5 Moments above all


Fighting like beavers.
Mar 8, 2007
That Collymore move/goal/celebration/moment in the game was one of the best I've seen. Was too young to follow the club at the time, but every time I watch that clip, I get chills and it makes me wanna run just like Stan. What a moment.

Will type some of my other not so obvious ones.


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Sep 23, 2016
I’m not good at tech stuff so will struggle to put images in. Anyway my first moment hasn’t got an image, it’s just my recollection.

Early seventies on the Kop. Pre match and the songs we’re being belted out.

Somebody (I’m guessing Jojo) starts the “Give us an L” chant. It went something like this.

Jojo, “Give us an L”

Kop, “L”

Jojo. “Give us an I”

Kop’ “I”

Jojo, “Give us a V”

Kop, “V”

Jojo, “Give us a wank”

Kop, a pause, followed by laughter and then “Jojo is a wanker, Jojo is a wanker, na na na na.

It’s not just the sporting moments that stick in the mind. It’s the human moments too. I love the “corner taken quickly” and an Origi 96th minute winner. But I take just as much pleasure in seeing a Dad leading his young Son or Daughter through a match day crowd as the kid looks around in awe and wonder and I know that there’s a future generation of Reds being formed that will experience the highs and the lows, but will stick with the Reds no matter what. One day maybe in the distant future, they’ll sit at their computers and recount their favourite moments. Who knows what they’ll be?

Winning number thirty?

Watch this space!