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Analysis: The impact of Lucas’ return on Joe Allen


TIA Regular
Jan 14, 2007
I'm not talking about that collapse. I'm talking about the one last year under Kenny....at one stage we were picking up points at a decent rate. Not great but not terrible and then we lost lucas and our ability to pick up points was shot.

The point sper game with lucas over the past couple years, compared to the points per game without him, tell a striking story.
Your right then, but You will learn that it really went for the worst when Adam also got longterm injured. lack of a back up plan from kenny if that was to happen was what cost us the most. We had Meireles and aquilani in our hand but it was decided they should be cast away, if that foolish decision wasen't made, the season wouldn't have ended the way it did.Then there's the whole story about carroll, he could have earned us a lot of point if he actually could live up to his pricetag, or just half his pricetag.no matter what, lucas will soon be back so we'll see the effect he has on the team. Personally I don't expect us to suddenly turn into a top-side.

SF Red

TIA Regular
Dec 3, 2010
Your right then, but You will learn that it really went for the worst when Adam also got longterm injured.
Adam was injured against QPR on March 21st. We fell apart long before that. I think it really started in the draw with Wigan on 21/12 right after the Suarez verdict.
From then on:D-D-W-L-D-L-W-D-L-W-L-L-L(QPR)-L-L-D-W-L-L-W-W-L

captain chaos

TIA Youth Team
Jun 30, 2010
i think everyone on here gets how important Lucas is to our team to be honest

What concerns me is Lucas getting rushed back, expected to hit the ground running, and all our worries (except scoring) will be over.
It's not that simple.

IF he picks up a little niggle, WHO have we got to step in? no-one
if he needs a rest, or gets eased in slowly, we still have no one to pick up his place

he's at risk of being overplayed/rushed back/ and all with sky high expectations from us - it might take a month or 2 before he starts to approach his old level


TIA Regular
Jun 10, 2009
He looked boss on saturday. His passing is crisp and incisive. He drops deep to collect the ball, and has great positioning instead of running around like a headless chicken.

It's good to know that he's an all rounder, and allen can play alongside him. Unfortunately, gerrard will not last very long.

Should we play a 4-4-2 with suarez in the hole?

The Elusive 19th

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Jan 30, 2011
I don't think we will ever see 442 with BR at the helm.

We may or may not be trying to replace SG come this Jan or Summer. I think Suso and Shelvey can do the Attacking mid role well between them.

What we need really is an understudy to Lucas for sure. Again here i would prefer a very young potential rather than the Mvilla, sissoko, etc since they will cost a lot of money and wont come here to play second fiddle to Lucas.

Its better if we sort this out in Jan rather than in the summer, since for an youngster to gel with the team may take a little time. We definitely won't get time in the next season.

On a side note how is Jay playing in Bolton. I can see the statistics but any one from here by any chance seen his play this season?

Amateur Hour

Nov 20, 2012
^What about developing Henderson as strictly defensive. I know he's struggled in the defensive role, but he has also shown to be competent as the deep lying mid. His work rate is never in question, generally makes good 'safe' decisions, does not shy away from contact, and it seems to me when I watch him he is almost always in a good position to make a tackle. He's still young enough to develop and although I had very high hopes I have all but given up on him providing any offense with his dreadful finishing.


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Jul 20, 2010
Annoyingly we had the chance to pick up a back up/rotation DM in the summer for free but the Diame deal wasn't sealed. He would have been a good if not spectacular back up or rotation option to ease Lucas back into the first team and to play some of the cup and Europa League games. I know a lot of people were against his signing at the time because it was a bosman and he was coming from Wigan but a solid DM who breaks up the play and lets the attack minded players play with freedom knowing there is a sweeper in front of the centre backs is imperative to a 4-3-3 system. Having Sahin, Allen or Henderson cover this role is the same as asking any of those players to cover for an absent Suarez, it's a very specialist role and is the hub around which a 4-3-3 works.

Busquets is never going to get the plaudits but every Barcelona player knows how important he is and sings his praises. By having him there it allows Alves, Alba, Iniesta and Xavi to get so much further forward to be involved in the attack. Having Lucas back will help us immensely and whilst in January we need to focus on getting a couple of attackers through the doors in the summer or January if possible we need to address the fact that we only have one player at the club to that can truely play this role.


Anything But Normal
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Jan 6, 2011
More than allen, i think lucas contributes heavily to our defense. Since he has been back, we have been more solid at the back, we havent been really stretched. We missed him, because he breaks up play and distributes it quickly. Allen can make short passes, but he needs to add the occasional goal scorning threat and he should have the ability to hit the 60yards pass too.
His form has slumped, every player has a dip in his performance, good players usually bounce back.
I would love to see steve employed behind our false 9 or suarez. He is at his lethal best at that position. Now that lucas is back, steve will benefit a lot. lucas provides steve this freedom.
You can see the difference in steves game. He has had too much to do. Although he is good at breaking up play, we all agree that its best for our club if he is in the attacking third.
With lucas back, i expect steve to bomb forward, probably even shelvey. Allen and lucas togther should keep the possession.