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FA Cup Fifth Round. Chelsea vs Liverpool. Tues Mar 3rd 1945hrs.


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Oct 25, 2014
We got used to premier league sides sitting back and letting us doddle around with the ball. Shit scared of us for no real reason IMHO.

As it is, we are nowhere near sharp enough at all, and been scraping results for the most part. Not putting sides away this season, by any stretch. Signs were there months ago for this sort of drop in results. Our last all round performance was at Leicester.

Fucking clueless tonight. From manager mainly. Lallana, Origi,and Fabhino were awful. Why did we insist on playing towards Williams. Is Fabhno fucking thick as shit? Get Robbo involved ya daft twat. No, kept going right.

If its all about momentum, then we're scraping the barrel going into Madrid next week. Cant recall a goalie diving to make a stop against us in the last 3 matches.


TIA Reserve Team
Aug 27, 2010
At this rate we do not look like winning anything ! So many players looking poor. Tactics looking very questionable.
Adrian one mistake but otherwise o.k.
Williams did o.k for a youngster. Gomez and VVD looked to casual and were well below their best. Robbo another below his best again. Fabhino looks like a carthorse. Jones struggled to get into it first half but did in the second well until being taken off. Minamino a bit like a headless chicken. Lallana to many twists and turns with very little end product, Mane did not always look interested. Milner battled well to try and get things going but , like Lallana has lost some pace. Origi again looked lost. A total mess . A lot of work to be done yet this season with so many players suddenly not looking good enough.


DoctorJimmy: knee-high flying tackle specialist
May 18, 2016
Poor Taki. He must have begun to think he's jinxed us.