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#13: The Ring of Fire with geebo


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Jul 7, 2007

The Ring of Fire with geebo

A 28 man Liverpool squad have arrived in the United States as they begin their three-game tour across the Atlantic ahead of matches with Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Sporting.

To discuss this week's news and gossip, the Ring of Fire travels over to Germany as thrown into the 'Ring of Fire' this week is TIA Forum Member @geebo


Your TIA Username: @geebo
Location :
Hannover Germany (English)

You and Liverpool FC
Favourite Current LFC Player :
Virgil Van dijk
Favourite all-time LFC Player : Sir Kenny Dalglish
Favourite all time Reds match : European cup final , Rome 77
Funniest moment following the Reds : Watching Istabul first half with my then Girlfriend, and reacting like a normal fan as she just sat passively and stared.

And the rest:
Favourite non-LFC Player : hmm hard to think of ONE. Henry
Favourite other clubs (if any) : Rangers (because of Gerrard)
Other sports/hobbies/past times : Singer song writer, hobby photography, Youth football training.
Non-footballing heroes : JMW Turner (Painter), Jimmy Page, Churchill.​

Growing up, how did you come to support Liverpool and who were your early heroes?

In 1971 I was seven, and watched the FA cup final. I chose Liverpool simply because they scored first ! However Arsenal won the game. I switched to Arsenal for a few weeks, but by the time the new season had started I was a red again ! It was also because my father was a West ham fan, but he never played any active, positive role in my childhood so it was anything but West ham !!

I love the diminutive but power packed Keegan. He could jump the highest, dribble, squeeze through gaps, reach balls others couldnt. Anything loose in the 6 yard box, he would do something acrobatic to score. He had an almost telepathic connection to Toshack- the classic centre forward, and Keegan profited from his knock downs. I loved the energetic Hughes, crazy horse ! And Heighway on the wing was a sight to behold. He dribbled inside and out, good crosser, but he also played as a second striker and scored goals. Cally was the efficient midfielder.

All seen on TV Match of the day or the big or the European cup mid week special. Staying up to watch Liverpool vs St Etienne, then school the next day !

I was Keegan in the playground ! he was the hero. In the 60s football players started to get richer, and could afford to buy houses and flashy cars. Keegan was the first who had the chance to become a millionaire. It was an age where football was not a viable financial career for most players and where a learned profession was good to work after the football career ended. Keegan was thinking about getting money so he could secure his family after he hung his boots up !

I missed him, but when King Kenny scored on his debut I was hooked ! He was my new hero !!

What is your most treasured Liverpool moment so far?

So many great nights- Tommy Smiths header in 77. Fairclough against St Etienne, Istanbul and Alaves (was at this match in Dortmund) . But the one I also saw and will go for is the 1989 FA cup final, 5 weeks after Hillsborough, where Everton equalised on 90 mins, and Rushie scored the winner ! The fans were mixed together in the stadium and the atmosphere because of Hillsborough was unique really. Oh and I was there !

"It ain't where you from, it's where you at," reads the epigraph of Raphael Honigstein's Jürgen Klopp biography 'Klopp: Bring The Noise'. First of all Geebo, what's it like to support Liverpool in Germany? And secondly, can you describe the German perception for Jürgen Klopp?

Its strange being in Germany. Its not like Liverpool where you see fans everyday on the street and can go into bar or work or schools and talk to fellow red fans. I have a good friend Ian, whose is a red fans and we talk about the club, the history and current squad. Plus, there is a bar we go to with a few English Reds, but also a lot of German reds ! They love the club, are very aware of the history and the ethos of the club. I recently met a facebook group of red fans who come from Hannover and met in the bar I go to see the matches. I am then seen in an exalted status as I come from England and saw people like Dalglish and Heighway play live ! And because I remember the glory days, and of course, because I know the words to the songs and sing them !

