I pick De Bruyne over Gundogan and Aguero
    Manchester United - another tough choice that I narrowed down to De Gea and Rashford (imagine Klopp coaching him in this Liverpool side...) but we know our goalie situation, so De Gea it is
    Middlesbrough - Gibson
    Southampton - Van Dijk, though Bertrand has proven me completely wrong
    Stoke City - Arnautović
    Sunderland - Pickford
    Swansea City - Sigurdsson
    Tottenham Hotspur - all other top six clubs have a lot of excellent players but none got me thinking as much as Tottenham's selection - in the end, I picked Alli solely because of his current ability in relation to his age
    Watford - Isaac Success
    West Bromwich Albion - Leko
    West Ham United - Cresswell just edges Ogbonna and Adrian
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    1 Chelsea -----------------Kante
    2 Man City ----------------Jesus
    3 Tottenham --------------Alli
    4 Arsenal -------------------Sanchez
    5 Liverpool
    6 Man Utd ---------------Mata
    7 Everton----------------- Barkley
    8 West Brom -------------McAuley
    9 Stoke -------------------Allen
    10 West Ham -------------Reid
    11 Southampton--------- Van Dijk
    12 Burnley ---------------Heaton
    13 Watford--------------- Capoue
    14 Bournemouth--------- Arter
    15 Swansea --------------Sigurdsson
    16 Middlesbrough -----Valdes
    17 Leicester-------------- Gray
    18 Hull---------------------- Maguire
    19 Crystal Palace------- Zaha
    20 Sunderland----------Defoe
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    This could be fun!

    My picks are as follows:

    AFC Bournemouth - Harry Arter - not good enough but I'm a fan
    Arsenal - Bellerin
    Burnley - Heaton
    Chelsea - Kante
    Crystal Palace - Mamadou Sakho (is that cheating?)
    Everton - Baines
    Hull City - Huddleston, always liked him
    Leicester City - Mahrez
    Manchester City - Aguero
    Manchester United - Pogba
    Middlesbrough - Gibson
    Southampton - Van Dijk
    Stoke City - Arnautović
    Sunderland - Pickford
    Swansea City - Sigurdsson
    Tottenham Hotspur - Alli
    Watford - Success
    West Bromwich Albion - McAuley
    West Ham United - Reid
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    Arsenal. Sanchez all day long. Him in a front three switching with two of Mane, Coutinho and Firmino would be a joy to behold.

    Bournemout. Fraser due to age and his direct running, Klopp could make him the player Ibe was expected to be.

    Burnley. Heaton because he's better than the two Liverpool currently have.

    Chelsea. Hazard as I could see Klopp turning him into a world class player.

    Crystal Palace. Dann as he's the best of the lot they've got and would chip in with a few goals.

    Everton. Barkley as with Fraser and Hazard Klopp could be the one that finally helped him make that step up and hit the heights of his potential.

    Hull. Robertson would really need to work on the defensive side of his game but at worst he'd be good back up for Milner.

    Leicester. Mahrez but he'd need to recapture last seasons form.

    Man city. De Bruyne edges it over Aguero as he was the driving force at the start of the season for City and will only get better.

    Man Utd. De Gea as much as I hate to say it he's the best goalkeeper in the EPL if not the world. The amount of points over the last three seasons he's saved them lot from losing it unbelievable.

    Middlesbrough. Traore he's got the potential and has improved this season and with Klopp to guide him he could be a very good player.

    Southampton. Van Dijk great defender and would slot in seemlessly next to Matip.

    Spurs. Alderweireld is the best defender in the EPL for me. Was a struggle choosing between Kane, Alli, Lloris and Alderweireld but he's the best of the bunch for me.

    Stoke. Butland if he recovers from his unfortunate run of injuries.

    Sunderland. Pickford he could have a very bright career in front of him if he goes to a club that'll nurture him correct as I think he'll leave Sunderland when they get relegated.

    Swansea. Mawson have this feeling he'll be a quality defender in years to can as he taken the step up to the EPL in his stride which is made even better when he's playing for a team fighting relegation.

    Watford. Pereyra has shown signs that he could be a real threat going forward.

    West Brom. Rondon as he's better than the current Sturridge. Also he's good in the air so would be a good plan B when teams park the bus and Liverpool start constantly crossing the ball.

    West Ham. Cresswell good solid left back and a slight upgrade on Milner.

    I'll add a secondary question @Nikola
    If you could only have three who would they be?

    De Gea. As I've said he's the best in the EPL and would love him to save us points and make Man Utd significantly weaker.

