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Fulham v Liverpool,Premier League.17,03,19, KO 14.15

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Alright Now

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Apr 16, 2016

Steady.... if you are going to start writing long posts like these, then you are going to have to learn what paragraphs are..

I’m thinking 4-0, but 3 points is most important.
To be fair to @Scott Jones, he covered a lot of themes, which necessitated a longer post: good versus evil, coming of age, the supernatural, and objective morality are some of the themes that stood out to me. Great OP.


Anfield kick about
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May 30, 2017
To be fair to @Scott Jones, he covered a lot of themes, which necessitated a longer post: good versus evil, coming of age, the supernatural, and objective morality are some of the themes that stood out to me. Great OP.
I think you are quite right.

After the Fulham game, shall we lend @Scott Jones to Parliament, he could sort out this brexit thing everyone’s going on about.


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Mar 27, 2014
A crucial three points needed ahead of the break, with Spurs after it whilst City themselves play Fulham.

We have to be relentless during City's mixed up schedule and put pressure on.

It'd be lovely if we can get to a scenario whereby City lose at United two days before we play Huddersfield, and we can take charge of the title race before any CL semi, with just two matches remaining in the PL.

I'd go same defence as the other night. In midfield I'd go Fab and Gini with Lallana if Milner needs a rest, but not Fab or Gini with two from Lallana, Keita and Shaqiri.

The first choice front three has to start.


Looking for Clues...
Nov 16, 2016
Trent Matip vDijk Robertson
Wijnaldum Fabinho Lallana
Shaqiri Firmino Mane

Bring on Salah around 60min to run rings around their tired defence and finish them off nicely.
Cant get on board with dropping Salah. He is instrumental in the attack even when not scoring. Leaving him ou seems like madness to me.
I think it will be Lallana for Milner, Fabinho and Gini. Rest picks itself.


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Nov 29, 2007
Looking forward to this one, well until about 3 mins in when i'm already shouting at someone for not scoring yet. Nah, I hope we go in pumped up, on a high from doing the Munich and rip them to shreds, it's about time those darned floodgates opened and we got some big numbers.

Mo to find form at the right time, i'm predicting three from his magical left boot this sunday, time for the King to rise once more and remind his followers why he is the chosen one and of course Mane bagging another deuce would be sweet as! I can see Big Virg with his pipe and slippers on and Alisson playing keepie-uppie on his own box.

It's time to be confident, believe in the team once more and get yet another 3 points, pressure right back on Pep and his girls. In this team we do trust, cup finals from here on out and pray for a miracle from the scummers at the toilet, Enjoy the game everyone!

Scott Jones

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Mar 8, 2016
IMO Mo has to start. He has been the provider recently. Just having him on the pitch creates havoc.
He keeps defenders nervous and preoccupied and why others seem to be on better form,the reality is that he's always got two on him thus providing space for others,apart from goals his game hasn't really dropped imho.


La presión es para neumáticos
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Aug 22, 2016
Now do I take Salah out of my FF for Mane? Or do I keep the faith.. His dry run is ending soon, is it this weekend?
I've had him as skipper for the last month...I ain't jumping ship now...

Perhaps that's why my ship is sinking??



Left wing.
Jul 10, 2007
If we don’t get all 3 points from this one, all this high will be wasted. Don’t care who, how and when we score, just get them 3 points.
I think we will Ed, I can almost smell death. Its been a turbulent few months, but Klopp said it right when he said 'we're back'; we will also have stepped up since Dec. I reckon some decimations are about to unfold.
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Feb 8, 2015
If we keep focus we should beat these comfortably.

Back 4 and attack picks itself.

Fabinho nailed on to start and I'd pair him with Gini. Few people have said Gini looks tired and maybe he is but we've got a title to win so we need one more big game from him before the break.

Lallana did enough last week to deserve another start.

Their defence has more holes than a tramp's vest so we should be good for a few goals, Bobby was poor the other night so looking at him to step it up and stop being so wasteful in possession.

Pawson is the 'referee'. That worries me greatly. We may need to overcome his 'incompetence' if we're to get 3 points.


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Apr 28, 2015
@Scott Jones after your success the other night :celebrating:

Just get this one right and we may allow you to become the Match Day Guru :think:

Wishing you every success(only because we all get a verrrrrrrry satisfactory outcome :tongue:)

Anything less than a 1 nil win is unacceptable ;-)

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