Expiring Contracts


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Apr 29, 2008
The question with Lallana staying is - how it is going to affect Wilson's minutes. I feel Lallana should be moved on and Wilson should be given those 500+ minutes, as it can help prepare Wilson. I also expect Lallana to get injured again and expect him not to do much this season either.
I dont see it affecting Wilson's chances at all. I dont think they cover the same positions per se. Also, the issue that may prevent Wilson getting games is probably his physique and or defensive work rate. Lallana's importance to the club lies in as much to his work in training as it does to his presence on the pitch (if not more so).


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Jun 23, 2003
Lallana kinda does affect Wilson’s chances.

I realise their different players, but it enables Klopp to push and pull the line up in different ways.

I’m happy for lallana to stay, if he’s putting the work in, has the appropriate additude, that can only help, better the devil you know for a 6th plus choice midfielder, no?

Sometimes strange things happen in football, a few years injured at your peak level can actually prolong your career....can’t think of a player at the very top like that, but it’s commonplace down the levels.

Not saying it will happen, but it CAN happen