    Alderweireld. He'd shore up Liverpools leaky defence no end.

    Sanchez. He'd bring not only his qualities with the ball but looks like he hates losing and isn't afraid to tell his teammates if they've messed up.
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  5. Scott Jones

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    Crystal palace,Cabaye
    Hull,our loan back
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    I've done something a little different I've picked a match day squad I think would work in a 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation and a bench. That only left me one team in the league I hadn't picked a player for. Couldn't.

    GK; Courtois-Chelsea
    CB; Van Dyke-Southampton, Ranocchia-Hull
    RB; Janmaat-Watford
    LB; Cresswell-West Ham
    CM; Schneiderlin-Everton, Xhaka-Arsenal
    AM; Eriksen-Spurs
    RW; Mahrez-Leicester
    LW; Shaqiri-Stoke
    CF; Aguero-City
    Bench; Boruc-Bournemouth, Denayer-Sunderland, Dann-Palace, Defour-Burnley, Chadli-West Brom, Traore-Boro and Llorente-Swansea.
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    Hmm, this is interesting. My choices are based on the following parameters:

    1) I have tried to apply some level of realism. For example, any deal with Utd is extremely unlikely, but only even remotely possible for players Jose doesn't want. 2) All my choices were made in isolation, ergo, I could well have chosen the keeper for every single team.

    Arse: Sanchez - He simply is the player we should have got when we lost Suarez. 3 later he is still that guy. It's stretching the bounds of credibility, but Arsenal are not good at their resolve to keep their best players is tested, especially if he indicates that he wants out.
    Bournemouth: There really isnt much there, which makes Howe's job that much more impressive. Who was the lad who ran us ragged? Fraser? I guess he'll do (and then loan him straight back to Bournmouth).
    Burnley: Keane. Apparently he has come on since he's started getting regular games and could one day be Gomez's partner at the back for England.
    Chavs: Ake - Think everything else is unrealistic. Chelsea are pragmatic enough though to fund their FFP compliance with players who are surpluss, even if it means making us better. I think Klopp could make this kid into a monster LB, or even midfielder
    Crystal palace: Van Arnhold? Maybe?
    Everton: That McManaman look alike. Davies I think
    Hull: Robertson. I have often thought Curtis Davies is criminally under rated so he could be an options as well
    Leicester: Schmiechel.
    City: Null and Void. the only players they would sell are players we should not be remotely interested in. NEXT
    Manure: Shaw. See Ake. Jose is seemingly not keen, but before his bad injury last year I thought he was starting to look the business. Get him in, get him fit, and get the confidence boost of playing under someone like Klopp and he could be superb. And that height defending the back post would not hurt.
    Midd: Valdes? Negredo as a more orthodox plan B type guy?
    Saints: I have long liked Ward-Prowse, but VVD is the obvious picck.
    Stoke: Joe Allen. I was upset we let him go in the first place
    Sunderland: Pickford. Literally not a single other player worthy of consideration.
    Swansea: Mawson
    Spurs: Alli. I tried being clever and going with another pick, but he's so good at such a young age. I also hate him when I watch him play, and that is generally reserved for players I'd secretly really want on my team.
    Watford: Capoue - I thought he was a beast when he was at Spurs and didnt get why he disappeared.
    WBA: Fuck off Pulis. Dont want any of your garbage. At a push, Robson Kanu, just so we can have a Welsh lad on the books.
    WHU: Ayew is a bit like Mane light, and so could be an interesting alternative, but I think the answer is Antonio. He's a bit of a weird player (has anyone played RB and CF this season?), but think Klopp could make him into a monster RB
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    Bournemouth - Benik Afobe: Solid enough centre forward who could do a filler job in the squad. Not much choice here.

    Arsenal - Alexis Sanchez: Aggrevating for a move and one is one of the best players in the whole league.

    Burnley - Michael Keane: Don't think he is as good as the speculation suggests when he is linked to City and Utd but he is a solid CB who could pivot well with Matip.

    Chelsea - Tammy Abraham: In the spirit on realism I doubt they sell us a 1st teamer so dipped into their loanees. Abraham has been really impressive for Bristol and a stand out youth player for a long time.

    Crystal Palace - Wilfried Zaha: Pace and power, not the finished article by any means but could be a really decent back up for Manė.

    Everton - Romelu Lukaku: Was going to say a youth/squad player for realism but let's be honest Everton are a joke of a club and we can take anyone we want from them.

    Hull - Tom Huddlestone: Not a huge amount of choice but he's a classy footballer.

