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Can we do the league and CL double?

Red over the water

Well-Known Member
May 13, 2018
We are at the stage now where almost all the teams can beat each other. We are expected to beat Atletico, but it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if they edged it... at least, not to discerning fans who know their manager and know how they play. Most expect a low scoring, cagey affair, with plenty of snide and micro-cheating on display that could (I hope not) affect the outcome.

If we were blowing teams away 4-0 every week in the Prem, I would strangely be less convinced by our prospects in a head to head with Atletico. But since we have been showing all season long we can win in numerous different ways, that sets us up a bit better for what will likely be an attritional encounter.

I expect us to go through in a tight affair, and then anything can happen. The Prem is in the bag, it’s just a matter of when, not if. The team will stay focused but that is done and dusted. The CL is wide open, but it’s there for us. Two finals on the bounce shows our pedigree. We can definitely do it.

A season where we are crowned World, Premier League and European Champions would be a treble for the ages.

El Dorado

Shakin' and stirred
Sep 21, 2015
In watching recent performances it seems to me we are peaking at the right time to make this possible. An absolute buzzsaw on the pitch. Fab back in the lineup. Henderson playing lights out. Firmino and Salah both handfuls. And the collective defending.

Fivethirtyeight says we're 21% favorites to win UCL. I'd call it more like 50%.