#22: The Ring of Fire with Semmy


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Jul 7, 2007
The Ring of Fire with Semmy

The Ring of Fire returns this week and to look forward to this weekend's action, the Ring of Fire travels over to Canada as thrown into the 'Ring of Fire' is TIA Forum Member Semmy


Your TIA Username: Semmy
Location :

You and Liverpool FC
Favourite Current LFC Player :
Roberto Firmino, kids these days couple learn some things from him. Incredible football intelligence. Very few players can do what he does, and no strikers can defend the way he does.
Favourite all-time LFC Player : Steven Gerrard. Legend of the club.
Favourite all time Reds match : Spurs 0 - LFC 5, followed by AVB's sacking. Have a friend who is a spurs fan, thoroughly enjoyed that one
Funniest moment following the Reds : i guess it would have to be when I walked away from a certain Liverpool-Dortmund match at halftime when I was on holidays in Mexico. When I checked the final result on TIA a few days later I found out we actually won it. Lovren winning header. I haven't walked away from a match since.

And the rest:
Favourite non-LFC Player : Ronaldinho. Have never seen a player who could pull the strings on the ball the way he could. Tremendous ball control, incredible balance and and movement. And always with a good attitude, smiling and enjoying the game
Favourite other clubs (if any) : Dortmund, feels like they have a good culture around the club even while living under the shadow of Bayern
Other sports/hobbies/past times : golf, softball (heading to Worlds in a few weeks), fishing. All sports that reward the focus required to enjoy it
Non-footballing heroes : my dad, the monks who invented beer, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Dad was a engineer, his brother taught drafting and design at BCIT. Have always been fascinated by architecture, my brother is a builder. I should have been, but took a different path. Every time I travel I spend a lot of time enjoying the old buildings. Italy blew me away, as did Prague and London. Milan just felt like a concrete jungle, but Tuscany stole my heart.​

First up, tell us the meaning behind your username Semmy?

This one will take a while to explain so bear with me.

Late 90's some friends of mine were in a band doing the downtown bar circuit, rehearsing an EP, hoping to do music professionally and I was the roadie who would be driving the van/bus. They scraped enough together to do a recording and through a contact they got to book some time at Mushroom Studios. I got to tag along for this and in a separate section a vocalist was recording and I overheard it. Hauntingly beautiful, had never heard anything like it, nor had I been around music recording enough to know that sometimes a section would be recorded or re-recorded without the rest of the band.

Her name was Kristy Thirsk, turned out she was doing vocals for a local electronic group called Delerium and the song was called Flowers Become Screens. I bought a copy of the album, it was called "Semantic Spaces". Was one of my favorites albums for some time, when I needed some downtime.

Few years later, I was playing a LOT of Counter-Strike online with one of the guys from the band (he was my friend from HS) and I needed a tag/handle. Since I liked the meaning of the word word, I used "Semantic" from my first tournament in Seattle until I quit gaming. One of the guys in my gaming clan loved to wind me up and shorted my name to Semmy and it stuck.

Eventually it evolved from a internet board name to a nickname, some people in my slo-pitch leagues don't even know my name is Jason. They just know me as "Semmy".

Tell us something about yourself forum members may not know already?

I love playing softball. Started playing in my early 30's as a way to get out of the house while going through a divorce, and 15 years later I recently went to Vegas for the world championships.

Living in Vancouver, what it's like to support Liverpool in Canada?

Vancouver has a very solid support here.. the OSC sold out of 350 membership in few days and the home pub hosts EVERY match (even 4am starts). For the CL final there were 1500 reserved seats at 6 venues and it overflowed into other pubs.

Taking you back to 2006, you must have been excited to hear the news Liverpool had signed young Canadian Liam Millar who is now on loan at Kilmarnock... Is there any other young Canadian players to keep an eye out for in the future?

I have been paying attention to Alonso Davies who played for my local Vancouver Whitecaps team until Bayern Munich bought him last winter for $20mil. Bargain, I think.

Whats your earliest Liverpool fc memory and who was your childhood hero?

Rush, Dalglish and Barnes. I played wing as a youth player and loved watching them play. King Kenny oh how he played.

What is your choice location to watch an away match, both inside and outside of England?

Been to the EU three times now. Missed the San Siro both times in Milan. It was on my list but with the recent episodes of violence will pass on Italy now. I would like to visit Dortmund for a match. And Celtic. Also, the Aviva stadium or Emirates

Liverpool are currently top of the table following 8 games played... What 3 things have you learned from the season so far?

The lads have shown us a level of determination which we haven't seen in some time. Klopp has instilled a belief in the club and the players have tasted success. They want MORE

Have been a lot of unexpected results in the league thus far this season. I expect more. Wolves over Citeh was something special. United are shit. You can stick a bowtie on a shit, it's still shit. Long may it continue.

Which Liverpool player has impressed you the most so far this season and why?

Mane. He has hit another level this season. Mo can't keep up to him.

Apart from Adrian, Jurgen Klopp didn’t sign any first team players in the summer. Should we expect the same come the winter transfer window?

I think we will see a fullback signing (Kurzawa) and a few contract extension by existing players (Matip and Milner both on Bosman). Lallana will be sold and we will get two pre-agreements signed for incoming Bosmans (Eriksen? Soumare?)

Up next is Manchester United.... How will Klopp approach the game in term of team selection and tactics?

I think Klopp will set up with the usual lineup with extra grit in the middle. Fab, Hendo, Milner. Gini off the bench with Ox. Doubt we will see Lallana in this one.

