Ashley Williams

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darren kelly

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Jan 29, 2011

Well he is their captain and now a certain time has elapsed and Brendan can raid his old club again.With Wilson on loan and maybe Coates going on loan and the future of Carragher uncertain is this a realistic signing in the summer or now?


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Apr 29, 2011
He's a cunt. Been well documented over the way he has acted over the past few dramas that have unfolded recently.

Don't think he'll leave Swansea for us though.


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Apr 20, 2008
Do we really need another player from Swansea ? are we only being linked with him because Rodgers was his manager ? I agree we will need a CB in the summer but there must be better players out there.


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Aug 8, 2008
As a player, he'd be a decent option for 3rd choice. As a person, I don't want him anyway near this club or Suarez.


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Feb 26, 2011
His comments of late have not been good, however if the price is right he'd not be the worst back up. Doubt he'll want to leave though.

Swansea progressing nicely, just secured Michu on a long term contract, their other new signings doing well, their manager is a top man and they're favourites to win the League Cup next month.

Why would he leave there now to come be a back up? On course for a trophy as captain which would gain them Europea League football which we probably won't better, and he obviosuly doesn't like Suarez either.


Usual media crap - and the fact that the mirror are reporting it shouldn't make it worthy of its own thread?!


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Nov 6, 2006
Hopefully this will go away soon. really do not want to see LFC reliant on the success(?) of Swansea City over the next 3/4 years.


Jun 24, 2006
Can see Rodgers wanting this one to happen. Starting Carragher against Norwich shows his desire to have more leaders on the pitch and, like him or not, Williams is a leader. Personally I don't doubt his ability as he's taken to premier league football with relative ease.

Main problem is obvious, his age. However, if Carra retires or moves on in the summer I can see Rodgers using the argument with Ayre/FSG that Williams is 6 years younger and so the average age of the team would decrease.

Probably worth £8-10 million, wouldn't like to see us spend any more than that.


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Jul 1, 2010
Can't see it happening at all so I'm not getting worried.

Don't think anyone at the club is that stupid to bring in him, knowing it would likely cause a slight ruckus.


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Apr 15, 2009
Be a really unpopular signing as he had way too much to say about Suarez when his opinion was neither sought nor valued as relevant in any way whatsoever. May be ok if it was just an interview but a chapter in his biography is pushing the envelope a bit too far

Also he's 29 and has not played for a big club in is life, spent nearly al his career in the basements. He's a decent defender for a mid table side, and that's as far as it should go

A buy which would lack in terms of ambition, imagination and sensitivity, so an absolute no fucking way on my part

As a player, he wouldn't be the worst we bought but it has potential to be the most unwelcome buy we have made since the bald cottager Paul Konchesky, a player I felt sorry for but would never have been signed

He wold be on a short leash from the start and it's the sort of thing that may be too much to handle for all but the top players. And Williams is not a top player. It would not be a good experience for him or us if it goes wrong. Shades of a Roy Hodgson type purchase that Rodgers should rethink if he is considering this. It's really not a great idea Brendan...


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Oct 22, 2009
Liverpool Owners Sanction £10m Summer Move for Premier League Defender – Report

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been given the red light to raid his former club Swansea for their club captain Ashley Williams.

The powerful centre-back has been in superb form this season and has played an instrumental role in helping the club reach Wembley as his impressive displays led to Swansea keeping two clean sheets in the Capital One Cup semi-final against Chelsea.

The Mirror has reported that the Liverpool owners have told Rodgers that he will be handed £10million in order to try and tempt the Welsh club to part with the defender in the summer.

Swansea were worried last summer that a number of players would leave the Liberty Stadium and follow Rodgers to Liverpool but in the end it was only midfielder Joe Allen that made the move to Merseyside.

Rodgers has a good relationship with a number of the Swansea squad and is believed to be particularly close with Williams as it was the Liverpool bosses decision to give him the captain's armband.

It was believed that Rodgers may have had some difficulty in persuading the board to bid for a 28-year-old as the recent policy has been to only recruit young players who have a potential sell-on value.

They have already signed 23-year-old Daniel Sturridge and have made two offers for Inter Milan's attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho who is just 20.

However, it seems the board are prepared to make an exception for Williams, with managing director Ian Ayre suggesting earlier this month that the policy would change for the right player.

"It's not a policy which is set in stone but it's an aspiration. If we feel there's a particular position or player who can contribute to the group and is over that sort of age limit, it doesn't mean we won't consider that player," Ayre told the Liverpool Echo.

It is believed that Rodgers wants to bring another experienced centre-back to the club and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard recently revealed that he felt another defender was needed.

Quizzed on who he would like to see arrive at Anfield while on Sky show Goals on Sunday, Gerrard said: "I think a defender...we've got an injury at the moment to Enrique, we're having to play Glen Johnson left-back, who's been phenomenal for us as well this season at right-back and left-back.

"We got a young kid doing well--Andre Wisdom. So we may need a little bit more cover defensively."


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Oct 3, 2010
So their report is based on the Mirror report that I personally think is bullshit.

Nothing credible in this in the slightest.


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Aug 21, 2009
"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been given the red light to raid his former club Swansea for their club captain Ashley Williams." someone better inform the journo that green light means yes and red light means no.
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