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FA Cup 4th Round Replay. Liverpool vs Shrewsbury Town. 4.2.20. 1945 hrs ko.

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Apr 2, 2014
Never in doubt.

A decent stream on HesGoal (well, until @Rambler ruined it) meant I managed to watch most of the game, although some incidents were missed due to buffering.

Lots of promise from the youngsters. Jones will obviously attract the headlines, what with all his tricks and flicks but, to be hyper-critical, there was no end product. Elliott had a lively game and the back five were solid but a special mention to the midfield trio: Chirivella calmly controlled the game, while Cain and Clarkson put themselves about with gusto.

A stroke of luck involved with the goal, obviously, but it was no more than the boys deserved- we were by far the better team over the ninety minutes and Kelleher barely had a save to make tonight.

MOTM: @Nur der BvB09. His “wok” mistype inspired me to make a quick stir fry for dinner. Next time, mate, make sure your mistype says “Beef Wellington”. The other half makes an outstanding one.

P.S. Shrewsbury had what initially appeared to be a perfectly good goal disallowed by VAR. Replays showed that Golbourne was indeed offside in the build-up, but that won’t satisfy the LiVARpool contingent. I’m off to Bluemoon...


We'll go again!
Jul 11, 2013
Bet they redirect you to a Moroccan carpet sale.
It’s on the bbc site itself. I asked for a reply. Let’s see. Judging by that dickhead’s subsequent official commentary people have been pulling him up on it and he goes “it’s just a joke”. Fuck you shithead. Can’t stand someone else succeeding through graft, desire and planning so you take cheap shots. Brave motherfucker. It’s one of these two: Emlyn Begley or Shamoon Hafez.
Not open for further replies.