End of Season 16/17 - 5 Things

Discussion in 'The Albert - LFC Talk' started by Jase, May 22, 2017.


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  1. James H

    James H "One word: Thundercougarfalconbird"

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    This was a strange season in many ways, as a whole you want and expect more from Liverpool than merely fourth place, however considering the hole we have been trying to claw ourselves out of since 2010 this is an ideal season to build a future on. the ground work for the squad has been put in place, we have a starting eleven that can beat anyone and when everyone is fit the bench doesn't look too bad either (even if a few positions are weak i.e. CB and LB). but taking this season on its own merits, it was a success, I see it no other way, the goal was always top four, not the title. The fact we started so well saw expectation increase but what would the feeling be if the two halves of the season were switched around? If we had started slow and finished by blitzing teams then there would be much more optimism about our season as it would have been accepted that we reached our goals. I agree as many others have said that i would have liked a trophy but I am also willing to be patient on this front as I feel they are coming and not too far into the future either. The main problem I see with our team at the minute is that when things started going badly in january, it took a long time for our players as a group and individually to step up and lead. I am hoping that this is merely a mentality hang over from the past seasons but could well point to a lack of leaders in the team. Another con is that I still don't trust Mignolet, his form improved immeasurably and he deserves a lot of credit for that but i'm not sure it long term, I hope it is as he finally looked like the goalie we thought we were getting but I am personally of the opinion that one mistake could lead to the old nervous Mignolet (but that might also be my own pessimism here).

    Finishing top four our primary goal
    2. Not reliant on one star player, we are better with Mane but have now shown we can win without him especially in the west ham and boro games.
    3. Surviving January, mark of a good team is how they respond to adversity and we had our blip and survived.
    4. The new stand and planned joining of the academy and Melwood. In general signs that we are starting to move into the modern era.
    5. Good foundations for the club to kick on from here, top four will not be primary goal anymore, and if we are good enough with our business there is no reason we couldn't mount a title challenge next year.

    Lacking leaders during January, a bit contradictory to my pros choice but during the games in January when i looked at the players I could not point to one who I could confidently say they will drive us on today, they will take this situation by the scruff of the neck.
    2. Klopp's subs, this particular drum has been beaten once or twice but quite often I am left scratching my head at some of the timings of the subs or the actual changes made.
    3. Nervousness at the back, even when we got clean sheets we never looked confident, Lovren's propensity for mistakes and the lack of a natual left footed LB who can swing in deliveries from the left, Milner had a decent season but his need to check back onto his right foot often took the spped out of our attack.
    4. No out and out goalscorer, I know we have Sturridge but for the majority of the season we may as well not have, we really need to either buy one or fix Sturridge's injury problems once and for all.
    5. Not beating united, self explanatory, also not a major con.

    To see further developement of TAA, Grujic, Gomez and the other young players next season.
    2. Another window of smart transfers and improvement.
    3. A title challenge (even if we don't win it but to be in the conversation for the majority of the season) and progression in the C.L. first past the playoffs and then the group stage, after that I will take it as it comes.
    4. Maybe slightly hopeful here, but to break our transfer record with someone good so it won't be Andy Carroll anymore!
    5. Improvement defensively, I don't mind if its the same players or new ones just give us confidence that we won't concede in games.
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