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Jul 7, 2007
The Ring of Fire with gasband

Liverpool opened their Premier League campaign with a 4-1 victory over newly promoted Championship winners Norwich City last night at Anfield.

To look back on last nights action and to look ahead to our upcoming fixture against Chelsea in the Super Cup, the Ring of Fire travels over to Singapore this weekend as thrown into the 'Ring of Fire' this week is TIA Forum Member @gasband.


Your TIA Username: gasband
Location :

You and Liverpool FC
Favourite Current LFC Player :
Jordan Henderson
Favourite all-time LFC Player : John Barnes
Favourite all time Reds match : Liverpool Vs Fulham, Nov 9, 2013

And the rest:
Favourite non-LFC Player :
Fandi Ahmad
Other sports/hobbies/past times : Singing
Non-footballing heroes : Lee Kuan Yew, Kurt Cobain


First up gasband, before we look back on last night's action, tell us a little bit about where you live and what it's like to support Liverpool in Singapore?

Singapore is a small island nation, you can drive round the edge of the island in around 90 minutes, traffic notwithstanding. Hot and humid throughout the year with rain coming down frequently. Many people love Singapore for its achievements but yet many also lambasted it for being very mechanical as everything is man-made and we are running the country like we run a company. But its my country and I am proud to be a Singaporean.

Liverpool is the best supported club in Singapore. Manchester United fans would disagree but Liverpool has been the biggest club in Singapore for as long as I remember since I started supporting the club 35 years ago. In a small nation like ours, we have plenty of Liverpool fan clubs who meet for match screenings every weekend at different places. And you know why Liverpool is the biggest club in Singapore? Even in a neutral venue, with the multiple matches on show every weekend, Liverpool matches are usually shown if there are no specific requests from the venue patrons.

Growing up, how did you come to support Liverpool? Who were your early heroes?

In my memory I started watching Liverpool when I was 7 years old. That was in 1984. TV back then was in black and white for us. And there is no such thing as live matches. We watch matches on Sunday morning 11am as delayed telecast. As a kid, I watch what my family watches. My Grandfather was the one who introduced Liverpool to us or specifically he was a fan of Ian Rush, because of his moustache back then, he actually resembles a family friend so my Grandfather had a nickname for Ian Rush named after this friend. So there I was watching the matches with him and my father every Sunday morning and over time, Liverpool became my one and only club. And this club is more than a football club, it is family to me. It seems strange to say this for someone so far away from Liverpool. But as I grew up, I don't talk to my father that often. But you know, every Saturday, when LIverpool matches are being played, me and my Father would be there discussing the match. Liverpool gave me a reason to spend time with my Father and it gives me fond memories even if my Father had left me 11 years ago.

My first Liverpool hero definitely was Ian Rush and I also liked John Barnes very much. I definitely wanted to be John Barnes. I might be wrong but for some reasons, back then I felt John Barnes were more fleshy with a tummy or lack of a better word, chubby, compared to a normally 'fit' footballer, but yet he defies physical outlook and was one of the most exciting attacking players we ever had. It gives me hope that with my physical shape, I might play football well too. That did not really work out but yeah, John Barnes gave me hope.

You mentioned in your bio that your favourite match is our match against Fulham at Anfield back in November 2013 where an Amorebieta own goal, a Skrtel header and a brace from Suarez sealed a 4-0 victory.

We won 4-0 and honestly it was not an overly exciting match as we won quite easily. But it simply was my favourite because it has been the only match i've watched at Anfield so far. I remember crying when I sat in the KOP and we sang the YNWA anthem. There were many far greater matches in memory but this was the greatest for me because I finally fulfilled a wish I had for many years and it was a feeling that I could not describe and that is why I still remember this match as the greatest for me.

Liverpool sailed to the top of the Premier League table with an emphatic opening 4-1 performance against Norwich last night that has already laid down a marker to their title rivals, what did you make of the match?

It definitely was a great result to start the season with and laying down the marker on those who wonder whether we will continue with our great last season or got worse. Of course its a long season but it was important to start well.

I would have liked us to score more especially we when we scored 4 in the first half, so instead of scoring, we let in a goal which was disappointing - especially that our defence on the right side with Gomez and TAA looks worrying. In terms of fitness, we also faded off but that is to be expected with the first match and many of our players just coming back not too long ago.

Norwich spent the first half trying to play the home side at their home game and could and perhaps should have scored in that first half... Which Norwich City player impressed you the most?