    Leicester - Kasper Schmeichel: Been a bit of a twat this year but he was quality last season and in an area of need for us.

    Man City - Kelechi Iheanacho: He's class and now he's been pushed down the pecking order. Proper CF that we lack.

    Man Utd - Timothy Fosu-Mensah: Supposed to aggitating for more first team appearances, was good under van Gaal and Mourinho doesn't trust young players.

    Middlesbrough - Adama Traore: The very definition of raw, incredibly frustrating player but has the odd good moment. The Middlesbrough squad is very flat.

    Southampton - Fraser Forster: Consistently a top class goalkeeper.

    Stoke - Xherdan Shaqiri: Not a great player by any means but thin pickings at Stoke and he can add some pace.

    Sunderland - Jordan Pickford: Youngster who shown a fair bit of promise.

    Swansea - Gylfi Sigurdsson: Best player in the bottom half.

    Tottenham - Marcus Edwards: They probably wouldn't sell the likes of Alli to us but might be possible to pick up their best youth prospect given that others are blocking him now.

    Watford - Etienne Capoue: Been a real leader and at times carried Watford. Gets goals and is more active than allowed to show at Tottenham.

    WBA - Nacer Chadli: Again not a lot to choose from, Chadli can get the odd goal and would be ok to sit on the bench.

    WHU - Aaron Cresswell: I'd like to see him sign for us anyway so this one is obvious to me.
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    Nice thread, Nik :well done:

    My angle is this, not going to approach it from a holistic squad-building perspective, but will look at each team individually to pick the player I think best addresses the current weaknesses in our squad - or if they have a player who is head and shoulders better than someone we currently have in a key role. Ie, as Limie says, theoretically I could pick a keeper from each squad. The main weaknesses we have currently that I see are GK, LB to compete with Milner, CB to partner Matip, DM, CM for depth, pace out wide, goal-scoring ST.

    AFC Bournemouth
    - Callum Wilson. Quick, skillful forward who gets goals and causes problems. Injuries a slight concern.
    Arsenal - Alexis Sanchez. Not even a question here. Even (even, ha) if it was just him, he would immediately make us credible title challengers. He's that good.
    Burnley - Tom Heaton. Solid GK. United youth, but think we can overlook that. Slim pickings though.
    Chelsea - Diego Costa. Yeah... he's a twat. But he's also bloody good and would be a good spearhead for our attack. Kante as choice #2. We can have second choices, right?
    Crystal Palace - Martin Kelly. Yeah, I struggled here honestly. This is mainly because I like him and would bring him back lol
    Everton - Romelu Lukaku. He's a bit good. Don't know about whether he'd be much of a better fit than Benteke or more of the same, but let's assume he'd be better.
    Hull City - Andrew Robertson. Good attacking LB, young enough for Klopp to improve his defensive game.
    Leicester City - Riyad Mahrez. Tough season for him but showed his quality last time. Would be a great addition to our forward line.
    Manchester City - Kevin De Bruyne. Would improve any team. Haven't actually seen Jesus play yet, but sounds like City have unearthed a proper gem, so possibly a contender.
    Manchester United - David De Gea. Would make the most obvious and immediate improvement to us. Has saved innumerable points for United in recent seasons.
    Middlesbrough - Ben Gibson. Could be a decent partner for Matip and allow him to play his more natural side.
    Southampton - Virgil Van Dyke. Again, solid addition to the defence.
    Stoke City - Jack Butland maybe?
    Sunderland - Jordan Pickford
    Swansea City - Alfie Mawson, seems like a good young defensive prospect.
    Tottenham Hotspur - Alli. Klopp really could mold him into the next Gerrard.
    Watford - M'baye Niang? I know, he's only been there five minutes, but comes with a good pedigree and has been on a lot of people's one-to-watch lists for a while now.
    West Bromwich Albion - Matt Phillips. Having a very good season, a good age (25) and a good winger to add to our options.
    West Ham United - Andy Carroll. Kidding! I'd go for Aaron Cresswell.
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    Not really who I'd take, but just a number of different reasons here, either players I like, who are doing well or whatever...

    Arsenal: Sanchez. Not Suarez' level, but can bring some of those qualities and on a consistent basis. I like Ox, but we'll see how far he can go with his development. Ozil's mentality frustrates me, I honestly thought he would tear this wild league apart with his final ball qualities. But he plays in a position these days when question are asked of you and there's less romance in those #10's (more and more moved slightly out wide to come inside). I like Bellerin, both his playing qualities and open personality, potentially one of the leading players in his position and one of the team's leaders in the future.

