#7: The Ring of Fire with Broomy


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Sep 13, 2015
Time to turn the mic around for our own resident Michael Parkinson aka Broomy.. We didn't go easy on him..

The Ring of Fire with @Broomy

Your TIA Username:
Location : Southport, England/Dublin, Ireland.

You and Liverpool FC
Favourite Current LFC Player :
Andy Robertson
Favourite all-time LFC Player : Sami Hyypia
Favourite all time Reds match : Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona 2019

And the rest:
Favourite non-LFC Player :
Christian Eriksen, Huge respect for Seamus Coleman also for the recent donation to the Sean Cox Fundraiser.
Favourite other clubs (if any) : Southport Football Club
Other sports/hobbies/past times : Hiking, Swimming, Drinking!
Non-footballing heroes : Fionn Mac Cumhail!!!

If you could list 3 people associated with Liverpool past or present to attend a dinner party hosted by you, who would they be and why?

Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Reuben Bennett, Tom Saunders, I would have loved to have met them all, but there’s one man who I have total admiration and respect for is ‘Bugsy’ Ronnie Moran who sadly passed away in 2017. He was at Anfield when George Kay was manager right through to Roy Evans. 49 years at Liverpool from player, coach, physio, reserve and first-team coach, assistant/caretaker manager, founding member of the famous Boot Room, he gave his life to Liverpool. A legend...

But who would I invite to a dinner party? Am I allowed to pick @ubermick, @Billy Biskix and @Sweeting!!

First up is Ray Houghton.... I remember been stuck on a media bus with Ray Houghton in Skopje a few years back, we only had an hour and a half to get from the stadium to the airport before the plane departed so we were under pressure to make the bus on time... Ray Houghton was covering the Irish match with Sky Sports but when we got back to the bus we were the only two people there along with the bus driver.... Twenty minutes passed and still nobody had arrived... Finally, the journalists and media crewmen arrived but the bus couldn’t leave without the RTE crew of Ronnie Whelan and George Hamilton who had somehow found a pub on the way back to the bus!! I could have talked to Ray Houghton for hours that night, a genuine sound man...

Next up is Steve Heighway, just to ask him about his work in overseeing the club's youth development nurturing some of the finest players to wear a Liverpool shirt such as Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, while not forgetting Stephen Warnock, David Thompson, Dominic Matteo and Stephen Wright...

My last pick would have to be the legend that is Kenny Dalglish.

Any games from history you've heard about that you'd have loved to have witnessed first hand?

I remember my granddad telling me about a match at Anfield, the F.A. Cup 4th Round replay against Walsall in 1968.

The story goes something like this... It was an extremely foggy day with threats of a potential match postponement. Tony Hateley scored for Liverpool down the Anfield Road End but with the dense fog the Kop was unable to see the goal or who had scored it... All they heard was the Anfield Road End cheering....

So the Kop in full voice started singing:
- “Annie Road, Annie Road, who scored the Goal?”
The response that came back was:
- “Tony Hateley, Tony Hateley, Tony Hateley....”
To which the Kop started singing an old famous song...
- “Thank you very much for the information, thank you very much, thank you very very very very much!”

Still gives me a smile thinking about it...

What's your favorite kit and why?

Tough one this, but i'm going for the 1982/83 home kit when we won our fourteenth league title with the gold pinstripes!

You've got a football time machine with the power to change one result, one time use only, which match do you "fix" and why?

Look it's got to be Heysel and Hillsborough....

Regarding on field performances.... There's been a few I can think of....
- Inter Milan referee in 1965 (The Italian Job).
- 1977 FA Cup Final when we were on the edge of a historic achievement.
- Last game of the 1988/89 season (win, draw or lose 1-0) when Michael Thomas scored that last minute goal.
- Cantona's goal in the 1996 FA Cup Final and those cream Armani suits.
- Gerrard's slip v Chelsea (annoys me so much how Sky Sports love replaying that moment).
- Karius' nightmare.

Which signing were you sure was going to be a great player and disappointed you the most?

Before ThisIsAnfield.com was created, before those legendary @GBH rumours, before the days you could log onto the "who would you buy thread" and ask @cardiffpete or @Anfield rd Dreamer their thoughts on an incoming player from Ajax or Barcelona, before twitter was invented and before the days of the ITK's all I had was Ceefax page 302 on BBC Television for all the latest transfer news.

Even before youtube, the only way I watched players from abroad was European Cup matches, UEFA Cup, International matches and that Cup Winners Cup Competition ....

I still remember the headline news on Ceefax in January 2001, "Liverpool have signed Jari Litmanen". We had signed a "world class player" from Barcelona, even better, he arrived on a free transfer.... His arrival came as a complete shock to me!

I had visions of him being our Del Piero, our Klinsmann, our Maradonna... Six days later he came on as a second half substitute in our League Cup semi final defeat at Crystal Palace, he provided the assist for Smicer, the excitement, the anticipation was beginning to bubble. We now had a frontline of Owen, Fowler, Heskey and Litmanen.

That excitement soon diminished due to a lack of fitness, he was played sporadically by Houllier, a broken wrist, ankle injuries.... That 2000/01 season saw him just feature in 5 League games....

He was only at Liverpool for 18 months where he played 43 games scoring 9 goals. He left in 2002 leaving me wondering what might have been...

This year will be the last the club spend at Melwood, with the first team set to join the academy at a redeveloped Kirkby facility in Summer 2020. The move will give the first team access to world class training facilities, and put young players in contact with Klopp’s staff on a daily basis. What do you think the biggest impact of the move will be?

The nostalgic and historian part of me is gutted to hear the news that Melwood is to be bulldozed to the ground with planning permission approved for 160 houses to be built.... Memories of Bill Shankly transforming Melwood in the 1960's, those photos of new players outside Melwood's entrance building, those photos of fans standing up on ladders and wheelie bins trying to get a glimpse of the lads training over the wall... I know discussions are ongoing by local residents at the moment to save the Melwood grounds and facilities so we'll see what happens...

With regards to amalgamating Melwood and Kirkby, well it had to happen. Melwood is constrained space-wise especially the indoor facility. An old chapter will be closed but a new era with a new state-of-the-art training complex which will be beneficial.

But more importantly it will give the Academy young lads an opportunity to work beside the first team. Was it Klopp or Rodgers who mentioned that he hadn't seen the U18 play live at Kirkby in over 12 months? The 'Futures Group' at Melwood was set up to combat this. Having the Academy and First team together gives the academy kids something to inspire to watching Firminio and Salah on the pitch next to them on a daily basis.

Given the fact that the squad looks solid, would you be ok with Liverpool not signing any marquee players this summer?

Simple answer to this... Yes. These past two seasons have highlighted how lacking in football knowledge I actually am... (although i'm sure a few members on here could have told me that news a few years ago)!! I was a little critical when we signed Andy Robertson from Hull and look how that turned out, I was also one who compared Divock Origi to David Ngog following that defeat to Crystal Palace at Anfield... Had somebody told me this time last year the impact Origi would have had this season it would have been impossible for me to believe!!

As much as I can second quess or know what Klopp is going to do this summer I guarantee you in equal spades we don't. If Klopp, Edwards and Gordon, Dave Fallows, Barry Hunter, Ian Graham (whoever is still involved in the scouting systems) are happy not to sign any 'marquee players', well then i'll trust them. I do feel we need to nullify the dependency placed on Mane and Salah or if we got a long term injury to Firminio. Like most fans, left back cover is also a priority but if we end up with a left back like young Ruben Vinagre from Wolves and another young player who can provide an alternative on the left or right wing, i'd be happy enough.

Last season we got top four with 75 points reaching a European Cup final. This season we went one better in Big Cup, but also added an incredible 22 points to our league campaigning, reducing a 25 point deficit to City, to just a single point. What has been the biggest factor contributing to that improvement?

Where to even begin with that answer... I've enjoyed watching how Klopp has had to identify and then adopt different styles which has kept fans and opposition manager quessing since's he's arrived. This season's style changed again with Robertson and Alexander Arnold, the dynamism in midfield in Keita and the holding midfielder in Fabinho.

However, the first thing that springs to mind is the solidity at the back, the ever present Alisson, Alexander Arnold-Matip/Gomez-Van Vijk-Robertson partnerships.

The impact Alisson has had on that backline cannot be emphasized enough, the supreme confidence and sense of authority he has had been lacking these past few season at Liverpool. We were also lucky Van Dijk and Robertson were an ever present at the back.

It was a consistent back line that conceded just 22 goals in the Premier League earning Alisson the Golden Glove award, Robertson was easily the best left back in the Premier League, Van Dijk the PFA Player of the year and we had Alexander-Arnold recording the most assists by a defender in the Premier League’s history with 12.

In early May, I heard a surprising statistic ‘Liverpool have scored more Premier League goals from set-pieces (exc. pens) than any other team this season with 21’. I’m not sure if that stat changed at the end of the season but let’s hope it can be continued and bettered next season!

With Klopp hinting at leaving the club for an extended break in 2022, what impact do you think this will have on the club and who is your pick to eventually succeed him?

Feck, how many seasons away is 2022, how can he ever be replaced, nobody will be able to succeed him....!!! Liverpool will have to promote from within (Pep Lijnders) or find another man for the job (Steven Gerrard). Here's hoping Klopp won't need that one-year sabbatical in 2022...


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Sep 13, 2015


Jun 15, 2007

We had to do it.. Can't lurk in the shadows forever Broomy..

The question for all.

What's your favorite kit and why?
Favourite kit is easily the one from the 87/88 season. It's the best Liverpool team in my life time, the first season where I went to a Liverpool game, the first shirt I owned and is also the one retro kit you can never get online. If it was ever released it would be an instant best seller - would probably even challenge the sales of any new shirt release.

Weirdly, I googled it to post an image and the kit it gave me isn't the kit I remember as my first as a kid which turns out was actually the 86/87 one. I must have been wearing that kit when I first went to see Liverpool play away at Oxford in '87. So scratch my first answer, my favourite kit is the 86/87 one.
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Jul 23, 2011
The home kit from 1968 to 1973. White collar, white cuffs, proper red shirt, proper red shorts and proper red socks. Just as Shankly intended.

You can see it being worn here in the first LIverpool game I can remember seeing. I must have watched earlier games but it's the one that sticks in my memory, probably because it was so dramatic. Three weeks after this game I went to see my heroes play in the flesh for the first time ever.



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Aug 6, 2016
The home kit from 1968 to 1973. White collar, white cuffs, proper red shirt, proper red shorts and proper red socks. Just as Shankly intended.

You can see it being worn here in the first LIverpool game I can remember seeing. I must have watched earlier games but it's the one that sticks in my memory, probably because it was so dramatic. Three weeks after this game I went to see my heroes play in the flesh for the first time ever.

Wonderful kit. Here's a story i'd like to share. My Dad was team manager ( or as he called it General Dogsbody ) for the Under 12's and my Under 14's side. The club was poor and really ran on a shoe string budget to the point where we always wore the hand me down kits from older age groups.
We never looked or felt like proper players.

The final straw for my Dad came when the " new " season hand me down kit was given to us. It was as heavy as a sack and over sized to the point of being ridiculous. My Dad decided to do something about it.

A few weeks later Dad arrived home with a few parcels and unwrapped one. It was an exact replica of the kit you refer to.
I kind of had the feeling whilst Dad put the squeeze on the committee to fully fund the kit, he may have put some money into it as well.
Dad of course knowing i was a LFC fan thought he might kill two birds with one stone,haha.

The pride we had wearing that kit was unbelievable!! We looked like proper players!

We played so well that coming season only to just fall short of winning the league on the last day by 2 points. The kit had a part to play in our improved performance.


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Sep 2, 2013
Favourite kit for me is the candy adidas with 3 strips on right shoulder and left side of shorts. There was a green away one which I have.
I think we won the FA cup in 1992 with that kit.
Loved that green one