Klopp was seen as a new type of intelligent trainer whilst at Mainz. He was classed with "Professor" Ralf Rangnick (now at RB Leipzig) as an intellectual trainer. However, he was very funny in match interviews. It was really the mixture of the intellectual clever trainer, the motivator, the funny man, the man with the relaxed smile, and the "heavy metal " counter press. It was as if he could understand tactics to a high level and knew how to take Mainz with the lowest budget and smallest stadium to promotion, and yet could market that for everyone to understand. He was invited to be an analysist at a world cup (I think in Germany) and then he really impressed people with his knowledge, his exuberance and love on the game. People love him for challenging Bayern and kicking them off the German perch for a couple of years !

Newer members of the ThisIsAnfield forums may be unaware that there once was a TIA Radio Station! You were involved in the production weren't you? How did it all begin and how did it work?

Ah yes ! I remember now. It is possible it started when we had a thread that I think was like a "pub" thread - I remember drinking beer and posting music !

Talk arose about a radio and I think it was Mullafunka - an Australia fan who said he had a server to run it on. So I was the Djay in Germany and played songs over the server (in Australia) and people in England listened ! thats international ! There was an 8 second delay ! and I could see a counter showing how many people were listening.

I pre recorded new stories and I even made my own Jingles !!! and yes !!! I managed to find a jingle and a news report on my computer. Jinlges "radio TIA !", "this is Anfield radio !", "TIA dot com !" "TIA news!" I had a spot called "the wit and wisdom of David Moyes" - which was just silence ! a pre recorded news spot where I talked about buying Kronkamp and Josemi. and quote o9f the week, player of the week, joke of the week

It's got to be asked... In your bio you say you are a singer/songwriter... Have you any youtube clips of you singing or any of your original work for us to enjoy here?!

I inherited a spansh guitar at about 15. Back then there was no computer, so you had to buy song books. However, I sounded nothing like the songs I covered. I didnt realise at the time that playing songs on accoustic means interpreting them to a degree, and also stamping your style on the songs. My desire then was to sound like a band ! So I decided to write my own songs- the logic was "at least I will sound like myself "

My songwriting and singing developed and I bought a 4 track and a keyboard. Since then I have played and sung in about 5 bands but never stopped doing my own music parallel.

I now play gigs solo, but Im not an entertainer, rather consider myself an artist. When playing my songs I want people to come and listen ! I can of course play covers, but thats not the main focus for me.

A lot of my songs were written as an outlet for my emotions as I had a poor childhood and song writing became a method to help deal with that. Now I sing these songs not as a victim but rather as a survivor or victor. I do a set at a gig and tell people what it is to live a like as a victim of child abuse and how people can in general help such people. It goes down well.

I now have my own practise room and mini recording studio in the cellar ! I love writing songs, and inviting people to the cellar to listen or just hear music. I have a few pure accoustic songs on Youtube.


What are your pre-season hopes and expectations?

I don't think we will only lose one game this season, but I think we will again push Manc for the title. Firstly because our team will be mentally stronger, more experience, plus another year experience playing together and another year older.

When you look at the opposition, Manu are in transition, Chelski have a novice manager and a transfer ban, Arsenal dont look much stronger. Only spurs, and yet this might be the year, without major signings and a shoestring transfer budget, that they slip back down the league.

- League 1st or 2nd.
- The cups are harder to judge, because they aren't as important as the league or CL to the club. I think we will advance again in Europe and who is to bet against us making a third final in a row? Only luck, a crap ref or a dodgy VARS can stop us ! I'd just like to add, it is wonderful to see Liverpool NOT selling any top players, plus having most of them on long term contracts. Additionally, seeing the talent we have on tour, its nice to see Klopp giving them a chance in the squad too.
- CL semis at least
- FA and league cup - maybe we have the cup mentality now, or the trophy desire after the CL win.
- Oh and, European champions- it has a nice ring to it.

Just two games played so far, what's your most pleasing aspect from Liverpool's pre-season so far?

Larouci - an attacking full back, seems very lively, as a converted winger, he is very dangerous going forward. Still young, and could still go either way (up or down), but the quality of our U18 has increased, and I feel he has the chance to follow TAA.

Kent and Wilson are good to see, but when you have Salah and Mane that is a high standard to compete with. My feeling is they will be loaned again or even sold. I hope i'm wrong though.