    Bournemouth: Stanislas. Their top performer this season of all offensive players at least. Decent dribbling, energy, delivery and final ball. Remember flashes of him when Zola (I think) gave him his debut at West Ham. Fraser's also been good since he came on against us. Both are keeping Ibe out, he's been so disappointing over there so far and I'm, not surprised. Gotta respect Arter as well, someone who's been there and keeps ticking things for them at the heart of their brave game plan.

    Burnley: Keane just about, would still need to see more of him and possibly in a different setup. They've added some solid players with versatile qualities in midfield. Last time they were a bit passive and it wasn't going to be enough, but this time it's looking a lot more equipped, without doing too radical things considering their limitations and playing style.

    Chelsea: Obviously Hazard. These players sometimes frustrate me the most because you can see what he's capable of and sometimes fails to keep it up for whatever reason. I even like his personality, a bit of a joker. Too much arrogance without platform is not what you want, but he's a really good kid I think. Kante's been fantastic buy, I want to see more of him at this big club level, but if he keeps this up (and it's his calmness what impresses me most, for that type of player)... boy, we could be talking about one of the best defensive midfielders in the PL era. Azpilicueta goes without saying, Mr. Consistent and would get a vote from everyone. Ake is a likeable talent, too early to say what's really his ceiling.

    Palace: Cabaye. Probably past his best now and going more on merit from thet past. Playing in a team that can't decide on a style is not helping, but they don't have a lot of individuals that I particularly like. Puncheon is decent for them, adds something different between the lines, able to keep consistency and act in decisive moments. Watching Benteke for them this season only made me like him less than before to be honest, though he will probably always be able to score enough goals to be a leading striker for these teams.

    Everton: Coleman maybe just about, overall. Tom Davies is looking decent, maybe there's an 80's romance around him with his haircut, black boots and how he plays. I wouldn't write Barkley off, but the more I watch him, the more he just doesn't seem intelligent enough make some serious progress. He's not a young player anymore and needs to start playing serious grown-men football. Some spicy moves and shots from outside occasionally is not enough these days. Lukaku is still not on that top level for me, but he's getting there. I see he's a real student of the game, or better to say, his position. I think he wants to become the most complete he can be. Sometimes he should maybe approach with less thinking about himself, relax and look around, "what the team neeeds" in that moment. Both would get fruits from that. Him being the best striker in Liverpool doesn't sound so wrong at the moment.

    Hull: Huddlestone, though more on romance. Maybe not able to give 100% of every minute of every game now, but he's been terrific at the start there.

    Leicester: Mahrez. But not so sure on his will to do it consistently. Skills and speed are there, but another potential mentality alert here, I'm not sure if he would swim or sink in a top team (I wasn't sure with Kante, but less worried than with Mahrez for sure). I've been disappointed with them this season with that lack of effort with some players, like they're still drunk from that Vardy's party. Brilliant story last season, but will not shed a tear if they go down. Their mistake and nobody else's. Dropping was always going to happen, but I expected more: both for the club to make better deals (especially in defence, it's not good enough to support the idea for so long and what's in front) in order to build a solid mid-table team and from these main players who are not doing it anymore (I'd be ashamed playing like that, carrying that golden badge on my sleeve).

    City: Where do I start?! So many players who I like. Maybe De Bruyne just about, because he's fresh. Still in love with Silva, still wouldn't write Aguero (or Stones) off, Gundogan seems like a genuine fella. Kevin is fantastic, one of the most complete players at the moment + he seems to understand the game quite good for a player capable of being both creative and direct. Another one who maybe, just maybe thought he was better than he was a couple of years ago. But since his Wolfsburg days at least he's matured and gone up a couple of levels. Without doubt one of the best players at the moment.

    United: Again, there's a couple. Mkhitaryan is fresh, maybe what attracts with him is the unusual mixture of qualities, both on and off the pitch. De Gea is fantastic. Mata is the best example for football fans out there that no situation is similar, so I'm happy for him purely for that reason. Martial and Rashford are genuinely exciting talents. With years, I've learned to appreciate Ibrahimovic more, I understand his side of the story now and think he's more mature & professional than before. It's fantastic how he performs at the age of 35 with that body, will go down as one of the best ever strikers of that particular type.

