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#4: The Ring of Fire with Macolfc


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Jul 7, 2007
The Ring of Fire with Macolfc

How do you describe a week like that? Thrown into the Ring of Fire this week is ThisIsAnfield Forum Member @Macolfc who describes the atmosphere inside the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and gives his verdict on a match that saw Liverpool crowned the kings of Europe for the sixth time....


Your TIA Username:
Location : Durham

You and Liverpool FC
Favourite Current LFC Player :
Trent Alexander-Arnold
Favourite all-time LFC Player : Steven Gerrard
Favourite all time Reds match : Liverpool Vs Man City, 2018/18 CL QF.
Funniest moment following the Reds : One of my first games in the Kop, singing the campione song & pronouncing one of the words wrong in my north accent. Few of locals took the piss out of me but it was all good fun.

And the rest:
Favourite non-LFC Player :
Andy cook. From same village as me.
Favourite other clubs (if any) : Darlington FC (Local non league side, used to play in league 2)
Other sports/hobbies/past times : Off road motorcycle.

Macolfc, Liverpool have just won their sixth European Cup on a stifling night in Madrid, what are your abiding memories from the night inside the Wanda Metropolitano stadium?

I have memories that will last a lifetime from that game, but the best has got to be when Origi slotted home and we all lost our minds. People I’ve never spoke to jumping on top of me & cuddling each other. In that moment there’s nothing better.

I was quite surprised at how tense the atmosphere was, I don’t think the early goal helped if i'm honest. Neither side will have predicted anything like that happening and personally I think it made both teams stray from there original tactics. I did say just before kick off to a lad beside me that I was worried about Liverpool after a 3 week break. We always seem sloppy after any sort of break and against Tottenham in a huge game it could of been a disaster. Thankfully I don’t think the break helped them either.

Describe the celebrations in Madrid....

Madrid was soo hot, I don’t think I’ve personably experienced heat like it. I remember seeing a bus stop with a temperature sign & it said 45’C. I never got to see the city centre but around the ground the place was great & everyone was friendly. Both sets of supporters were brilliant & I never saw any trouble at all, the spurs fans after the game never caused any fuss & even congratulated us.

That’s me one off the right at the back.

As I said earlier the atmosphere during the game was very tense & at some points quite quiet. All that changed when Origi scored, we could finally start to enjoy the game a little and that’s when the atmosphere really started to pick up.

It was a little tense before kick off around the stadium as well, we had all heard the rumours of the pickpockets, fake Uefa steward etc etc so a lot of people were on edge I’d say. As for celebrations after the match I obviously stayed for the trophy being lifted and the team celebrating with the fans but after that I had to head straight back to the airport. I could of gone into town for a couple hours but I was travelling alone so thought it was the better option to get back up to the airport. Plenty of handshakes & hugs were being exchanged at the airport though as it was full of travelling reds.

Who was your man of the match?

Got to be Allison for me, he pulled off some awesome saves especially in the second half. Big game pressure certainly never phased him, if he had made any mistakes and not pulled off some of his saves then I think we could be talking about a different outcome all together.

Describe your experience travelling to Madrid...

Fortunately for me I already had a holiday to Palma booked with my family. Originally I was suppose to be flying from Newcastle on the Friday and returning Tuesday but when I knew I was going to the final I managed to persuade the family to change the dates. As for getting to Madrid i booked a flight with air Europa from Palma on the Saturday afternoon flying at 4pm and getting into Madrid at 5.20. I met a few Liverpool fans in the airport and as I already had a pre-booked taxi taking me straight to the stadium I shared the taxi with another fan. Luckily I was successful in the ballot so that’s how I got my ticket, direct through the club.

Following the European Cup Final, Virgil Van Dijk maintained an incredible personal statistic.... No opposition player has completed a dribble past Virgil Van Dijk in any of his last 64 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool.... How have you assessed Van Dijk’s importance to Liverpool since he’s arrived and how does he rank against Liverpool’s center backs down through the years?

He’s got to rank as one of the best CB’s we’ve ever had and probably one of the most important signings we’ve made over the years. He’s absolutely solid at the back and very organised, I like how calm he is in every situation and I think that has a big positive effect on other players around him. A few months back I did have him as captain very soon but Hendo has stepped up lately and put in some cracking performances and is full of passion for the club. I still think he will be captain one day but it won’t come as soon as I first thought. Possibly vice captain next season depending on where Milner decides his future lies.

In a few words how do you sum up Jurgen Klopp?!!

One of the lads. That sums him up perfect, he’s one of us.

If you could recommend one player to Jurgen Klopp to take a starting place in the Liverpool starting eleven team next season, who would it be and why?

That’s a hard question to answer, he’s got the boys playing so well together at the minute & everything seems to of gelled. There’s plenty of big names you can mention but it doesn’t mean they would fit into the group at melwood & improve the team. The defence & front 3 seem pretty solid, working out our best midfield is a problem we’ve seen a few times this season. But again with everyone fit we are very strong in that area as well. I don’t really think I could recommend a change to our usual starting Eleven, but we definitely need some improvements to the lads that sit on the bench. Another couple origi’s would go down a treat.

Finally tell us a bit about Macolfc... Going back to when you were younger, whats your earliest memory/first match following Liverpool? Who were your early heroes? Who did you pretend to be while playing at the schoolground?

My earliest memory is Michael Owen's late winner against Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup. I remember watching it at home with my mam & dad, for some reason I loved the yellow kit as well. Pretty sure I got a fake shirt when I was on holiday that year. I was only 6 then and always use to pretend to be Owen playing footy on the streets or at school, you could say he was my idol but that all changed for me when he signed for Utd. You can’t forgive something like that can you. Steven Gerard definitely took over from there, how can you not idolise someone like him. I was 10 when we won the CL in 2005 & he was unbelievable for us in that match. I was lucky enough to watch Gerrard in his prime while I was still a young kid.

My first match didn’t come until 2013/14 against Arsenal when we beat them 5-1. Living in Durham it’s not the easiest getting to games, it’s easily a £100 a match for me by the time I pay for a ticket, diesel & some food/drink. I join the cup scheme every year & make sure I get to them games then pick a handful of premier league games to attend. The 17/18 season I got to 13 premier league home games, last season only 5.

The 'Ring of Fire' - a new weekly feature on the This Is Anfield forums.

Many thanks to @Macolfc for taking part this week and for taking the time to answer the questions so indepth, thanks mate!

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