Brewster- He is the one player you think might hit the ground running. With Klopp as a trainer helping to develop him (think of the players at Dortmund he made stars) I think he could well do an "Owen" !

Finally a word about the forgotten man Woodburn ! I read that he has added muscle and finally recovered from his ankle injury, He has time on his side and I hope he continues his development and we see more of him this season.

The issue over whether Jurgen Klopp should look to re-sign Coutinho - who left Liverpool to join Barcelona for £142m in January 2018 - is developing into the issue that is beginning to define a quiet summer at Anfield thus far transfer-wise. Would you encourage Liverpool to re-sign him?

Coutinho is a great player. He was mostly good for us, breathtaking at times, still though occasionally he could go missing. Maybe over valued, but good work by Liverpool to get that much money for him.

The problem now is, we have evolved as a team, moved on. We have moved upwards and are European champions. The question is: Is there still a role for him in the new Liverpool? or would he be an expensive sub used like Shaqiri? Klopp also has to feel that he can get the best out of him again. Plus, the money owed by Barcalona has probably already been spend on replacements or ear marked.

All this makes me feel it might be a mistake re- signing him. But trust in Klopp cant be higher these days. He will do what is right.

Finally geebo... James Milner - Does he fully receive the recognition he deserves from fans since he arrived at Anfield?

He was superb with Wini at the start of the season. He is a league winner with Manc and I think his experience of winning plus his experience as a footballer is invaluable to the squad, and maybe he is the glue that sticks the team together. Reminds me a bit of Ian Callaghan when he moved to the middle. And that i high praise ! Yes, very underated!


The 'Ring of Fire' - a weekly feature on the This Is Anfield forums.

Many thanks to @geebo for taking part this week and for taking the time to answer the questions, thanks mate!
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TIA's Redkopi
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Jul 7, 2007
Talk arose about a radio and I think it was Mullafunka - an Australia fan who said he had a server to run it on. So I was the Djay in Germany and played songs over the server (in Australia) and people in England listened
I remember the TIA Radio but my internet wasn't fast enough to download/stream it onto my computer back in those days... I should have asked you @geebo, how many years ago is it since the ThisIsAnfield Radio was first launched? @Mullafunka hasn't been active on the forums in over 3 years.... Anyone else here remember the TIA Radio?

William Clarke

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Dec 28, 2017
That was a very interesting read @geebo showing some of us newbies there's been life at TIA for a good many years. I enjoyed the bit about the old players having come through those times myself. You mentioned players such as Heighway, Hughes 'Crazy Horse' (all arms and legs when running), Keegan and his foil Tosh. Great players and great times. I'm lucky in that I can relive in my mind the days of Lawrence, Byrne, Leishman, Yeats, Twentyman, Hunt (Sir), Melia, St John, A'Court, Lewis, and the list goes on and on. Wonderful years with Shanks arrival leading up to the times of your memories. Once again, many thanks for your great memories.


Geebo Age unknown !
Oct 21, 2003
Thanks, @geebo! Loved reading the perspective from Germany. Also enjoyed your video—reminded me a bit of Emerson, Lake , and Palmer. Lots of demand for Jurgen to lead Germany in a World Cup?
yes, and Bayern want him as trainer. But he will be here for at least 7 years. And he would have to shoot Löw (or unstick him from the trainer seat !)

I remember the TIA Radio but my internet wasn't fast enough to download/stream it onto my computer back in those days... I should have asked you @geebo, how many years ago is it since the ThisIsAnfield Radio was first launched? @Mullafunka hasn't been active on the forums in over 3 years.... Anyone else here remember the TIA Radio?
It must have been 2006 because Kronkamp was with us that year ! I remember around that time we made up a fake rumour for a player. It was an old pIcture of Matt, we gave him a south American name, and quoted a source that Liverpool were interested in him. I remember at least one unquotable website took up the rumour, but no major sites !!! maybe we should try it again ! Have a competition- see who can invent the best fake rumour ! It makes the transfer and rumour mill more bearable !!