    Boro: When I see Downing's name, everyone else become likeable to me. Not to mention Guedioura, who seems to be here forever at various clubs and never actually plays, so what's the point of his career? I don't know, maybe one of their little central midfielders? De Roon's been a decent find for them, though he's also got something Ander Herreraesque that I find irritating. I'm glad that Valdes enjoys his football again, the amount of criticism he gets (yeah, he was never an absolute world beater, but he wasn't that bad either) from his Barca days is a joke.

    Southampton: Tadic maybe. I like watching him, knowing that he'll maybe lack that cutting edge to end up somewhere higher. Van Dijk's material is interesting, another one who's maybe the type that most fans jump on straight away without watching him too much. No surprise if he ends up at one of the top clubs, but I'm still wondering a little bit just how good could he be. Bertrand is doing well. We'll see if W-P can can add more things to his game or goes more towards an Albrighton type, relying on his delivery and work rate. Romeu is a bit underrated, a tidy player for his position. Nice to see Jay Rodriguez back and nice to see Gabbiadini starting well, could be one of those "he's an Italian forward, not sure what's his best role, but he's got something in his locker" guys.

    Stoke: Crouch, just because I'm glad he's back playing and proving he can still do it at a certain level. Imbula is also good for Stoke's level. They have others who are key players for them, but I don't like them that much just for childish reasons, seeing Arnautovic walking screams "I'm Zlatan no.2". Diouf's got the best name in football, means "I choose moms" in Croatian so he definitely gets a mention. Butland was patient, showed good level before he got injured.

    Sunderland: Gotta be Defoe. Was never top class overall, but a quality finisher for sure. Was always angry when people used to put him and the likes of Darren Bent and who else in the same bracket. I like his positive and confident attitude, his knowledge and qualities in the final third. Plus, keeps his shirt tucked all the times, that's a quality in my book! Consistency as well. Not a bad bench option, you know he's got a goal in him without disrupting a lot of the team's fluidity and responsibilities. Pickford caught my eye last season, we'll see how far he can go with his development. Other than that it's a terrible squad, another team I hope goes down so they can start from zero.

    Swansea: Obviously Sigurdsson. A well rounded player with a good attitude. Someone who you can imagine working well in training, improving bits and pieces of his game, etc. Reliable. Pochettino said he's good enough to still be part of this Spurs squad (not a starter of course) and when you see the likes of Sissoko and Janssen... boy, he's right. Ki also gets a mention, he was good for a while at Sunderland.

    Spurs: Gotta be Dembele (let's sign every Dembele!). One of the players I enjoy watching the most. In terms of pure dribbling ability in central areas so dangerous and deep, he's probably the best around. Fantastic development considering he was a forward. No need to mention the likes of Vertonghen and Alli (even if the camera shows he can be a dirty rat here & there). Son is a likeable player, nice set of qualities and temperament whenever he gets on that pitch. Kane gets my credit because he's another one of those who is working his way up (though maybe this is his limit, we'll see), can imagine him working so much on his game (and to keep it up).

    Watford: Pereyra showed flashes of quality. Deeney is a good leader for them. That 3rd goalkeeper who does tactical interviews before each game for their website? Unusual but refreshing to see. They're the new Stoke in this league with that physicality and aggression all over the pitch. But a bit more unpredictable, able to change formations and players.

    WBA: Chadli's been a good buy for them, Phillips as well. Remember him when he came through at Blackpool under Holloway I think. Craig Dawson is a decent player even if he's constantly used out of position, he's also maybe at the wrong club. I'd probably like Yacob, only if I was their fan.

    West Ham: Maybe Reid or Lanzini. I'm happy for Carroll that he looks more professional now, he's also maybe maturing with age and experience. If he's fit he's always tough to play against, powerful and precise with his left foot. They need more quality for me in central midfield, maybe also in goal. Need to see a bit more of the usual Cresswell/Robertson mentions.
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  11. Joe Ware

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    AFC Bournemouth - Josh King
    Arsenal - Sanchez
    Burnley - Heaton
    Chelsea - Alonso
    Crystal Palace - Zaha
    Everton - Baines
    Hull City - Harry Maguire
    Leicester City - Mahrez
    Manchester City - De Bruyne
    Manchester United - De Gea
    Middlesbrough - Valdes
    Southampton - Romeu
    Stoke City - Joe Allen
    Sunderland - Defoe
    Swansea City - Sigurdsson
    Tottenham Hotspur - Alderweireld
    Watford - Capoue
    West Bromwich Albion - Jonny Evans
    West Ham United - Noble
  12. StrongINTheAir

