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At Home With...The Guardiolas

Monument Mark

Jan 1, 2019
Mrs. G.: Sweetie pie, what time would you like to eat tonight?

Pep: 8 o’Klopp, I mean o’clock.

Mrs. G.: And what would you like me to make you, amor?

Pep: Could you do me a big Jurger, I mean burger?

Mrs. G.: Of course, carino.

Pep: With Salah, I mean salad.

Mrs G: Anything for you, my sizzling baby potato.

Pep: Thank God it’s the international break.

Liverpool can’t get any points in the international break, can they?

Mrs. G: It’s all right, my darling, tonight we can relax and make love.

Pep: I’d like that more than you believe.

Mrs. G: Just one thing, amor?

Pep: Yes, my delicious sliced onion?

Mrs. G: If we have another girl, could we call her Alison?