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2019/2020 Fixtures v 2018/2019 Results - Season Comparison


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May 30, 2017
Thank you @Fowler's Left Peg fantastic job yet again.

Glad you have some space to improve next season otherwise this would have been one difficult thread to get enthused about.

Season 17/18 we got 75 points, which was enough to win the league in 5 seasons. Shows what a good team has been built.
I also read today from pep Linders on 5 focus areas they had this season like set pieces, throw ins, using full backs - and they’ve already identified the 5 areas they need to improve next season.

Whilst I’m looking forward to next season, and especially attending games again..... right now I just want to soak this season in. Take it all in. Can’t wait for the season highlights to come out. I’ll be watching those.


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Oct 3, 2010
So we won the title the weekend before lockdown.

Irony is that weekend with us winning and Man City losing was the day I felt we had done it for sure only for Covid-19 to come along, anyhow glad we won it on the field before lockdown.

Anyhow we can improve, all good.


Jun 15, 2007
Chelsea's run of 86 is quite a long way in front of the rest isn't it? We must be close to 2nd...anyone know?


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Jul 19, 2016
I still don't think the magnitude of this teams' achievements over the last couple of seasons has quite sunk in for me yet. I mean, I know the boys are the best on the planet (ergo universe)...but the statistics and broken records just keep cropping up.

It's been a privelige to watch and is providing me some excellent ammunition to taunt any future grand children with. 'Now Sadio Mane...THERE was a footballer'.