But maybe Klopp decides to rest some starters, playing against a bottom-level club fighting relegation status?


The 'Ring of Fire' - a weekly feature on the This Is Anfield forums.

Many thanks to Semmy for taking part this week and for taking the time to answer the questions, thanks mate!


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Jul 7, 2007
Right lads, it started off as a summer feature but has somehow ran into October, you'll be glad to hear the Ring of Fire Series has come to an end...

It started with @Sweeting outlining what summer objectives Jurgen Klopp must pursue over the course of the Summer and his synopsis of the U18's and U23's season.

Next we went to the centre of England amid pretty towns and villages lies Sherwood Forest and the heart of Robin Hood Country, to a place called Nottingham to meet forum member @Mascot88 who took us back to a match in 1988, and how a little boy growing up in Yorkshire started supporting Liverpool...

@Iluvatar was next up telling how much "fun" he had growing up as a kid in Manchester supporting Liverpool....

While @Macolfc spoke of his abiding memories from the night inside the Wanda Metropolitano stadium where Liverpool just won their sixth European Cup on a stifling night in Madrid. @Jaytinho then brought memories of Jordan Henderson lifting Ol' Big Ears high into the Madrid sky, describing the scenes in Durban, South Africa.

Igor Biscan became a cult hero on the terraces at Anfield, @Zoran told us how his grandfather was involved in his transfer to Liverpool.

What could be more quintessentially Dublin than visiting the home of Guinness, the dark, malty beer that is exported from Dublin's fair city to virtually everywhere, or catching up with @roydom who told us how his brother once played against Liverpool...

Then to Southampton where former TIA Mod @Denzil told us about his holiday in Cuba where the fella at the other side of the pool in the hotel he was staying in was actually Diego Maradona.

@William Clarke took us back to the 1950's reliving his first experience in the Boys’ Pen at Anfield and the kop as he 'slowly climbed the steps and how he stared upwards in open-mouthed awe at the cavernous roof of the Kop way above his head'

Next up was @Alright Now - a man born in Mumbai, grew up in Kuwait and Delphi and somehow ended up living in San Francisco, and told us of how he once got to see Liverpool in action by "belting out every Reds song he knew until she agreed to give me any left over tickets..."

We then travelled over to Cairo, the home to a world of history, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and also the home of @eng.amohd, who told us how the African Cup of Nations went for Egypt and Salah... Next we caught up with singer/songwriter @geebo in Hannover, Germany... One of the men behind the TIA Radio Station back in the day.

We then travelled to the centre of Europe where @Sigurvegari spoke of how a young lad growing up in Minsk came to support Liverpool, what's it like to support Liverpool in Belarus and his involvement in the official Liverpool Russian-language supporters web-site

Up next we joined @Koon in Brazil who had celebrated winning the Copa America Final and told us how supporting Liverpool in Rio Grande do Sul is quiet 'lonely'. Then, over to southern England to a town called Basingstoke where @Zinedine Biscan was thrown into the Ring of Fire where his childhood days were spent anxiously waiting for Ceefax to update and how he started following Liverpool much to his mum’s chagrin...

Up next was @gasband who lives in a small island nation called Singapore, a place where you can drive round the edge of the island in around 90 minutes, who told us of how he use to watch Liverpool games in black and white and how his Grandfather introduced him to Liverpool and Ian Rush. The following week I assumed i was on the way over to Australia but @AussieLad quickly told me how a lad from the sunny Gold Coast ended up living in Wimbledon and how 'Skippy' became his childhood hero...

[email protected] told us how he grew up in the Kwa-zulu Natal Midlands in a small town called Mooi River and his memories of Istanbul - a 'journey from sage smugness to magnanimous at scoring a consolation to genuine concern to incredulous disbelief to 'Good God no!'

Issue 20 saw us return to Nottingham as @Scott Jones told us his earliest Liverpool memory involved having to wear a girls pleated school skirt, and how he's Yorkshire born and bread, "strong in the arm and thick in the head"!

We then travelled over to Christchurch, New Zealand where @NZred told us how his grandad Ken Berry once played for Liverpool... While the final issue saw @Semmy tell us about living in Vancouver, what it's like to support Liverpool in Canada...

Cheers to everyone who has took part in the series, it's been a blast!
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Jul 3, 2013
This was a brilliant series!!!

It was a joy reading about our forum members perspectives and stories. Coming from different countries, different backgrounds but still from the same Liverpool family. Thanks a lot to every member who took time to answer to the queries.

And special thanks to @Broomy. Initially felt disappointed that this has come to an end. But the hope that we'll get to hear more from the other members during the next summer diluted that disappointed a bit. Can't wait for the next round, that's happening next summer isn't it?


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Sep 2, 2013
Felt privileged to be part of this series, incredible job assembling it all @Broomy . Thanks again!

William Clarke

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Dec 28, 2017
Apologies to @Semmy and @Broomy for being so late in reading the post and in answering it. The only excuse, if I can call it that, is my mind's been preoccupied with a health problem, which is still ongoing.

Semantic would have been a good handle to have gone with, but Semmy sounds a lot friendlier. Therefore, Jason, it was great reading of your times supporting our club at all times of the day or in the wee hours of morning. Thank you.

@Broomy, your 'Ring of Fire' series of posts have been really enjoyable and entertaining look at life of our fellow site members worldwide and I hope, come the summer months, you will start a second series. Thank you.