Dejan Lovren (CB) to AC Milan, Roma


Jun 15, 2007
Not a good option for us tbh,these try before buying with Italian clubs (if it's either Roma or AC Milan) never work in our favour,he'll probably end up back here next summer after they get there use out of him,i'd rather sell him while he's fit and get £15-20mill in the bank and his £5mill wages off the books now.If Edwards can't get £25mill+ for him after Maguire was sold for £85mill then i feel his value is only going to start depreciating from now on.

I'm not sure about FFP rules and how it works 100%,if the book balancing works over a 3 year cycle then next season (i'm assuming) is the start of a new cycle (if thats how it does work??),we'll be back to 0 and be able to splash the cash without having to worry for another 2 years,we've surely banked the Solanke and Ings sales,plus god knows how much we've made from loan fee's from last year and this season,plus Sturridge/Moreno wages off the books over this season.By time next summer comes around,with more player sales and trophy win earnings,i'd imagine we'd have a pretty decent pot of cash for transfers to go crazy with next year.
It's a rolling 3-year cycle so it doesn't reset.


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Jul 12, 2017
Loan deal would be a mistake. Hate the Italian clubs and their moving low-balling offers and then they cry after the event when we play full market price for their players..
Keep lovern, he may be needed. We kept Can for his last season when we could have got decent money for him, if we can't get decent cash for Dejan we should keep him.


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Jan 6, 2011
Would rather have him here. I rate him. He has got pace and a good ball player for a CB. He is also a goal threat from set pieces. He loses Concentration at times but with Van Dyk next to him he has improved and looked solid
While I agree that we are better off with him than without him for this season, but come on mate. He's never been a goal scoring CB. 5 goals in last 3 seasons and 7 goals in last 5. Not that spectacular return IMO.


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May 17, 2007
I have no issues with Lovren being loaned - if that deal contains an obligatory buy clause, like in Ings' case. I don't think Edwards will fall for their old trick, "just as soon as he plays thirty games, we buy him, mate, no way we'll sit him on the bench when he reaches twenty nine games, no worries there".


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Sep 13, 2015
So finally someone with backbone to the Italians "We'll give you £1mil a year if there is an albatros sighted on the 3rd sunday of every half moon?" bullshit offers.

He's worth keeping just to keep Salah with a buddy.


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Apr 29, 2008
Yes but maybe our player is now (at least a bit) 'unsettled'
Which was probably the intention of Roma. Lovren knows however that the club were will8ng to allow him to leave - possibly on a very generous fee to facilitate that move - I don't see him blaming the failure of the move on us. Its not as if we asked for too much money or raised prices at the last minute

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May 13, 2018
It might yet get done, and Roma could come back with the dough. Obviously they tried it on and we told them to do one. Fair enough. It's not the sort of thing I'm too fussed about one way or the other. Lovren is fourth choice and if he stays he might see a little action here and there. If he goes, we have a couple of other options after the main three central defenders, arguably not ideal because of young age, but with Fabinho and then a couple of up and coming Dutch kids, we have some depth there. Stay or go. We hold the cards. This is the price.

Arguably we might let him go for slightly less than the figure published, but there's no way we will lose him for pennies, or a bogus loan deal without a sale at a reasonable price being locked in.

As for Lovren, he's a pro, and this is the everyday sort of situation a pro footballer faces. He is very well paid, and if he faces a maybe/maybe not about going to live in Rome for a couple of years, I'm sure he will manage! After last season, when he barely played and Gomez emerged, then Matip did really well, he knows he's down the pecking order.

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Jul 23, 2011
Hopefully common sense has prevailed and he's now staying. It would have been madness to go down to 5 defenders. If he can stay fit he'll get plenty of game time this season. He just needs to be patient.


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May 24, 2007
Where does all the money go with Italian clubs?


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Sep 18, 2006
And here I thought Edwards great at buying low and selling high. I guess no match for Italian side cheap skate then....