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How Klopp`s team changed


Geebo Age unknown !
Oct 21, 2003
How the team took shape. Based on games played, these are the "teams" of each season and you can see how the team slowly took shape. The continual presence of Milner and Firmino in the team from 15-16. The fact Henderson was not always first choice.

Mings 15-16 8th
clyne, Lovren, sakho, moreno
Milner, lucas, Can (hendo)
Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho (Betenke)

Karius 16-17 4th
clyne Lovren, Matip, moreno
Milner, Wini, Can (hendo)
Mane. Firmino, Coutinho

Karius 17-18 4th
Trent; matip, lovren, Robertson
Can, wini Hendo (oxade) (Milner)
Mane, Firmno, salah

Allison 18-19 2nd
trent, matip, Van Dyke, Robertson
Milner, wini, Fabinho (Hendo) (Keita)
Salah, Firmino, Mane

Allison 19-20 1st
Trent, Van Dyke , Gomez, Robertson
wini, Hendo, Fabinho (Milner, Oxade, Keita)
Salah, Firmino, Mane

In seasons past we have always talked about how we would need to buy to strengthen the team to take us to the next level. Now that the season has effectively ended for us we can look to the future. However, we are not looking for the final piece in the jigsaw, as we are world, European and League Champion. Now we can operate from a position of strength. How long can we keep this team together? and what will we need to replace and when?

It has be well documented that Paisley learned from Shankly. He saw Shanks rebuilt his first successful team. However it was argued that he left it too late and had to replace several top players at once, that resulted in a dip in form and league position. Basically he held on to aging players too long. Paisley learned that you had to be tough and show no sympathy or preference when deciding who was still good enough for the team and who was the right player for the teams requirements.
Assuming that a players career ends at 32. Here is a list of players we will haver to replace over the next 5 season.

The good news is that only 9 players in this 5 year period because we have a youngish team. The bad news is the third season from now when Firmino, Mane and Henderson will be 32. Losing Lallana is not too bad as he has been peripheral anyway this season. Even Milner the season after is hard and yet we have Keita who is yet to force his way into the first 11. Lovren I believe may already be sold soon, which leaves Wini in 2/3 years which will be a big loss. IM not sure any younger player (other than Trent Alexander) could fill his shoes. I would love to see Trent in the midfield where I think he will be even better (Playmaker moves to the middle?)
However, the Key season is the third season. Im not sure how you replace Firnimo, however I assume Klopp will have plans to buy of bring through new players so that the shock of losing key players will not be catastrophic.

0 years lallana Jones
1 year Milner Keita?
2 year wini,, lovren (van Berg) (Jones)
3 year Firmino, Mane, hendo, matip
4 year salah,
rest 5 and over.....

Im not sure if this is really a debate or just an article.Comments anyway appreciated.