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    I like this, thought of doing something similar myself.
    I can't go through every club but I'll do a few.
    Southampton-I start here because, well if you don't know, you should get the hell out. Virgil Van Dijk. Another big powerful CB who can clear set pieces and stop the long balls from opponents when they resort to that from our gegenpressing.
    Chelsea-Kante easy. He took the great escapers to the greatest story, left them and has Chelsea from mid table to all but corronated champions. And see where Leicesteris now. Should be PL POY.
    Spurs-Harry Kane. Top finisher and is reliable fitness wise. Probably not a starter, and after the Euros I'd not let him within twelve yards of taking a set piece, but he'd be worth a good fifteen points a season to us in rescuing draws or getting a win.
    Arsenal-Theo Walcott. Okay I'm bullshitting, just seeing if you're still reading. Alexis Sanchez for his pace and scoring. And I think he'd fit our formation and style.
    Everton-I'm tempted Lukaku but he seems to have no loyalty, and I've already taken Kane. So I'm leaning toward Leighton Baines for LB. although if Seamus Coleman or Clyne can play both sides I might go him.
    Man City-their accounts payable guy who writes the checks for the transfers, and maybe the payroll guy as a close second.
    Man Utd-I don't know if I could take DeGea even as good as he is. The fact that him coming here and simultaneously being worth another 10 points easy for us, and making Man Utd 20 points worse, I'd do it. I'd feel queasy for a month or two thinking about him being a former scum, but a couple of games with point earning saves and I'd soon forget.
    Stoke-Shawcross would put the fear of a broken leg in Arsenal when we play them, but I don't know if we need that. So it comes down to ex-Reds or players who were linked in rumours with us for what seemed like five years. I go with Crouch, and insert s clause in his contract that he has to dance the robot every time he scores. That would be worth it. Oh, and his match day program page always has to have the "what would you be if not a footballer?" story
  13. eng.amohd

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    AFC Bournemouth - FRASER
    Arsenal - OZIL or BELLERIN - direct Coutinho or Clyne challenger
    Burnley - KEANE
    Chelsea - HAZARD or KANTE - more towards Kante as we need a bit of steel in midfield
    Crystal Palace - ZAHA
    Everton - LUKAKU
    Hull City - MARKOVIC!
    Leicester City - MAHREZ - no brainer
    Manchester City - DE BRUYNE
    Manchester United - fucking DE GEA - make United weaker, and we constant title challengers
    Middlesbrough - CHAMBERS
    Southampton - VAN DIJK
    Stoke City - ALLEN
    Sunderland - PICKFORD
    Swansea City - SIGURDSSON
    Tottenham Hotspur - KANE or DIER - top scorer or a midfield destroyer
    Watford - SUCCESS
    West Bromwich Albion - CHADLI
    West Ham United - OBIANG

    What makes me laugh is that I didn't mention any left back in my list, which keeps me thinking whether we should be more patient with Moreno and coach him to be more responsible defensively?
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    1 Chelsea -----------------Eden Hazard
    2 Man City ----------------Silva
    3 Tottenham --------------Kyle Walker
    4 Arsenal -------------------Alex Oxalde Chamberlain
    5 Liverpool -------------- Henderson
    6 Man Utd ---------------Paul Pogba
    7 Everton----------------- Ross Barkley
    8 West Brom -------------Bof? (Chadli?)
    9 Stoke -------------------Ryan Shawcross
    10 West Ham -------------Carroll
    11 Southampton--------- Virgil Van Dijk
    12 Burnley ---------------Tom Heaton
    13 Watford--------------- Bof? (Cathcart?)
    14 Bournemouth--------- Wilshere
    15 Swansea --------------Jordan Ayew (Cork?)
    16 Middlesbrough -----Friend
    17 Leicester-------------- Kasper Schmiechel
    18 Hull---------------------- Huddlestone (Davies?)
    19 Crystal Palace------- Mamadou Sakho
    20 Sunderland---------- Borini lol

    Copy and pasted the format of RedSeven. Codingi used: If I put the 1st name they are players I consider have the potential to play for us. Otherwise just the player in that team I respect the most from what I have seen.
  15. Craigy_Boy_92

    Craigy_Boy_92 Member

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    Arsenal - Sanchez
    Bournemouth - Wilshere
    Burnley - Defour
    Chelsea - Hazard
    C Palace - Zaha
    Everton - Lukaku
    Hull - Robertson
    Leicester - Mahrez
    Man City - Aguero
    Man Utd - De Gea
    Middlesbrough - Adama
    Southampton - Van Dijk
    Stoke - Shaqiri
    Sunderland - Defoe
    Swansea - Sigurdsson
    Tottenham - Eriksen
    Watford - Capoue
    West Brom - Rondon
    West Ham - Cresswell
  16. Bino the Original

