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First Time Visit to Anfield/Liverpool


from doubters to believers to sky-high achievers
Jan 26, 2017
Looks like we could have at least 3 parades. Monday 18th May could be the big one. Sunday 24th May - could just send the reserves on the parade bus for that? Sunday 31st May would also be quite big .... but right now, let's do what Jurgen does and focus on the next game.
Jürgen can go on doing it his way.

I'm more like Marvel Cinematic Universe

Phase 1 ended after the City game

Phase 2 ends at the end of the year (I am very positive that we will increase our lead until then.

Phase 3 ends when the CL K.O. stage begins - thinks that’s where City will 'give up' if we lead with + 8 points.

Phase 4 ends with the second City Game in matchday 32