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Adrien Rabiot (CM) PSG

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Aug 26, 2014
The best players play under Klopp. Those that don't play but want to are allowed to leave. At PSG he has been benched for lesser performing players because they've been higher profile and also been denied departures both Perm and Loan. Yeah on the issues he's had over playing time I'd suggest Klopp would have been on his side over the political games at PSG. If the worst you can say about a player is that he's not happy when not being played and wants to be used in his most effective position I think he's been painted as a bigger villain than he is. Still not expecting him here though as really think we are set in the two deepest CM roles for a good few seasons.
This is a complete mischaracterization of his time at PSG, but we've done this many times.
Not open for further replies.