    Bino the Original Member

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    1 Chelsea -----------Kante
    2 Man City -------------De Bruyne
    3 Tottenham ----------Alderwerield
    4 Arsenal --------------Sanchez
    5 Liverpool
    6 Man Utd -------------Pogba
    7 Everton------------ Lukaku
    8 West Brom ---------Chadli
    9 Stoke ------------Arnautovic
    10 West Ham ---------Cresswell
    11 Southampton--------- Van Dijk
    12 Burnley ------Heaton
    13 Watford--------- Capoue
    14 Bournemouth--------- Smith
    15 Swansea -------Sigurdsson
    16 Middlesbrough -----Traore
    17 Leicester----------- Mahrez
    18 Hull----------- Maguire
    19 Crystal Palace------- Dann
    20 Sunderland-------Pickford
  17. mattyhurst

    mattyhurst TIA Regular

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    Arsenal - Cech (I'd have Cech over Sanchez, a solid goalkeeper overall if we had gone and got him when he became available we would have saved us many an issue).

    Bournemouth - Arter (It would have been Callum Wilson in the season they came up but injury has hurt him somewhat, Arter has grown as a player, probably not a starter for us but he would add steel in that middle).

    Burnley - Keane (Micheal Keane is massively solid as a defender, Heaton is also very good but the fact he is an excellent shot stopper not the type we need).

    Chelsea - Kante (Does the job off two men in the middle and would allow Hendo and Wino to get forward)

    C Palace - Dann (Dann is a solid defender and has been better than how he is currently, it would have been Cabaye last year as you could tell he was twice the quality around him but he seems to have dropped to that level now).

    Everton - Baines (Been a perfect Left Back for them for years and offers alot from set pieces).

    Hull - Robertson (Another left back but he has been absolutely solid for them).

    Leicester - Mahrez (I'd still take Mahrez, he over performed last year but I still think in the right team he would be class).

    Man City - De Bruyne

    Man Utd - De Gea (I can't say much more about this guy, absolutely the best Goalkeeper in my view).

    Middlesbrough - Adama Traore (He will develop into a top talent in my view, he has the basics).

    Southampton - Van Dijk (I've been a big fan of Ward Prowse is developing, but you can't look past this guy).

    Stoke - A strange one, I would probably go for Allen currently though I think it was right for us to get rid if he wanted to play, I would also consider Butland if he ever gets back as he was in my view second best behind De Gea.

    Sunderland - Defoe (Knows the way to goal, I'm not impressed with Pickford when watching him in games, very weak on Liverpool's first at Anfield and he got lucky a few times that afternoon).

    Swansea - Mawson ( He is developing into the replacement for Williams and probably at the right time for Swansea).

    Tottenham - Alli (I could go for Erikson or even Kane but I think this guy is perfect for his age and will only get better).

    Watford - Capoue (I know very little beyond he has been a bit of a point scorer for my fantasy team)

    West Brom - James Morrison (I've also liked this lad and probably not the player he once was I still feel he is quality unsung)

    West Ham - I could choose Cresswell but that would be another left back, they have Sam Byram who was an absolute joy to watch at Leeds and Robert Snodgrass who I have long admired. Sadly Sam's had injuries as I think if he had remained in the team last year he would be a mainstay now.

    Wouldn't have all of them at Liverpool, they are more my favourite players from other teams, some of course I would snap your hand off, imagine De Gea at Anfield.
  18. lfc.eddie

    lfc.eddie "¿Plata... O Plomo?" Valued Member

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    Don't know most of the other team players so I can't really participate fully in this thread, but what I could do is to put those I know I wouldn't mind having them in our team.

    These are in need basis
    Arsenal - Sanchez
    Spurs - Dembele
    City - De Bruyne
    United - De Gea
    Chelsea - Kante
    Leicester - Mahrez
    Everton - Coleman
    West Ham - Cresswell
    Southampton - Van Dijk
    Stoke - Shaqiri

    This would be more than enough for us, with that, we will probably have enough depth to conquer Europe.