It has to be Pukki. He continued where he left off last season, the top scorer. He makes smart runs, cutting through our defence and it could have been worse if his finishing was as good as last season but still the way he got his goal, was typical of the good runs he made all night.

Losing Alisson Becker was bad enough. But Jurgen Klopp will have been unimpressed by the defensive display at times throughout the Norwich match... A defence which many say was unconvincing throughout much of pre-season... It still does not have the aura yet of one that kept 21 Premier League clean sheets last term. Why is this?

I felt that placing Gomez and TAA on the same side of the defence is risky, as much as they would be our future. TAA has shown a number of times that he can be fragile defensively at times, with many of us forgetting he is still so so young. And if he had someone like Matip/VVD, who is more an experienced head, there can be someone to sweep up his mistakes.

However with Gomez, he is not the kind of CB who anticipates plays, depending more on his pace to cover the gaps. Thus I think Klopp has to either coach this side of defence to understand the dynamics of covering for each other defensively or as I had mentioned in other posts, that Matip certainly deserves to be the partner beside VVD based on his qualities and definitely his performances last season.

With Kelleher working his way back along with Vitezslav Jaros, it is likely that one or more of Dan Atherton, Shamal George and Ben Winterbottom will make the trip to Turkey for Wednesday's UEFA Super Cup with Chelsea. How big a blow is Alisson's injury?

It is always a big blow if any of our big key players gets injured. He brings some sort of stability and yet still exciting to watch. We just hope its not a serious one and he will out a few matches at most. If I am not wrong, we are still able to buy free transfers until 2 September. And I got a feeling if Alisson's injury is mid to long term, we might go into the free transfer market again which has some interesting options like Michel Vorm.

Last week Ki-Jana Hoever put pen to paper on a new long-term contract with the club. Do you think he’s ready to step up as Trent Alexander-Arnold's deputy this season?

I always believe in the world of football, you are ready when you are ready. I think when TAA was put into the team, we did not know then whether he was 100% ready. He had potential, we needed a body, he got into the team and showed tremendous performances and look where he is now. So for Ki-Jana, I guess what is on his side is that we do not have great like for like options in RB now. I have a feeling that Klopp will look to Gomez and Milner as replacements for TAA if necessary but I think Ki-Jana better be ready because anytime that the replacements do not work out or injuries come into play, Klopp will not hesitate to put him in.

Finally, looking ahead to Wednesdays Super Cup clash with Chelsea, how would you like Jurgen to approach the game in terms of team selection, formation and tactics?

We have a tricky fixture vs Southampton next weekend and I got a feeling we will be looking to start the same 11 that started vs Norwich bar Alisson of course who looks at least out for the next 2 matches. I think we have fantastic options. I think up front, we might see Mane, Origi and Firmino with Salah on the bench. In midfield, I am sure Milner, Keita, Ox would be in strong contention. Defence wise I think Klopp would keep the same as much as he could for this match except I think Matip might come in for Gomez. It would be fantastic if we have Brewster, Ki-Jana on the bench to have a chance at some minutes. We definitely wants to win this. As meaningless as it might seem, if we have to play it, we want to win it. That is the least we expect from a winning top team.


The 'Ring of Fire' - a weekly feature on the This Is Anfield forums.

Many thanks to @gasband for taking part this week and for taking the time to answer the questions, thanks mate!
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“And this club is more than a football club, it is family to me. It seems strange to say this for someone so far away from Liverpool. But as I grew up, I don't talk to my father that often. But you know, every Saturday, when LIverpool matches are being played, me and my Father would be there discussing the match. Liverpool gave me a reason to spend time with my Father and it gives me fond memories even if my Father had left me 11 years ago.”

Another quality post but this part, in particular, sums up this wonderful club for me.

Thanks again, @Broomy and @gasband


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Sep 5, 2016
Singapore, the absolute best city in the world. I have been there dozens of times, it's my ultimate destination whenever I travel - and it just keeps getting better and better.

I know first hand that we are the most followed club there, mention Liverpool and you can spend hours just talking about our football. Pure heaven for me, my team along with my fave city!

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Once again a good read hearing from a long established member of our TIA site and a Red from our family across our wide world. Many thanks to @gasband for his insight and to @Broomy for the questions asked.

Apologies for my belated post. The reason for me being late to respond was because I was holidaying at Llandydno, North Wales and I had problems connecting to wi-fi with my ancient iPad.

:well done::well done: