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A story for a story ..


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Oct 26, 2010
Just to get something different, this thread is about your stories regarding LFC. It can be an experience you once had at a game, or people you met during a game, or players you met etc. Anything to do with Liverpool FC.

I'll start off.

I was living in London at the time. I was around 7-10 years old. My older brother was a spurs fan. Actually he was a LFC fan at first, ironically that's why I started supporting LFC but then he switched. I however opted to remain loyal, once I opened my heart and let the Reds in, there was no turning back. My brothers heart is tainted with shit *jk* so it was easy for him to switch to spurs.

One day, my brother asked me if I wanted to go watch Tottenham vs Liverpool at white heart lane. I was freaking out inside because that was the first time I would get to see my team play live.

He tells me that since he's a spurs fan and I'm too young to sit by myself that I would have to join him in the spurs section. At first I didn't want to but he assured me that was the only way i'd go watch the game and if I didn't then I wouldn't go with him, that simple. Needless to say I sat in the spurs section lol.

My brother was 12-15. Where I was really skinny and small, he was really tall and fat but we were both kids. We really shouldn't of gone by ourselves but we always did stupid shit so it was nothing new.

I remember walking into white heart lane and pretending it was Anfield. So there I am sitting in the tottenham section, I remember we were so close to the pitch we were only a few rows behind.

During the match the section I was sat in got louder and more abusive towards Liverpool. It was annoying me and making me angry. They scored and everyone around me stood up and celebrated.

I stayed sat but I was really upset. My older brother who was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than me in size and girth started poking me and laughing. I remember thinking 'We will show you'.

Then John Barnes ties the game and before you know it. I stood up and I start celebrating, going mad like we had just won the world cup, In the tottenham section. My brother freaks out and gets up to sit me back down and then he punches me in the shoulder.

I started crying like a bitch it was so painful. He told me that all of spurs were going to kill me after the game if I didnt shut up. We ended winning 3-1 and even though I never got up again for the other 2 goals, I would tap my shoes together or the tips of my fingers together and that was my secret celebration sat with the enemy.

I wonder if they ever got that on TV. Some stupid kid who just stood up by himself in the tottenham section celebrating a goal that Liverpool scored.

I got my ass beat bad by him when we got home but it was worth it. I'll never forget that time.


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Jan 6, 2011
Well, Last year i was in London for my studies[One of the main reasons to choose UK for studies was my life long dream to watch liverpool play!]

My first match was Chelsea FC vs Liverpool FC [last years carling cup, which we won 0-2!! maxi and kelly scored!]. I didnt get tickets in the liverpool section, however i managed to get one in the chelsea fans section. I went to the game with some of my turkish friends who support beskitas[yes, we beat them 8-0, so they basically cheered for chelsea]. Carroll missed the penalty and every one cheered, but i sat silent,disappointed. And then there was this jerk besides me who kept telling we will thrash them 5-0[hahah]. I couldnt control myself outside the ground though, i started chanting with the traveling kopites and its a feeling i cant describe.

My second game was the liverpool fc vs newcastle fc game. I travelled to liverpool and stayed there with my mate. He didnt get the ticket so i had to make the journey for the game alone. It was in the anfield road end.I was disappointed i didnt get it in the kop end, but then i was dam excited to watch my 1st game at anfield. I still remember, an old man came towards me in the stand and asked "where are you from?", I said "India", he said"i have been there once, to chennai, to watch india vs england, and i am a big fan of Sachin". I was surprised, but i always felt people in liverpool were very polite and friendly compared to london. We won the game 3-1!! and yes, i was blessed to see our skipper score!.

My third game was my dream come true. A european game at anfield at the kop end. I had been dreaming for this moment ever since i supported LFC. THe game was liverpool fc vs Fc Gomel[the qualifiers].
To those international fans who havent been to anfield, i am telling you, anfield at a european night is mind boggling. I cant describe it, you have to feel it for yourself. I had goosebumps for the entire match, the kop chanting, YNWA, JFT96... it moves you, you almost shed a tear.
I realise how fortunate i am to be part of this wonderful family. I consider myself even more fortunate because the games i have gone we have won :D

I will cherish those memory forever, especially when i kissed the champions league trophy in our trophy room! #priceless :D :D


TIA Reserve Team
Nov 11, 2009
This is my article:

"Oye! pack your bags you are off to UK” these were the words my friend told me, informing about my onsite assignment. For years I had set eyes on this country, I wanted to visit UK once, not because of London, or beauty or not even because of the GBP. Just the fact that this country ate, slept and drank football, or Club football to be specific, made going there and witnessing a football match as my very important wish! It wasn’t London tourist attractions or the Highlands on Scotland that attracted me… just the game and the English passion for the game.

Ever since I started following Liverpool FC after the 2005 champions league victory, they were team I wanted to see playing and that too preferably at Anfield; Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC, the most successful English team in Europe. My first problem was selecting the match and getting a ticket. Thou I held a LFC membership; there was no way I could get the tickets in first attempt. I eventually bought the ticket and then started my planning. Got my travel and accommodation booked and was off to Liverpool on 11/04/2011 and the match I had chosen was Liverpool FC vs. Manchester City FC, the battle of the Rich and the Famous.

I reached Liverpool Lime Street station at 11 am, with loads of time before the kick off (being a Monday kick off the match was scheduled for 8pm), I headed straight for the City Center to check out a few shops and collect my ticket for the match. On reaching the city center I got the first shot of what a football club means to their FANS! LFC barbers, LFC burgers…. Each and every shop is named after the football club. Plus all you could see was fans in the red jerseys. Being match day I suppose there were more Fans than the usual! I got the 18no Bus and headed to my B&B; the Anfield guest house. Situated approx 5 mins from the stadium, the B&B was an old house converted into B&B. the walls of the B&B spoke about the glory days of Liverpool, portraits of Bob Paisley, Daglish and the achievements of Liverpool FC.

I checked in my room! 3 bunk beds and my roommates for the day were a Chinese and an Australian both of them travelling to the UK, just for the match! We spent the next 2 hours discussing football… no politics, no culture queries not even UK weather, just football and off course LFC. The more we discussed about English passion the more we got confused. We couldn’t understand how supporters could hate each other… nor could we figure out why they hated players when they leave the club.

18:00 hrs and we decided to stop talking and start walking towards Anfield. Now just opposite the stadium there were a few ‘pubs’. All of these were full of supporters, singing their songs and cheering Liverpool FC. The atmosphere was surely electrifying and it really takes you up there with them. Mind you if you are not a home team supporter, don’t even dare to go in.

19:00 hrs we enter the stadium, courtesy me and the Chinese friend (we both being from populous countries were in a hurry to get to our seats… and it was worth). We got a nice view of the stadium; we were at the centenary stand with the main stand opposite us, the legendary KOP to our left and the away stand on our right. In no time the players were out for their warm ups and usual we all ran to the front row to get a quick snap of them. The away team and home team practiced in their respective halves with the goal keepers practicing first and then the players. Practice for goalkeepers included taking spot kicks, few close range saves and clearances. While the players played touch and pass.

20:00 hrs the players walk out and the loud speaker plays “You will never walk Alone” a typical Anfield ritual. Every Liverpool supporter would stand up and sing that song, I tried but then preferred enjoying the atmosphere. The starting XI was announced and the loudest cheer came for Luis Suarez, the new darling of KOP. It was all going to start… I was waiting for the referee’s whistle coz it was not just for the start of the game… it was the whistle indicating the fulfillment of my wish. After 90 minutes, while walking out of the stadium, I felt Anfield telling me ‘You will never walk Alone’.

Those 90 minutes were the best for the football fan in me… the fans, the atmosphere, the sport, all made me realize that I had seen a new form of passion, something I never imagined or something I could never reach.


TIA Youth Team
Oct 26, 2010
i'll add mine when i have a spare hour or so, my love for the club is still strong after 51 years of being a red.
51 years of LFC memories .. lived through the best years of the club, you lucky man. You must have some epic stories