    Keeper - De Gea / Karius
    Right Back - Clyne / Coleman
    Centre Half (R) - Matip / Lovren
    Centre Half (L) - Van Dijk / Klavan
    Left Back - Milner / Cresswell
    Def Mid - Kante / Can
    Midfield (L) - De Bruyne / Wijnaldum
    Midfield (R) - Henderson / Lallana
    Forward (L) - Coutinho / Mahrez
    Forward (C) - Sanchez / Firmino
    Forward (R) - Mane / Shaqiri

    That would be my complete first and second team. Imagine the damage these lot could do to other teams.... Damn the jokes.
  19. kotsebotse

    kotsebotse TIA New Signing

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    AFC Bournemouth - Jack Wilshere counts? If not, Charlie Daniels
    Arsenal - Alexis Sanchez, best player in the league imo
    Burnley - Heaton
    Chelsea - Costa
    Crystal Palace - Cabaye
    Everton - Seamus Coleman, best attacking FB in the league while still good defensively
    Hull City - Curtis Davies
    Leicester City - Mahrez
    Manchester City - De Bruyne no doubt
    Manchester United - De Gea, I think Pogba is not used properly and has the qualities to be the pick from the mancs, but De Gea is the best keeper in the league, so it's him
    Middlesbrough - ummm.. Gaston Ramirez probably
    Southampton - Van Dijk, the second best defender in the league for me.
    Stoke City - Glen Johnson or Charlie Adam, can't really decide :D Seriously - no one, with a gun on my head Pieters or Arnautovic. Ibrahima Affelay could be the guy if he manages to stay healthy.
    Sunderland - Defoe
    Swansea City - Sigurdsson
    Tottenham Hotspur - Alderweireld. Alli is a damn good player that I admire, but there are better in his position, while Toby is the best defender in the league imo.
    Watford - Roberto Pereyra
    West Bromwich Albion - probably Chadli edges Philips by a bit.
    West Ham United - Lanzini

    Looks like Boro, Stoke and West Ham were the hardest for me, as I cannot find someone that is standing above the rest in those teams.
  20. cardiffpete

    cardiffpete TIA Reserve Team

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    1 Chelsea -----------------Azpi ...li whatever
    2 Man City ----------------Fernandinho
    3 Tottenham --------------Danny Rose
    4 Arsenal -------------------Bellerin
    5 Liverpool -------------- ???
    6 Man Utd ---------------Mata
    7 Everton----------------- Schneiderlin
    8 West Brom ------------ Chadli
    9 Stoke ------------------- Shaqiri
    10 West Ham -------------Antonio
    11 Southampton--------- Tadic
    12 Burnley --------------- Defour
    13 Watford--------------- Amrabat
    14 Bournemouth--------- King
    15 Swansea --------------Gylfie
    16 Middlesbrough -----Friend
    17 Leicester-------------- Schmeichel
    18 Hull---------------------- Maguire

    19 Crystal Palace------- Zaha
    20 Sunderland---------- Defoe
  21. pottymonster

    pottymonster I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.

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    In doing this I realized I really on watch Liverpool play, so this wasn't easy. In the case of Hull, Watford, and West Brom, I couldn't even be bothered to pick anyone. I haven't paid enough attention to any of those 3 in order to actually see anyone on them as useful. I could have picked Markovic, but I don't think he's any use. I wanted players who would actually improve us.

    Arsenal: Sanchez. Duh. Wish we had got him those few years ago.
    Bournemouth: Ibe. I'd have persisted with him. He might end up being useless, but I think he had enough tools to be useful one day.
    Burnley: Gray. I think he could be a useful cog off the bench for us.
    Chelsea: Kante. We've seen what effect he has on the team he plays for.
    Crystal Palace: Cabaye. Why he still plays there is beyond me.
    Everton: Barkley. Local lad with potential? Should have been ours as a kid.
    Hull: Nobody.
    Leicester: Mahrez. Showed what he's capable of last year.
    Man City: De Bruyne. One of the top players in the league.
    Man United: De Gea. Probably the second best keeper on the planet.
    Middlesbrough: Traore. A bit like Ibe, only more explosive and dynamic. Has the same flaws though.
    Southampton: Van Djik. We need a CB.
    Stoke: Butland. After De Gea, I think he could be the keeper to have in this league.
    Sunderland: Pickford. After De Gea and Butland... he could be the keeper to have in this league? One day? :tongue:
    Swansea: Sigurdsson. Quality player, although probably a big fish in a small pond.
    Tottenham: Alderweireld. I think him and Van Djik are better than what we have now.
    Watford: Nobody.
    West Brom: Nobody.
    West Ham: BIG ANDY. Klopp showed he didn't mind a plan B when he had Benteke available. Big Andy could come off the bench down 1-0 and bang in the tying goal.

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